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Since 1950, A.W. Marion State Park has been providing RV visitors with a place to come to relax. But it wasn’t until 1962 that it got the name that it carries now. This little park may only consist of 309 acres, but there is still a lot to be discovered here. Dirt deposits leftover from glaciers that swept through thousands of years ago are what helped to create the stunning scenery here today. Enjoy views of flatlands and woodlands and even Hargus Lake. If you listen closely, you might even get to hear some native wildlife that’s sure to be residing in the area.

When you bring your rig to A.W. Marion State Park, you’ll get to experience all of this nature first hand while also enjoying amenities such as electric hookups and restrooms located nearby. Go for a short hike, settle in by the lake for fishing, or just enjoy a meal with the family at one of the many picnic tables. If you come during the off-season, you can enjoy ice skating on the lake, sledding in the snow, or even ice fishing. There is plenty of fun to be had at A.W. Marion State Park in Ohio.

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Located in Circleville, Ohio, A.W. Marion is easy to access, even when bringing your big rig with you. Once there though, you may want to go ahead and park your RV at your designated campsite. The park is very small as it is, and the lake takes up 145 acres of that, so you will probably find it easier to walk or bike wherever you wish to go inside the park. Most of the campsites can accommodate campers of up to 45 feet, and some can even fit 50-foot rigs. There are also trails for you to enjoy that will take you to other places in the park as well. Keep in mind though that during the off-season, the roads and trails might become slick from snow and ice, so proceed with caution during those times.


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A.W. Marion State Park Campground

There are 56 campsites to choose from when you come to stay at A.W. Marion State Park. Half of these offer electric hookups, and the other half do not. The sites that do have electric hookups carry 50-amp. There are no water or sewer hookups, but you will find a dump station and restrooms nearby. A few other fun things in the area include a playground, basketball court, and amphitheater for you and the kids to enjoy. The entire campground is pet-friendly; just be sure to keep your pet on a leash. All RV sites can hold a rig up to 40 feet in length, and some can accommodate RVs up to 50 feet long. Also, each site can fit up to six people, so you should have no problem finding a campsite that works best for you. If you need anything else during your stay, the camp office is located at the campground entrance, and the staff would be happy to help you out.

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Lastly, if you brought your sled along with you on your RV trip, carry it out to the top of the tallest hill you can find in the park. Anything will work, really, even a garbage can lid if you can’t find anything else. Sledding can be a lot of fun and a great way to get outside even when it’s cold. Try racing your friends down some slopes and see who makes it to the bottom first.

Ice Skating

Another great activity to do on the lake is to grab your skates out of your campervan and head out on the ice. Ice skating can be a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to get out on the lake with family when it’s cold and icy. Just be sure to check the thickness of the ice before heading out, as you wouldn’t want to have anyone accidentally fall into the freezing lake.


Just because the lake has frozen over in the winter does not mean that the fish aren’t alive and well underneath the surface. If you find yourself staying in your camper or trailer at A.W. Marion State Park, feel free to drill a hole in the ice and go ice fishing. Your catches might include bass, crappie, catfish, muskellunge, and more, making for a yummy dinner on the grill. Just be sure to check the thickness of the ice and grab your fishing license before venturing out.



If you’d like to enjoy a meal out with the family in there park, there are many picnic tables with grills located all around here. Enjoy views of the lake and wildlife while you eat - just don’t feed them or leave any trash behind. If you wish to have a bigger picnic space, you can snag one of the smaller shelters without having to make reservations. Or, you can reserve the large shelter by going online.


The trails are open to the public all year long, but the peak season is the best time to go if you want to see the wildlife. If you want to do a short walk, Squaroot Trail is just a little over half a mile long, making it perfect for an evening stroll. If you want more of a challenge, the Multi-Use Trail is just over seven miles long. This trail is also great for those who brought their bikes to ride on.

Boating and Swimming

Hargus Lake is a great place to take the boat out on. There are 145 acres that make up this lake, providing you with excellent fishing and swimming opportunities. That’s right, you can swim right off the boat in certain areas. There’s no better way to spend a summer than out cruising in the sunshine and doing for a dip in the lake. Just don’t forget to put on your sunscreen when you go out of the campervan.