Bass Canyon

Enjoy RV camping at its best with spectacular scenic views and the best bass music headbangers wait for the whole year at Bass Canyon.

Event information

The world’s best bass music awaits you at the Bass Canyon festival which is celebrated at the Gorge Amphitheatre each year. It is a golden chance to attend mind-blowing performances by renowned artists while indulging in the picturesque surroundings. Expect to be completely bowled over with the extraordinarily scenic views and the power of bass at its very best.

The power-packed Bass Canyon is organized by Excision. The Gorge Amphitheatre is indeed one of the most beautiful outdoor venues in North America. The high energy event is the best place to witness well-known celebrity artists from across the globe against the backdrop of the magnificent Rocky Mountains.

RV campers can expect to enjoy unmatched vibes, become drenched from head to toe in the magic of bass and heavy metal, and return to the comfort of a mobile home as often as desired. Fans can revel in the joy of camping in exotic campgrounds, counted among the world’s finest. Guests will also enjoy spectacular animation, breathtaking laser shows, and unparalleled full blast music systems with energetic performances for the headbanger community.

Star musicians and artists who’ve performed on stage in Bass Canyon in the past have included well-known names such as Excision, Boogie T, Cookie Monsta, Bro Safari, Funtcase, Doctor P, and Liquid Stranger. Plan a visit to Bass Canyon for the heavy metal echoes and an unforgettable mountain-side camping experience with friends.


Ticket sales go live in spring every year after the festival lineup is announced online. The ticket prices typically increase as the event comes closer. You will get your wristbands according to your ticket category. The entry passes vary from $150 to $500 per person which includes access to the festival for all three days. The camping tickets are priced between $100 and $600. For more details and the current pricing, you should consider visiting the official festival website.

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One of the best things about Bass Canyon is its spectacular location and venue. The Gorge in Washington is very conveniently accessible to both British Columbia and the US Pacific Northwest regions. The nearest airport is SeaTac, the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, which is about three hours away. The road offers amazingly scenic views.

The venue is located about 25 minutes away from Quincy, three hours from Spokane, and five hours from both Vancouver and Portland. Road traffic typically remains smooth, but you can check with the Washington State Travel Alerts system for the latest updates on their website or by directly calling them. It is advisable to follow the GPS suggested route to reach in the shortest time.

Parking areas

Huge parking areas are provided at the festival grounds to park all types of vehicles. The parking areas are clean, well-lit, properly marked, and very secure. Appropriate signage has also been placed for the convenience of differently-abled guests. VIP and GA pass holders may park their vehicles during the daytime through the weekend without paying any additional charges. However, except for the camping vehicles, no other vehicles are allowed to be parked overnight. The local administration prohibits parking vehicles on the county roads, private properties, or near the venue. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is also prohibited in the parking lot.

Public Transportation

Several options are available for those who prefer public transportation to reach the festival venue. You could choose shuttle services that operate in and out from The Gorge. Rental car services are also available around the clock. Guests can reach out to the festival assistance team to enquire about the current road conditions in the region and the latest festival updates. Shuttles and car rentals are also available from the Seattle-Tacoma airport.

Where to stay


Several different types of camping options are available around the Gorge Amphitheatre central stage. Guests can choose from standard camping, easy camping, gold camping, premier camping, and terrace camping. Each of these has its own unique features, capacities, and the facilities provided to the occupants vary between the options. RV campers should arrive with their water tanks full as no water or electrical hookups are available on the campgrounds. You might also need to purchase additional space if your RV is too large and does not fit within the campsite. One vehicle is allowed inside one campsite. Some camping passes also include portable toilets, comfort stations, and washstands at the campground.


Staying on the festival campgrounds is a great way to enjoy the festive feel and the company of like-minded people. However, if you wish to stay at a serene and peaceful site away from the crowds, you may find somewhat limited options available near the festival venue. Only a few campgrounds are situated in the proximity of the concert site. Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park sits about a 25-minute drive away, and Moses Lake offers a nice place for RV camping within a 40-minute drive.

Getting around

Guests attending Bass Canyon will walk a lot on the festival grounds. Consider packing in comfortable flat-heeled shoes to keep your feet happy. Try to arrive early to your selected spot as space tends to get filled up fast for the performances. The festival is also accessible to handicapped guests. Those who do not arrive in a car and need support in reaching the main festival site can use the shuttles provided near the main entrance to get to a drop off point near the main stage.

What to pack


Bring clothing suitable for all temperatures as temperatures dropping to 50 degrees overnight. Days are hot with temperatures soaring to 80 degrees. It is also advisable to pack in extra clothing for inclement weather. Raincoat, rain boots, and ponchos are other essentials worth considering. Guests will also want to carry sunglasses, scarves, and hats that will provide extra comfort from the harsh sunlight.


Only non-professional and basic cameras without a tripod are permitted for use in Bass Canyon. Guests should be respectful with the use of flash. It is also important to note that recording gear, big speakers, amplifiers, DJ sets, professional cameras, laser torches, binoculars, drones, and GoPros are not allowed on the grounds. However, you can utilize a generator, but you’ll have to turn it off during quiet hours.

Health & Safety

Protect your skin by using sunscreen and insect repellent since you’ll be outdoors most of the time when you’re not relaxing in your mobile home. The most important tip for all guests is to stay hydrated. Daytime at The Gorge is hot and humid, so do not forget to carry a water bottle with you at all times. You can purchase bottled water, which is sold on the festival campus. Guests can also refill empty water bottles from the complimentary water refill stations that are available almost everywhere at the concert venue. Glass bottles, jars, and kegs are not allowed on the festival campus. The festival management also provides first aid facilities.

Where to eat


Bass Canyon management does not permit guests to light open ground fires and bonfires. You can light small self-contained fires only inside the fire ring. Guests are not allowed to bring knives (including but not limited to steak and cooking styles), cans, aerosol products, and frozen water bottles inside. Grills, charcoal, and open flames are also prohibited. Alcohol from outside is also not permitted; you can buy it from the festival venue if desired. Factory-sealed snacks in a clear bag fitting the dimensions may be taken into the concert areas.


If you wish to eat outside the festival venue, you can select from among a number of restaurants and cafes within an hour's drive of the amphitheater. Guests will also find pizzerias, pubs, and bistros along the highways between natural resources throughout the area.


Fans will find a large number of vendors on the festival grounds with tasty food, awesome drinks, and of course, fun festival merchandise at Bass Canyon. Guests can purchase a variety of snacks, soft drinks, beers, and ice from the festival's general store. You can also visit the bar to enjoy your favorite drinks. You may want to bring some cash although a number of ATMs are available on the festival grounds and almost all credit cards are accepted. You will also find a wide selection of food cuisines, snacks, alcoholic beverages, and specialty food trucks in the campgrounds around the amphitheater. It doesn’t matter if you are vegetarian or vegan; great options are available for you at Bass Canyon.



Bass Canyon festival management appoints a dedicated team of volunteers and security personnel to facilitate guest activity. You will be able to identify them by their attire. They will be more than happy to serve you in case any problems arise. In the event of any emergency that concerns security and safety, you can always visit the security booth to report it at once.


Temperatures in the region can vary widely during the daytime. The Gorge is typically much warmer than the Seattle climate. Temperatures usually drop in the evening so campers should bring layers with them. Drink plenty of water and remember to carry your rain gear as the festival will proceed rain or shine.


A medical booth is located on the festival campus for basic first aid. Guests can request the help of festival volunteers for a medical emergency as this is usually the best and easiest way to get immediate help in this remote location. Do not forget to pack your first aid kit with all essential medicines and prescribed medications, if any.