Auburn University Tailgating

Tailgating is a rite-of-passage in Alabama, and Auburn fans do it well. There are tailgating spots to park your vehicle, and the university hosts its own tailgate party for all. RVs are welcome here, too, and there are plenty of parking spots, but you’ll have to arrive early to secure yours.

Event information

With a seating capacity of 87,000, Auburn University’s stadium rivals even the biggest NFL stadiums when it comes to seating. Pat Dye Field and Jordan-Hare Stadium are named after three legendary members of the Auburn football program. This championship-winning team has some of the most passionate fans in the university sports scene, and you can hear their “war eagle” chant at tailgates, bars, and anywhere else in the south on a Saturday. Their orange and blue colors are a matter of pride, and their mascot, Aubie The Tiger, wears them the best.

Tailgating is a rite-of-passage in Alabama, and Auburn fans do it well. There are tailgating spots to park your vehicle, and the university hosts its own tailgate party for all. RVs are most definitely welcome here, and there are plenty of parking spots, but you’ll have to arrive early if you want to secure yours.

Auburn University has a great sports tradition, but it’s best known for football. For the most epic Auburn football experience, fans especially like to see them when they play their state rival, The University of Alabama. This yearly match is known as the Iron Bowl. Don the orange and blue and scream “war eagle” with everyone else.


For the Iron Bowl, expect tickets to sell out incredibly fast and be more costly. Typically, however, Auburn University football tickets have averaged around $60, but if you want the best seats, buy them as early as possible. Tickets for other sports programs tend to be more affordable, and finding good seats is often easier, too.

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Auburn is located in the eastern end of the state, and it borders the State of Georgia. The state capital, Montgomery, is about an hour away to the southwest, and Atlanta is less than two hours away to the northeast; take I-85 to the south or north to reach those cities. On Saturdays, after the football game ends, traffic is rerouted on several streets to ease congestion.

Parking areas

Parking for vehicles, both big and small, is available, and there are several free lots, but you’ll have to get there early. The East Coliseum, Hayfield on South Donahue, and Lem Morrison lots all allow RV parking, and they open on Friday afternoons. If you manage to secure a spot, you don’t have to leave until Sunday.

Public Transportation

Auburn is a small college town, but the university’s bus system offers special routes on game days that make several stops on-campus and off-campus as well. During the week, Tiger Transit is only for students with passes, but the service is free for all on game days. Alternatively, if you don’t want to wait for a bus, order a ride-share vehicle.

Where to stay


If you park at an RV lot, you are not required to leave until Sunday afternoon, which gives you plenty of time to cookout, tailgate, and trade Auburn football stories with fellow Tigers. When it comes to amenities, don’t expect much here, except for portable toilets. Plan to stay for the weekend starting on Friday afternoon and take advantage of being close to the action at Jordan-Hare Stadium.


If you seek RV amenities, you might want to find a campground or RV park nearby, which usually provide water, sewage, and electric hookups, as well as Wi-Fi, laundry rooms, and other features. The Auburn area has several campgrounds, but most require a bit of a drive. The University Station RV Resort is near the stadium, and they provide a shuttle.

Getting around

To get around the large Auburn University campus, you may want to ride on Tiger Transit. Remember, riding on the school’s bus system is free. There is also an ADA shuttle for passengers with limited mobility, which has taken passengers from War Eagle Way to Gate 14 in recent years.

What to pack


Before you pack any essentials for the trip, don’t forget your awesome Auburn Tigers gear. Polo shirts, visors, sunglasses, t-shirts, and any other Auburn-colored garment should go in your bag. Apart from that, you should dress comfortably during the football season. If visiting in November or December, pack warmer clothes.


People are friendly in Auburn, and this part of the south still very much adheres to the principles of southern hospitality. Fellow Tigers might hand you a beer or brat, so prepare to return the favor. You’ll want to bring your trusty grill with you, and you consider setting up a tent to protect your guests from the sun.

Health & Safety

With so many people packed-in together, an accident is bound to happen. Pop a first-aid kit in your RV for any scrapes or bumps. A smaller kit, like the kind that fits in your bag, can be helpful on-the-go because it’s easy to find what you need quickly. If you need medication or special items with you at the stadium, there is a special entrance where you can bring in your medical bag.

Where to eat


Most professional tailgaters recommend to prep as much food as possible the day before, and because you can park the day before the game, you’ll have plenty of time to get ready. Look online for awesome-tasting recipes that use minimal ingredients and don’t take much time to prepare. Simple, delicious, and abundant is what you’re looking for when preparing for Tiger tailgating foods.


Auburn is not a huge city, but there are still a few restaurants worth trying. Everyone knows that southern cooking is delicious, and you can expect to find that here, but it is the atmosphere of the establishments that attract visitors. Restaurants are varied in terms of culture and cuisines, and you can find something for everyone.


If you didn’t pack any Auburn gear, head to the team shop, which you can find between Gates 13 and 14. Those who didn’t get enough to eat while tailgating will be happy with the huge selection of concessions. Snack on fan-favorites, such as pizza, Philly cheesesteaks, ice cream, and more. While most concessions within the stadium usually accept debit or credit, there are four ATMs in the stadium, just in case.



Before heading into the stadium, make sure you have all you need since you won’t be allowed to come back in if you leave. Jordan-Hare Stadium has a strict policy regarding bags, and they only allow the clear kind. Small purses, clutches, and wallets are also permitted. Missing items can be claimed at the first-aid station in Section 46.


Alabama weather is typically mild in the spring and early summer, but it does get hot in the late-summer months. Fans might expect temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s from June to September. Winter temperatures, on the other hand, can drop to the upper 30s, although the average high temperatures range in the 60s.


There are multiple first-aid stations inside the stadium. If you need help finding the nearest first-aid station, speak with a staff member for the best directions. For more serious injuries or emergencies, seek medical attention immediately. There is a nearby hospital less than seven minutes away and a pharmacy about a mile from Jordan-Hare Stadium.