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Bernice State Park, also known as Bernice Area at Grand Lake State Park, is an excellent small state park for both camping and day use. There are many amenities offered at the park that tend to all crowds, whether RV camping, tent camping, or just visiting for the day!

This state park is located on the Northwest portion of Grand Lake and boasts its reputation as the "crappie capital of the world" thanks to its large population and size of crappie. This state park draws in anglers from all corners of the country, as the 13,000-acre lake offers many species of fish and areas to enjoy every last cast.

Within the park, you'll find more than 150 primitive tent-only campsites, as well as 33 RV campsites that offer booth 50 amp electric and water hookups! These amenities make Bernice State Park perfect for both tent campers as well as RV campers! No matter what type of camping you'll be doing, you're covered!

Throughout the 88-acre state park, you'll find restrooms with showers, picnic areas, a swimming beach, wildlife watch towers, and hiking trails. Bernice State Park has something to offer everyone, no matter what age or interest!

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Bernice State Park, or Bernice Area at Grand Lake State Park, is located in Afton, Oklahoma. This state park is easily accessed via Oklahoma State Route 85A. If you're planning to visit this state park in your RV, you can expect paved roads that are wide enough to accommodate your RV or camper trailer!

Navigating throughout the state park with your RV is a breeze as long as you stay within the RV camping area. If you're planning to camp in the primitive tent camping area, you will have no issues navigating the park with your car, SUV, or truck. Most of the roads throughout the park are paved, but the primitive area roads are very narrow and may be difficult to navigate your RV through!

When camping in Bernice State Park, walking, hiking or cycling are excellent alternative means of transportation. This park encompasses 88 acres of land, so it's not a very long walk or bike ride from one part of the park to the other. In addition to ease of navigation, there is a parking area near the entrance of the park that has spaces large enough to accommodate RVs, camper trailers, and boat trailers.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Bernice State Park

Campsites in Bernice State Park

Alternate camping

Bernice State Park Campground

Camping in Bernice State Park is a great way to relax, experience the great outdoors, and adventure the wildlife area around the 13,000-acre lake.

Within the state park, there is only one campground in which offers 150 primitive campsites, and 33 RV campsites that offer 50 amp electric hookups, as well as water hookups.

Within walking distance of the campground, many amenities tend to those of all ages and interests. On the Northern portion of the campground, you'll find two restrooms, a group picnic area, a dump station, two playgrounds, and the nature center.

Near the West portion of the campground, you'll find two boat ramps and a fishing pier. This area is within walking distance of any campsite, so those that enjoy fishing don't have to get in their vehicle to get some fishing time in.

The campsites at Bernice State Park are available for reservation, but walk-ins are welcome as long as there is availability.

Seasonal activities in Bernice State Park



Boating is a very common activity within Bernice State Park, as Grand Lake offers more than 45,000 surface acres of water open to many different types of water sports. Whether you're looking to be lazy on your pontoon boat or speed around the lake on your jet ski, Grand Lake has much to offer for the boating community.

There are two boat ramps within Bernice State Park with parking large enough to accommodate your vehicle and boat trailer. The shore at the park is also excellent for paddle boarding, kayaking, and canoeing.


Swimming is a great way to cool off from the hot summer sun when staying in Bernice State Park. While swimming is allowed in Grand Lake, make sure you stay within the designated swimming area.

There is no lifeguard on duty, so if you plan on swimming be sure that you bring your life jacket and pack your sunscreen!


Picnicking is another excellent way to spend time with friends and family during the summer in Bernice State Park. There are picnic tables at each campsite, which makes the perfect area for a nice quiet picnic.

If you're planning to picnic with a group, there is a large group picnic shelter just North of the campground. If you're picnicking with family and children, there is a playground within walking distance of the picnic shelter.



While hiking is a little bit more modern in Bernice State Park, that doesn't mean that everyone can't enjoy it! Just east of the campground, you'll find the paved one-mile hiking trail and nature walk. This nature walk is ADA accessible, making it the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors!

This nature walk is perfect for walking, running, and jogging!


Lake Bernice is known as the "crappie capital of the world," so you know that fishing will be excellent within the park! As the park is situated on the Grand Lake, fishing opportunities are nearly limitless.

There are opportunities for shoreline fishing as well as boat fishing within Bernice State Park. Some of the most commonly fished species within the lake are crappie, sunfish, bass, channel catfish, and bluegill.

Nature Watching

Nature watching is an excellent activity in Bernice State Park, as there are many locations to view different wildlife habitats. Within the park, you'll find a nature center designated to teaching about species within the park, as well as how to preserve them.

In addition to the nature center, there are also two wildlife viewing towers within the park that allow you to view far away wildlife. These towers will enable you to look over the 13,000-acre Spavinaw Hills Game Management Area. Be sure to pack binoculars with your gear; you don't want to miss anything!