Belmont Park

Are you taking an RV trip to San Diego? Get your fill of sunshine, sand, and scenery at Belmont Park in the heart of San Diego, California.

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San Diego is a tourist hot spot at any time of the year. With its ideal position on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and a mere 120 miles south of Los Angeles, it welcomes millions of visitors annually for sunshine, sandy beaches, and fun things to do.

When the time comes to plan an RV road trip to San Diego, California, why not put Belmont Park at the top of the list? Not only is it an amusement park in Mission Bay with dozens of attractions and rides, such as the historic Giant Dipper roller coaster, but entry is free for all.

Bring the whole family to the shores of San Diego and spend a day exploring the area. Purchase a ride pass and treat yourself to a spin on the Tilt-A-Whirl, or why not bring out the adventurer within with rock wall climbing and the zip line? After hours of fun and challenging games, visitors can then dine in one of the many onsite restaurants and eateries, or hit the shops for a spot of retail therapy.

Visitors to San Diego can also enjoy being within a short travel distance of SeaWorld San Diego, not to mention some of the top RV parks and campgrounds near San Diego for a night of rest. Take a break from everyday life, book an RV rental in San Diego, California, and get this show on the road.


There is much to see and do in San Diego, so wouldn’t it help if some of those attractions were free? Belmont Park provides free entry and free parking for a fun family day out. All visitors need to do is purchase a ride pass, starting from $21 online, or pay for each ride and attraction on the day.



An RV road trip to San Diego, California, can be as exciting as spending a day at Belmont Park. From the beautiful views courtesy of the Pacific Ocean to the easy-driving highways and interstates that run south to Tijuana and north to Los Angeles, what’s not to love?

Before trundling down the I-5 to San Diego with the help of a traffic aid like California Road Report, visitors can go bobcat watching and dolphin spotting at Torrey Pines State Reserve near Encinitas, or even hiking along the La Jolla Trail with dramatic ocean views.

Upon arriving in San Diego, Belmont Park is easy to spot along the coastline at 146 Mission Boulevard.

Parking areas

Campervan users and those with tow vehicles can take great delight in being able to park at Belmont Park. There are multiple lots dotted around the amusement park, and most of these have traditionally been free.

Visitors who are all about convenience can also take advantage of the Fast Park service, with service providers finding a parking space for you, then having your vehicle ready and waiting when you’re finished for the day.

Travelers in motorhomes or Class A vehicles may like to find an RV campground nearby and make use of public transportation due to potential space limitations.

Public Transportation

Belmont Park offers a shuttle service on select dates and times, which can prove convenient for those who have parked in the Ventura and East Bonita Cove parking lots. The complimentary shuttle ensures visitors can get to and from Belmont Park promptly. Otherwise, San Diego boasts a trolley light rail system and bus service for an effortless navigation of Mission Bay Drive to the amusement park.

Where to stay


Overnight parking is not available in the Belmont Park parking lots, so visitors will want to look at the best place for RV camping in San Diego before they hit the road. Fortunately, this thriving tourist city has no shortage of options to suit adventurers and luxury seekers alike. Booking in advance during the peak summer season can improve the chances of finding somewhere convenient and accessible with a large RV nearby.


Road trippers will revel in the abundance of San Diego RV campgrounds that tick all the boxes for service hookups, luxury, and convenience. San Diego Metro KOA is within a 20-mile drive of Belmont Park, while Campland on the Bay is within a five-mile drive of Belmont Park, SeaWorld San Diego, and Fiesta Island Park.

Camping opportunities are also plentiful at Mission Trails Regional Park, within 15 miles of Belmont Park, for those who like the idea of primitive RV camping in San Diego.

Getting around

Navigating Belmont Park is best on foot. While there’s a bicycle rack to take care of bikes for people who use them as their form of transportation, these are not suitable for use inside the amusement park. Rollerblades, skateboards, and similar are also best left in a motorhome or campervan for use later.

Fortunately, with the right footwear, most people won’t mind meandering around the many exciting parts of the park on foot. There are plenty of rides, seating areas, shopping facilities, and eateries to grab a snack and a rest. Picking up a park map can also help visitors stay up to date with where to find everything.

What to pack


With one of the best climates in the country, visitors can pack their best summery attire with confidence. The summer climate will see shorts, t-shirts, and sundresses out in force, while even winter won’t see road trippers wrapped in winter woollies.

However, anyone planning on visiting state parks near San Diego, such as Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, may like to think about outdoors-appropriate clothing for comfort.


Visitors to San Diego will require camping and cooking equipment in their motorhome for use at their San Diego RV park, but this gear can stay in the motorhome, along with other unnecessary items. Travel light into Belmont Park to keep hands free for activities and park rides. Bring cash and payment cards for purchases, then consider renting a locker to keep these safe until it’s time to leave.

Health & Safety

Given how popular Belmont Park is to visit at any time of the year, visitors may want to choose a meeting spot in case cell signals do not cooperate. Always be aware of your surroundings, and drink plenty of water on those hot, summery days. Bug spray, a first-aid kit, and extra drinking water can also be convenient for outdoor attractions nearby, like the Tecolote Canyon Natural Park and Nature Center near Mission Bay Park.

Where to eat


The best place for RV camping in San Diego is one that allows visitors to flex their culinary muscles. Many have communal cooking areas, while others will enable the use of RV kitchen appliances, fire pits, and charcoal barbeques. However a road tripper decides to cook in this beautiful San Diego County City, they will revel in the convenience of being within a ten-mile radius of many convenience and grocery stores for extra supplies.


Playing endless rounds of mini-golf and scaring yourself silly on roller coasters can have any park visitor working up a hunger. Fortunately, Mission Bay in San Diego delivers the goods. Many eateries are dotted along the beaches of San Diego, with a few hidden gems further inland, too. Visitors can access many of these with their RV or wander on foot. Allow extra time for service during peak dining hours.


From Dippin’ Dots and Dole Whip to cookies and tacos, Belmont Park delivers on a wide variety of snacks and meals to satisfy those hunger cravings. There is an onsite ATM for cash withdrawal, but some vendors also accept payment cards. Food and snack vendors are located throughout Belmont Park for quick and easy access year-round.



While entry to Belmont Park is free, visitors may be required to undergo security checks at the entry gate if deemed necessary by security staff. Belmont Park does not allow visitors to carry weapons, bring in pets or alcohol, or cause a disturbance.

If anyone requires assistance at any time, Belmont Park workers are always available to help. Alternatively, RV-goers can visit the nearest police station, which is adjacent to Presidio Park within five miles of Belmont Park.


With one of the best climates in the country, there is never a wrong time to visit San Diego. However, one of the best times of the year to visit Belmont Park is during the warmer summer months. The sun is usually shining, the beach is within a stone’s throw, and visitors can spend a full day soaking up the rays and enjoying the atmosphere.

December to March can bring a bit of rainfall, and gray, cloudy skies grace the months of May to July, but visitors can remain up to date with weather conditions with the help of a local weather service app.


Belmont Park officials do everything in their power to keep everyone safe and having fun, but first-aid is available for those who require it. There are facilities dotted around the park, and visitors can approach an official to receive help. In an emergency, dial 911. The nearest hospital to Belmont Park is within seven miles, and a pharmacy for first-aid supplies is within eight miles.