Bellwether Music Festival

Enjoy two amazing days of open-air alternative music on two different stages. Attend the Bellwether Music Festival for a next level RV camping experience!

Event information

Bellwether Music Festival is a two-day sensation filled with good vibes and fantastic music. If you enjoy alternative bands and spending time in the great outdoors, then this is the place to be. Each year visitors are invited to unwind and relax at RV camping sites, which is one of the best ways to attend this festival.

Situated in and around the popular Renaissance Park in Waynesville, Ohio, the Bellwether Music Festival provides its visitors with enough green grass field space for both basic and RV camping. Even though the surroundings are perfect for outdoor activities, one should be mindful of the local climate. This event happens rain or shine, so keep in mind that an extra pair of shoes and a raincoat or poncho may be needed.

For anyone traveling with friends, it is good to know that the only way to be parked next to each other is if you arrive together. On the other hand, you can always park separate and get to meet new and interesting people.

Come and have a good time in front of Sunset or Sunrise stage. However, this festival is all about enjoying the music together. Go to awesome after-parties with live music in the evening, and end the day by watching a movie under the stars. After a good night’s sleep in your RV, start the day with relaxing yoga that will get your body in shape for what’s to come.

Load up your Airstream, campervan, motorhome, or Sprinter and be ready to check out a few Ohio State Parks on your way to the Bellwether Music Festival.


There are three ways of obtaining tickets for Bellwether Music Festival. Fans can have them delivered in the form of an SMS which contains a QR code, that will be verified at the gate. Secondly, guests can receive an email containing the order confirmation. Remember to have it printed so that you can show the unique barcode (QR code) at the entrance. And lastly, attendees can purchase tickets at the gate, but keep in mind that the tickets are much cheaper if bought in advance.

Wristbands are handed to visitors upon entry. The possibility of re-entering the festival is reserved only for visitors who have purchased a two-day ticket. However, if a wristband seems damaged or tampered with in any way, the visitor will not be allowed to enter again.

Tickets vary in price depending on the number of days that you wish to attend. Two-day passes can range from $100 to $200. If you are traveling with your RV, the prices vary from $250 to $350, depending on if you choose electricity or not.

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Waynesville is located about an hour’s drive northeast of Cincinnati, Ohio. The entrance to the festival grounds is off of OH-73. The paved entrance road is RV accessible but may be quite busy as festival guests arrive simultaneously. Vehicles are subject to search upon entry and re-entry. Security officers will be present throughout the event for the benefit of all festival guests.

Parking areas

Whether you are traveling by car or by RV, there is no need to worry about parking space. Organizers work to make sure there is plenty of open field ground for everyone who is attending the festival. You can save money by purchasing a parking pass in advance since it is more expensive when bought at the entrance. Parking is paid in cash. If you plan to camp, remember to selecting a ticket option with camping and parking will be incidental to camping.

Public Transportation

This area of Ohio does not offer quantitative public transportation. Traveling by car or RV offers festival-goers personal flexibility and convenience. Minimal private transportation options are available in this area of Ohio.

Where to stay


Save money by planning ahead! RV camping at the site will be a lot cheaper if you purchase your pass in advance. The first thing to consider is will you desire electricity. The price will vary depending on whether or not you want a power hookup or not (RV camping pass vs. RV camping pass with electric).

The rate of the passes increases as the festival approaches. The sooner you make your order, the better. Specific camping spots cannot be reserved, so if you are traveling with several RVs, and want to stay close to your friends, the only way to do so is if you arrive together. Only one vehicle is allowed per campsite. Therefore, if you have friends or family traveling by car, they will need an Overnight Parking Pass. It is recommended that you buy it in advance since it is more expensive at the entrance.

Also, your vehicle will be searched upon entry, so there are a couple of rules you need to remember. You can bring alcohol but are limited by quantity per person. If you have a generator, it must be smaller than 4KW. Generator use is subject to quiet hour regulations. Excessive amounts of propane or gasoline will be confiscated. And finally, all campers must be in accompanied by an adult if under the age of 18.


Staying near the Renaissance Park site also offers guests the opportunity to add hiking, water activities, and other nature experiences to their trip. Explore raw nature and breathe in peace and tranquility as you make this musical journey into a true adventure.

The Waynesville area is home to several RV campgrounds. Caesar Creek State Park rests just on the other side of the nearby lake and offers space for RVs up to 55' near a wildlife refuge. Lebanon / Cincinnati NE KOA is also under 20 miles away from Renaissance Park. The community of Wilmington is about a 40-minute drive from the festival site and also offers campground options.

Getting around

Visitors are not allowed to bring any personal or motorized vehicles like bikes, skateboards, drones, golf carts, etc. Guests get around the festival on foot. Vehicles must stay parked after arriving in the Bellwether Music Festival campground. If assistance is needed at any time, staff members can help you find where you would like to go.

What to pack


Like for any other festival, make sure you pack something light for your everyday activities and a pair of comfortable shoes. Bring a hat or a cap that will protect you from the sun. Since the weather here is somewhat tricky, it is highly recommendable you also bring a raincoat, an umbrella, a pair of extra footwear, and a set of warm clothes just to be on the safe side.


In order to keep everyone safe during the festival, the organizers have provided a list of forbidden items that are not allowed on the event grounds. Kegs, glass, illegal drugs, weapons, laser pointer, candles, sky lanterns, explosives, fireworks, professional still cameras, long or detachable lens cameras, and aerosol cans spray sunscreen are all prohibited. Do not forget to bring the usual camping supplies such as food preparation equipment, warm jacket, flashlight, and spontaneous dancing mood. While cash is always accepted for festival matters, some vendors may or may not accept cards.

Health & Safety

Bellwether Music Festival is a family-friendly event. Pregnant and nursing mothers are welcome. They can freely use the Mommy Stations that are located next to the First Aid Station, near the main gate. You can bring necessary medicines to your campsite as long as it isn’t illegal, in which case it will be confiscated.

Where to eat


Guests are allowed to bring a small amount of propane or gasoline so you can power a grill and cook on-site. Any excessive amount will be confiscated upon entry. Do not forget to bring your cooking items and your favorite campsite foods. The festival store only sells a few essential items. Some meals will also be available on-site through the Camper’s Village. Fuel and water levels should be checked before arrival, as services for these may not be available. Generators have been allowed in the past with certain safety guidelines.


Since it is near Waynesville, you can go on foot to check out all the local restaurants. Onsite the Campers’ Village offers some breakfast, lunch and dinner options. The best way to keep track of activities during the festival and receive necessary information is by installing the Bellwether Music Festival mobile app.


Get ready to meet the local small business who will bring their amazing food to the festival site for you to enjoy. These lovely people will enchant you not only with their creativity but also with their tasty food. A multitude of different foods including chicken entrees, BBQ, Mediterranean cuisine, and other specialty meals will be waiting just for you.



Bellwether staff is always on the watch for your safety and security. Besides having every vehicle and visitor checked on entrance, they also have off-duty police officers and security guards throughout the event grounds. No smoking materials or flammable lanterns are permitted inside tents. RVs are requested to have working smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Flammable liquids are not allowed under RV rigs.


If you have ever visited this part of the country, you know that in the morning you could be protecting yourself from the sun, and by noon you may get wet. Let us hope for the best! Put on your favorite summer outfit, and be prepared for a hot day in the open sunshine. Keep an extra pair of dry shoes and a poncho in your RV. Bring your sunblock and plenty of water to drink.


The Bellwether Music Festival cares about your well-being. That is why the organizers provide medical staff during the entire event, ready for any emergency. First Aid centers can be found at the main gate, and next to it all pregnant and nursing mothers are free to use the Mommy Stations.