Austin to Washington Road Trip Guide


Austin is a populous city that serves as the capital of Texas. The city has fairly warm weather with an average of 228 days of sunshine per year. But the uniqueness of the city is not just its relaxing summer sun, but the abundance of nice places available for guests to enjoy the weather.

This southern US city hosts a variety of arts and music events, as well as fantastic food. The atmosphere is rather inviting and the structures are mesmerizing. It is often said that everything is bigger in Texas and, well, that’s not wrong.

You don’t have to remain in Austin of course; you can take the party to the road! Going east will allow you to enjoy the same fair weather and some more beautiful views. For a seven-day RV trip, you won’t be spending as much time as you may think driving. The south has beautiful desert views, amazing cities, and nice weather for a swim. There is a lot to do.

The final destination here, Washington DC, adds a twist to the journey. It comes with a different kind of beauty. It is mostly man-made architectural structures, but nonetheless still mind-blowing.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 7+ days
Recommend rig: motorhome
audience: family

Point of Interest

Shenandoah National Park

Although you’re now just an hour and a half to Washington, it would be a good idea to have a stop and check out this place. Shenandoah is a town in Virginia located between the Massanutten Ridges and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Imagine what kind of landscapes you’ll see in the town.

The park runs along the ridges of the mountain, encompassing part of the Ridge Mountain. The Shenandoah River runs along by the west side of the park. The park is home to several animals and a part of the park, protected by the National Wilderness Preservation System, is not open to the public.

Activities at the park include fishing, backpacking, cycling and of course, hiking. The park also has an exhibit at the visitor center where you can learn about the many things you will encounter during your stay in the park. A visit here will get your adrenaline pumping and is a sure way to have some bonding time with the family.

Zoo Knoxville

As you make your way east from Nashville, you will arrive at Knoxville, Tennessee. The Zoo Knoxville is a zoological garden that’s home to various wildlife species. There are several different animals both native and exotic to the state of Tennessee for you to see. The zoo is also known to breed some of the world’s most endangered species of animals, such as the Red Panda.

Not only adults will have fun here. The Clayton Family Kids Cove, and an indoor play area, the Wee Play Zoo, are arenas for children where they can learn about the animals in the zoo. Zoo Knoxville is perfect for everyone. Learn about serious issues such as animal endangerment and conservation of wildlife while having fun with the family.

Should you still want to check out the city, you could go on a food tour and explore the various kinds of dishes that are local to Knoxville while getting a feel for this community.

The Parthenon

A three-and-a-half-hour drive from Memphis may feel long, but everything in Nashville, Tennessee makes it totally worth the trip. Nashville is known as the Music City and its love for country music is completely undeniable.

The Parthenon Art Museum, located in the Centennial Park has as its star attraction the 42-feet statue of Athena Parthenos. This is a replica of the Greek statue in the Parthenon of Athens. The museum also has a gallery, embedded with rich history and culture. The gallery has several amazing paintings that will leave you completely dazzled, all by artists in the last two centuries. The museum also features several shows and exhibition that details the history of the state.

The Parthenon is sometimes used to shoot movies set in ancient Greece, so the Parthenon is definitely worth a visit!


A quick two and a half hour drive will bring you to Memphis, the city famous for its love for anything music. The Graceland Mansion was home to music legend Elvis Presley who lived there until his death. The mansion and grounds of Graceland are a star tourist attraction, bringing in numerous tourists every year.

The mansion commemorates and immortalizes everything that Presley had and loved and you get to see what he was like and how he lived during his time here. You can take a tour of several rooms in the mansion using a fascinating tablet guide, as well as the surrounding areas. You can check out the grave where he was buried, get an Elvis souvenir from one of the many gift stores or just get great food to eat. The atmosphere is calm and welcoming. Even if you’re not an Elvis fan, a visit here might change your mind. Do not forget to take your sharpies along so you can autograph the wall.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park

While driving through the state of Arkansas, there is a lot to see. At the geographic center of the state is the Pinnacle Mountain State Park, located in the city of Little Rock. Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas, and is the most populated city in the state.

The Pinnacle Mountain State Park is a beautiful landmark that features a Visitor Centre where you can learn about the history of the area. Other facilities/amenities available include a botanical garden and lots of hiking trails that make you look forward to the interesting walks. This is not to mention the mountain itself which stands at over a thousand feet above sea level. Once on top of the mountain, you get the best view of Pulaski County and the surrounding area.

The park itself offers accommodation services but to get a better feel of this city, try to get accommodation outside of the park. Check out Maumelle Recreation Area just two miles away from the park.

Holiday Springs Water Park

After two and a half hours of driving, you will just have crossed the state line into Texarkana, Arkansas. Texarkana is a city that is cut across by the state border, splitting it into the two states. The Texarkana in Arkansas is a metropolitan, and it’s bigger than the neighboring Texarkana in Texas.

The Holiday Springs Water Park is located within the Arkansas part of Texarkana. Apart from the beauty this man-made structure has to offer, it also has loads of fun opportunities on offer. You get to swim in large pools and take on long, wavy, and curly water slides.

Moreover, it’s a great place for kids to have the time of their lives. If you don’t want to take any of the rides, you could just stay by the poolside and get some refreshing hours under the sun. Remember to use sunscreen!

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

Dallas is actually one city in Texas that you have to see. In this beautiful city of Dallas, the museum stands on the sixth floor of the Dallas County Building. Take a break from driving to see this museum.

The museum tells about the legacy of President J. F. Kennedy and is arguably located at the same place where the sniper took the shot. It takes about 90 minutes to tour the museum; a self-guided experience using an audio guide. The exhibits are educative and preserve the life and times of the former president. The museum also contains a special exhibit section where several art exhibits not related to the assassination are showcased. You’ll find a café and a little gift store here too.

If you still want to spend some more time here, there’s a variety of campgrounds situated around the city that offer premium RV parking for your rig.

Zilker Nature Preserve

Do you want to have fun? It would be a good thing to start here in Austin before you hit the main highway. Do not be in a hurry to leave the city. The Zilker Nature Preserve lies in the southern part of the city and was donated by Andrew Jackson Zilker, after whom the facility is named.

The park has a beautiful view, with trees that provide shade. It also offers a different number of recreational activities suitable for both old and young. Activities include sports and games available to anyone interested. There’s also a pool formed by natural springs in which you can have a nice swim if it gets too hot.

A picnic area is also available where you can share meals with family and friends under tree canopies. The Zilker Park Kite Festival is one event you definitely do not want to miss.


Having finally reached your destination, the Nation’s capital, you might have had enough of nature and landscapes. If that's the case, prepare to be awed by impeccable man-made structures. Washington D.C. is a city that's known for its impressive architecture.

Check out the Washington Monument in the city, a pillar that was built as a monument to George Washington. If you are a fan of history, then you need to see the Smithsonian Museum or the National Museum of Natural History. There is nothing like it.

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