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Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area


If you're looking for a place to enjoy your next great RV adventure, consider a trip to Alberta's Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area.Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area is found just outside Lac La Biche in the Canadian province of Alberta. This much-loved recreational area is a destination hotspot for families looking to reconnect with nature and enjoy outdoor activities during their RV stay. Many people visit once and return to Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area time and again to participate in such recreational attractions as hiking, fishing, swimming, water sports, and photography.

The campground found on the grounds offers many different amenities including a popular convenience store that sells ice cream, snacks, drinks, and other camping-related items. There are 90 campsites here which permit both RV and tent camping between May and October each year. Also found in the area are several other campgrounds, many of which are located in public parks.

The fishing on Beaver Lake is some of the finest in the province. This crystal clear body of water is well stocked with such species of fish as pike, perch, whitefish, burbot, and walleye. There is a fish cleaning station housed along the shores of the lake where fortunate fishermen can fillet their haul to enjoy later over an open campfire.

Also found at Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area is a beautiful sand beach that is ideal for water sports and swimming. Other popular recreational activities here including beachcombing, strolls along the coast, and even sunbathing while catching up on the latest bestseller. Though only a small stretch of beach, the area is quite charming and is only moderately trafficked, making it the ideal spot for a quiet day by the sea.

For a wonderful vacation in the heart of the Alberta countryside, load up the RV and head towards Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area. It is an ideal place for your next RV getaway.

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RV Rentals in Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area



Travel to Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area from the town of Lac La Biche, Alberta, is easily accessed by traveling along the two-lane paved Highway 663. From this major roadway, travelers will need to turn onto a secondary highway. This section of road is well-marked, comprised of two lanes, and consists of pavement. It travels through Lakeland County. Motorists will follow a slight curve in the road to the left, continuing along this route until they reach the entrance to the park.

This particular route travels through rural areas that are quite picturesque. Families should be prepared to stop in case of wildlife crossing the road on the secondary highway.

Road conditions are excellent for travel year-round. Travelers may encounter some snow during the winter months; however, the route is cleared regularly.


There is ample parking provided for cars, RVs, and trailers at the entrance to Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area. Additional parking can be found directly at the campground which is located further within the park.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation available to Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area due to its remote location.

Campgrounds and parking in Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area

Campsites in Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area

Reservations camping

Beaver Lake Campground

Beaver Lake Campground is found on the same premises as Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area. This public campground has 90 campsites available for reservation from May 13th to October 13th each year. The sites are suitable for RV or tent camping. 15 of the sites offer no power hookups, and there are 15 that offer power, water, and sewer options. The remaining 60 sites offer power only.

There are many amenities at this popular campground which include picnic tables, showers, toilets, a payphone, fishing cleaning stations, boat rentals, a small public kitchen, and a convenience store.

Firewood and fishing bait can be purchased on the grounds.

Dogs may join their owners but must remain leashed. However, no dogs are permitted at the beach.

Long Lake Campground

Long Lake Campground finds its home in Long Lake Provincial Park. This beloved camping facility offers 256 campsites that are well-suited to both RV and tent camping from May 14th through October 13th each year. Of the available campsites, 75 offer no hookups, 145 are equipped with power, and the remaining six are reserved for tenting only.

The amenities found on the grounds include a boat launch, a concession stand, fire rings, a fish cleaning station, modern toilets, laundry facilities, a playground, showers, and a waste disposal station.

This campground also has several campsites that are wheelchair accessible.

Dogs may join their owners at Long Lake Campground but must remain leashed at all times.

Firewood can be purchased at the on-site store. For those tenting in the area or wishing to refill their water tanks, there is a supply of drinking water found at the comfort station.

Sir Winston Churchill Campground

Sir Winston Churchill Campground, found in the park of the same name, is situated near to Lac La Biche. This camping facility offers cabins for rent on a year-round basis. For RV and tent campers, the campground is only open from May 13th through September 8th. Reservations are required to camp at this facility.

Sir Winston Churchill Campground is home to 72 sites; all of which offer power hookups. The on-site amenities found here include fire rings, firewood for purchase, a fish cleaning station, flush toilets, a picnic shelter, vault toilets, a playground, and access to power, water, and a waste disposal station.

There is also a small concession stand found on the grounds where snacks, drinks, and other supplies can be purchased.

Fido is welcome at this campground but must stay on his leash at all times.

Seasonal activities in Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area



For those who enjoy dividing their time between the sand and the surf, Beaver Lake will not disappoint. The beach found at this public park is comprised of sand. The coastline is wide enough to provide ample room for beachcombing, sunbathing, or leisurely walks along the shore.

Beaver Lake is the ideal spot to enjoy a refreshing dip on a hot summer's day. The beach itself is found directly to the north of the boat launch and is nestled only a short walk from the camping facilities found on the grounds. The water found at Beaver Lake is extremely clear during the early summer months but becomes somewhat more clouded as the months pass towards fall.

This beach is not as heavily trafficked as others in the region, making it a great spot to spend a relaxing day swimming, sunbathing, beachcombing, or catching up on a good book.

Dogs are not permitted on the beach at Beaver Lake.

Water sports

The beach at Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area is not just a place to visit for a swim. Water sports are also a popular attraction here. Whether visitors are looking to enjoy time spent out in their powerboat or hitting the waves to do some waterskiing or windsurfing, Beaver Lake is the perfect place to have some fun.

Canoeing and kayaking are also very popular activities at this lake. There is a boat launch located near to the campground where families can cast out on the lake in their powerboat.

Since the fishing is known to be excellent at Beaver Lake, many canoers and boating enthusiasts bring along their fishing gear in an attempt to land the "big one." For families planning to do some fishing, it is important to pick up a local license from the nearby town of Lac La Biche.

There is a small convenience store located near the campground where snacks, drinks, and other items can be purchased to help enhance a day of watersports fun.


When the temperatures start to soar, there is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a picnic lunch by the lake. Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area's beautiful coastline is the ideal spot to unfurl a blanket and find a comfy spot from which to feast on a delicious meal prepared at home.

Also found on the grounds is a picnic area with several tables where families can take a seat and enjoy some quality time together.

Didn't have time to pack a lunch? The convenience store located on the same premises as the campground has everything needed for the perfect picnic adventure. From snacks to drinks, bottled water, and more, it can all be found at this quaint little shop.



Anglers of all ages and from all different areas of the world love to come to Beaver Lake for the incredible fishing. The waters at Beaver Lake are chock full of many different fish species including pike, perch, walleye, burbot, and whitefish. Visitors can choose from going out on the lake in their motorboat, paddling out in their canoe, or trying their hand at casting in a line right from the shore.

Prior to any fishing adventure, visitors should stop by the nearby town of Lac La Biche to pick up a fishing license. While in town, bait and picnic supplies can be purchased to make the adventure on Beaver Lake a complete success.

There is a fish cleaning station located on the beach. Here, successful fishermen can fillet their bounty in preparation for a seafood feast back at their campground.

Boat rentals can be procured at this facility, and bait can also be purchased at a small shop near the shore. Chartered fishing expeditions can also be arranged.


The wooded grounds at Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area are particularly scenic, making them an excellent spot for doing some hiking. Though there are no formally marked trails found at this beautiful locale, there are lots of places that are perfect for doing some exploring on foot.

The terrain at Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area is lush and comprised of gentle hills and rich tree cover. During the fall when the leaves change, the colors are quite spectacular, providing an incredible backdrop to enjoy while hiking through the grounds.

There are several area parks that do offer marked nature trails where families can enjoy hikes of varying lengths and intensities. Lakeland County Recreational Area which is found on the way to Beaver Lake park and campground offers some particularly popular spots for those who enjoy a vigorous hike.


Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area is particularly picturesque, making it an excellent place for doing some photography. The beach found on the grounds is extremely scenic year-round but has its own unique charms when snow covers the ground.

A property with lots of tree cover, there are many species of wildlife that make this area their home. The park is a haven for many interesting varieties of birds, and it is a popular locale for bird watchers to congregate. Here, amateur and professional photographers alike will have the opportunity to capture some unusual species on film.

When the leaves change their colors in early fall, Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area is stunning to behold.

Photographers will not want for worthy subject matter at this tremendously picturesque park.

Dress in layers in preparation for cold weather conditions.