Bardwell Lake


Are you ready for your next RV adventure? Consider a trip to Bardwell Lake. It's the perfect place to visit on your next camping holiday.
Bardwell Lake, also sometimes referred to as Lake Bardwell, sits in the town of Ennis. Located within Ellis County, Texas, this body of water is a manmade reservoir whose construction was first authorized in 1963, with its completion occurring in 1965. Bardwell Lake was intended to offer flood control protection for the region.
The lake sits in an area known as the Blackland Prairies. In addition to providing vital flood control measures, Bardwell Lake is also an immensely popular recreational hotspot for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Among the most popular attractions at this rural outdoor haven are camping, fishing, and picnicking. The natural landscaping is a habitat for interesting varieties of wildflowers, and also enjoys an abundance of lush plant life year-round.
Bardwell Lake is situated near to the booming metropolises of Dallas and Fort Worth, allowing families to enjoy the serenity of rural RV camping coupled with the proximity to the excitement of big city life. Both cities offer a wide array of cultural attractions as well as sporting events, fine dining, shopping, and much more.
For a fantastic holiday you'll not soon forget, pack up the RV, and hit the open road in search of Bardwell Lake. You'll have a fantastic time.

RV Rentals in Bardwell Lake



Travel to Bardwell Lake progresses primarily along roads of two-lane construction. Each of the highways is well-maintained with road construction experienced on occasion. From time to time, wildlife does wander into the road. Please remain alert at all times to avoid a collision.


Parking is available in several locations along the premises though there is no specifically designated lot.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation available to Bardwell Lake.

Campgrounds and parking in Bardwell Lake

Campsites in Bardwell Lake

Reservations camping

HIgh View Campground

High View Campground is open year-round for RV and tent camping by reservation only. This camping facility has 21 campsites that are equipped with both water and 50-amp power hookups and 18 with water and 30-amp hookups. Dogs are permitted to join their families but must remain leashed on the grounds.

The amenities found at High View Campground including a swimming area, a marina, a boat ramp, a dock, bathrooms, and showers.

Mott Campground

Mott Campground offers RV and tent camping from April 1st through September 30th yearly. Reservations are required. There are 33 campsites at this facility; each of which offers both water and 30-amp electric hookups. Leashed dogs are welcome here.

Other on-site amenities include a swimming area, two fishing spots, bathrooms, showers, a boat ramp, and a dock.

Waxahachie Creek Campground

Waxahachie Creek Campground operates between April 1st and September 30th each year, offering campsites by reservation. There are 65 campsites with water and power hookups, seven picnic sites, and a group picnic pavilion that can be rented for large events. Waxahachie Creek Campground is a dog-friendly facility, so you can feel free to bring your best canine pal along but do please keep him leashed.

Among the on-site amenities found at this popular campground are a boat ramp, toilets, and showers.

Seasonal activities in Bardwell Lake



If you find yourself hankering for a day of fun in the sun, you won't be disappointed with a trip to Bardwell Lake. A popular recreational spot for boating and other water sports, you can also enjoy sunbathing along the sandy shoreline or taking a dip in the crisp, refreshing waters of the lake here.
Swimming is not supervised at Bardwell Lake, so be sure to exercise caution and only enter the water when the weather is favorable.
After your swim, consider a stroll along the coast, drinking in the refreshing lake air and searching for a little treasure or two to take home as a souvenir.


Bardwell Lake offers several different areas that are the perfect spot for a picnic lunch. Each of the picnic sections is complete with tables, and several have larger pavilions that are available for rent. You can enjoy your lunch from one of these spots or take a blanket down to spread by the shore with the lake providing a spectacular view as you feast on your meal from home.
Bring a camera to record some family photos of your day of picnicking fun in the sun.

Day trip to Dallas

If you feel your heart yearning for some time in the big city, load up the car and head out to spend some time in the big city known as Dallas, Texas. Dallas is located less than an hour's drive from Bardwell Lake and offers world-class entertainment, sporting events, museums, and more.
If you enjoy fine dining, you will find what you seek on your day trip to Dallas. The shopping is also excellent here, whether you prefer perusing antique shops, farmers' markets, malls, or high-end boutiques.
Among the popular attractions found in this great city are the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, and the Dallas Cattle Drive Sculptures.



If charting your course through brand new terrain is among your favorite things to do, you will enjoy the opportunity to break in your hiking shoes at Bardwell Lake. The property at this beautiful recreational area is naturally landscaped and offers much ground for families to explore on foot. There are many stunning geographical features to navigate, including gently sloping hills, rocky ground, and densely wooded areas. Follow along one of the marked hiking paths or create a trail all your own to enjoy.
The beach is also an excellent spot for doing some strolling by the lake. Bring along your camera to record the sights you discover along the way.


Fishing is always a popular activity at Bardwell Lake. You can launch a boat from one of the ramps or docks or directly from the marina. Fancy something a little more "old school?" Why not fish right from the shore or paddle out in your canoe to try reeling in the catch of the day?
A fishing license is required to angle in Texas waters.
Check with park officials to see if filleting on-site is permitted or if you must clean your haul at home. Some campgrounds do not allow the grilling of fish over open outdoor fire pits, so you will need to check with the office staff at the campground where you are staying to see what rules are applicable.


Bring along your camera on your trip to Bardwell Lake, and you will be richly rewarded with beautiful photos to enjoy. Whether you choose to train your lens on the incredible landscape, the beauty of the lake, or the wildlife that dwells in the forests of the region, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to picture-perfect photo opportunities.
Since there is much ground to explore and the terrain can be quite challenging in spots, wear comfortable walking shoes for your photographic expedition at Bardwell Lake.