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Beauvais Lake Provincial Park


Searching for your next great RV getaway? Consider a visit to Alberta's Beauvais Lake Provincial Park. It's the perfect spot for an outdoor vacation.

Beauvais Lake Provincial Park is located just 12 km (7.5 miles) outside the small town of Pincher Creek. Based in a highly rural region, this recreational area and camping facility is extremely picturesque and big on small town charm. The region possesses a diverse ecological system and is home to many varieties of wildlife including mule deer, moose, elk, black bears, and grizzly bears. Many rare and endangered species can also be found within the woods of this much-beloved property.

The scenic rolling foothills found at Beauvais Lake Provincial Park are a wonder to behold. From the pinnacle of the hilltops, there are incredible views of the rich tree cover and crystal clear waters of Beauvais Lake. The lake waters are a great place to for taking a dip on a hot summer's day or for doing some boating or fishing. Beauvais Lake teems with rainbow and brown trout that are ripe for catching, making the park an ideal stop for avid fishermen.

Beauvais Lake Provincial Park is open year-round for RV and tent camping as well as outdoor recreational activities. Among the most popular winter sports at this park are snowshoeing and cross country skiing. In season, families can enjoy fishing, biking, birdwatching, fishing, swimming, and boating.

For an RV vacation you won't soon forget, plan a trip to Beauvais Lake Provincial Park. You'll have an amazing time.

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The trip from Pincher Creek, AB to Beauvais Lake Provincial Park is relatively short at only 19 km (or 12 miles). To begin the route, head out on AB-507 W. At the juncture for AB-775 S, take a left hand turn. You will find the park directly on the right. The journey will take you over terrain that is largely flat, offering long-reaching views of pristine prairie land. Both stretches of highway consist of two lanes and are lightly trafficked. The roads are kept in excellent condition. Occasionally, road construction does occur throughout the summer months.

Travelling to Beauvais Lake Provincial Park from Lethbridge, AB, covers 119 km (74 miles) in total. The route is mostly flat and direct, making it an easy drive. Begin by following AB-3 W to the exit for AB-6 S. Follow AB-6 S until the juncture for AB-507 W. Take the exit for this highway and follow along until you reach AB-775 S. Turn off on AB-775 S and follow this road until you see the park on the right. The trek from Lethbridge to the park travels along stretches of road that alternate between two and four lanes. The highways are all in good condition, and traffic flows consistently and well. Road construction occurs on occasion.


Parking can be found in the lot directly out front of Beauvais Lake Provincial Park.

Public Transportation

Due to its remote location, there is no public transportation to Beauvais Lake Provincial Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Beauvais Lake Provincial Park

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Beauvais Lake Campground

Beauvais Lake Campground offers 87 campsites suitable for RV and tent camping. 34 of the sites are unserviced with 53 offering power hookups only. 15 of the sites have been winterized to allow for camping in the off season. Reservations are highly recommended.

Many of the campsites are located along Beauvais Lake, offering visiting families incredible views. Generator use is permitted, and dogs are welcome so long as they remain leashed.

Among the on-site amenities at Beauvais Lake Campground are a boat launch, a fish cleaning station, a pay phone, a playground, tap water, a sewage disposal station, fire pits, an information kiosk, a pier, and pit toilets. The most popular recreational activities are fishing, boating, swimming, picnicking, hiking, boating, and birdwatching. During the winter months, the area also offers snowshoeing and cross country skiing on groomed trails.

Seasonal activities in Beauvais Lake Provincial Park



Beauvais Lake is the perfect spot for families looking to enjoy some sand and surf during their RV vacation. The lake waters are clear and calm, making them an ideal haven for practicing your best doggy paddle. This beach does not offer lifeguard services, so do take care to only swim when the water is not overly rough.

The sandy shoreline is a great place for doing some beachcombing in search of treasures from the sea to take home as souvenirs of a memorable vacation. Bring along a picnic lunch to enjoy along the coast. Don't forget to pack drinking water and sunscreen as well.

Dogs are welcome at Beauvais Lake but must remain leashed at all times.


Beauvais Lake Provincial Park is a haven of trails that are well-suited to both hiking and biking year-round. Trail maps can be obtained at the information kiosk at the entrance to the park. With so many trails to choose from, there is something to suit the activity level and age of every member of the family.

Many of the trails meander through sections of heavy forest with stunningly beautiful tree growth comprised of aspen, fir, spruce, pine, and poplar. The terrain consists of rolling hills, immense wetlands, and vast prairies. Along your hike you may encounter many different species of wildlife; some of which are endangered. Bring along your camera to record some of the unusual plant and animal life you will spot along your journey.

Don't forget to carry some drinking water and snacks to enjoy. Dogs are welcome on all of the trails but must remain on a leash at all times.

Mountain biking is allowed in all areas except for trails which run through backcountry portions.


One of the most popular summertime activities at Beauvais Lake is boating. Both power boats and canoes and kayaks are permitted on the water; however, it is important to note that power boats may not exceed the speed of 12 km (7.5 miles) per hour.

The boat launch is easy to locate just outside the mouth of the campground. Do be sure to observe any notices posted regarding restricted lake access. To protect local wildlife during nesting seasons, the lake is occasionally closed to the public.



Beauvais Lake is a natural wildlife habitat with many birds making the area their home. It is reported that the park houses over 180 different species of birds. Bring along your binoculars, your camera, and a naturalist's guide to help identify and record each variety you spot. Bird lists are available at the information kiosk found at the entrance to the park.

The southeastern section of land by Beauvais Lake is an area where birds like to gather during nesting season. For this reason, boating is not permitted in the region between April 1st and July 10th. However, birdwatching is still possible via a hike along Chipman Creek Trail.


Beauvais Lake Provincial Park is home to more than 18 km (11 miles) of hiking trails. The trails are exceptionally well-marked and vary in difficulty and length to ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy.

You will encounter diverse terrain along your travels. From serene hilltops to lake views, vast prairies, and rich wetlands, the trails at Beauvais Lake Provincial Park have got it all. Along the trails, you will also discover a wide variety of plant and animal life including many rare species of birds. Among the animals you may spot are ospreys, eagles, geese, mule deer, elk, moose, black bears, and grizzly bears.

Bring along drinking water and some snacks. Your dog is permitted to join you on your hike but please keep him leashed.



Avid fishermen will not be disappointed with a trip to Beauvais Lake. The waters are kept well supplied with both brown and rainbow trout, making it the perfect place to reel in the catch of the day. Head out on the water in your canoe or power boat or try your hand at casting out from the shore; either way the fishing is fine.

After you've caught your fill, make use of the fish cleaning station located just off the shore. You can then take your freshly filleted fish back to your campsite to grill up over an open fire for your family and friends to enjoy.