Auto Club Speedway

Auto Club Speedway is home to a variety of events big and small along with some stellar RV campgrounds.

Event information

Auto Club Speedway, originally named California Speedway until 2008, had early success after it was open to the public in 1997. Because of this, its already impressive grandstands and skyboxes were expanded further along with a FanZone and additional lights, giving this speedway a capacity that is over 100,000. Join the swarm of fans on this two-mile D-shaped track that has hosted the NASCAR Monster Energy and Xfinity Series, along with a host of other racing events that involve sports cars, motorcycles, and dragsters.

RVers, in particular, can get a great camping experience on the offsite lots. Guests that really want to be in the middle of the action can take their RV right to the infield. Auto Club Speedway isn't just about watching cars zoom by either. A variety of different racing schools and experiences occur and put amateur drivers behind the wheel of their vehicle of choice. Charitable events are also hosted with previous occurrences bringing attention and money to leukemia, lymphoma, and reading disabilities. Auto Club Speedway isn't just a destination but an entire experience from the moment you arrive.


Admission into the Auto Club Speedway varies depending on the event. NASCAR events like the Auto Club 400 generally start around $45 and increase from there, with premium seating typically offered at a higher fare. Smaller events may run as low as $15 or go into the hundreds.

RV camping spots are offered offsite and via the infield, with front row infield location going for around $600. Offsite spots often run about $150 and are usually less if purchased in advance. For all of Auto Club Speedway's options take a look over their official website.

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Auto Club Speedway is located in the City of Fontana, California about an hour east of Los Angeles. There several major roadways to the speedway, with the largest being I-15 which is just a few miles west of the speedway. Entrances are located off San Bernardino Ave, Etiwanda Ave, and Whittram Ave, with a couple more on Cherry Ave. RVers camping in the infield should go through Gate 3, which is on the northeast corner of the grounds on Cherry Ave.

Parking areas

All parking at the Auto Club Speedway is free, though all vehicles entering the property on NASCAR Sunday must have the associated color-coded pass with their access gate. Passes are given out at the time of ticket purchase. People with disabilities will find ADA parking spaces in the VIP Lot, Lot 1, and Lot 6 sections. While tailgating is allowed, management asks visitors not to take up more than their parking space.

Public Transportation

While there is no official shuttle service for Auto Club Speedway, public transportation in the greater Fontana area often visits this location during busy events. Buses, limousines, taxis, and other shuttling services will need to go to Lot 7A, which is located just north of Gate 7 outside of turn 1.

Where to stay


Campgrounds at the Auto Club Speedway are divided up between those offsite and infield, with neither one offering hookups. Pets are allowed, but must be leashed and walked only in designated areas. Generators are permitted as well, as long as they remain off between designated hours. Other structures are allowed at your campsite within reason as long as they don't obstruct the view of other guests.


Looking for a little space between the speedway and your RV? RV campgrounds are located in the immediate area, with a small string of them north of the Auto Club Speedway along W. Foothill Blvd. Most of these locations offer electric, water, and sewer hookups. To get back to the track, try taking one of the major roads toward Cherry or Etiwanda Ave.

Getting around

Personal motorized vehicles like golf carts and ATVs are not permitted on the grounds. With some restrictions, bicycles are allowed on the infield. RVs parked in the infield will not be permitted to leave until Sunday evening. A guest tram is located on the grounds and is free to use, taking fans to multiple locations throughout the speedway.

What to pack


Southern California is known for mild weather when compared to the rest of the country, and Fontana is no different. If you're visiting during the Auto Club 400, it is recommended to wear jeans, a t-shirt, and maybe a light jacket for the evening. The grounds are fairly large as well, so save some foot pain and bring a decent pair of walking sneakers.


If you're watching the race from the infield, make sure you have a cooler on hand so you can quickly grab a drink without missing any of the action. Remember to check what is allowed in the grandstands before leaving your campsite. Fold-out chairs to help you get comfortable, binoculars to see everything, and earplugs or radio with headphones are also must-haves when watching a race of this caliber.

Health & Safety

The average NASCAR race is a little over three hours long, and if you're going to watch it while outside, you're going to want sunscreen and water in hand before the race starts. While first aid is available on site, RVers will want to have the basics of anti-inflammatories, medication, bandages, and ointments just in case.

Where to eat


While open campfires and barrel fires are prohibited from the campground, you can use any camping stoves and grills permitted by the State Fire Marshal. When cooking, make sure to follow the approved manufacturer guidelines.

Resupplying for food, fuel, or utensils can be done at one of the many stores located on either Valley or W Foothill Blvd. Consider filling your RV kitchen with supplies prior to arrival, especially if you plan to camp in the infield. Some campsite locations only permit departure after events have ended.


The City of Fontana is home to a huge score of food options from sushi to tacos. If you're not entirely sure what you want, try taking a drive east of the speedway to the north or south along Sierra Ave. You'll find both great sit-down places with vast menus and super-quick fast food joints at reasonable prices.


Concessions are available throughout the grounds. Advanced package deals allow visitors a meal at any time with all-you-can-eat offerings. Guests often look forward to big burgers, finger-licking BBQ, and delicious hot dogs. Remember to retain your ticketing information in case you need to confirm your options during your stay at the Auto Club Speedway.



Bags, coolers, purses, and backpacks are allowed in the stands as long as they are within the designated sizes. When entering the stands, guests are subject to search by security personnel with anything dangerous such as fireworks, laser pointers, and firearms is strictly prohibited. If you need help in any location on the speedway grounds, you can text the associated number your request for assistance.


Temperatures during Auto Club 400 events rarely get over 70 or below 45. Summer temperatures can be much hotter with temperatures often breaking into the 90s. Raceway fans may way to review the ISC Weather Protection Program and consider how this may help you in the event of rain.


A posted phone number will be available to contact the speedway staff in case of an issue. Big emergencies have a 24-hour dispatch system between the County of San Bernardino and the Auto Club Speedway. Multiple pharmacies are located about a few blocks east of the grounds along or near Sierra Ave.