Big Dub Festival

Big fun, big crowds, big line up, it could be none other than the six-day Big Dub Festival! Get your RV ready for a trip to Artemas, Pennsylvania.

Event information

The Big Dub Festival, held annually at Four Quarters Farm, 190 Walker Lane in Artemas, is a nature-focused festival with a heavy emphasis on good vibes. Its organizers encourage radical self-expression and self-reliance, participation in workshops and entertainment, gifting, acceptance and inclusion, respect, mindfulness, and leaving no trace. In essence, it’s a festival designed to get back to nature, be free, and respect others in a safe environment.

The festival runs for six days near the state line of Pennsylvania and Maryland and welcomes campers with open arms. You can camp in your RV or campervan in selected areas and be close to the action. Due to the nature of the event, guests must be at least 18 years old to attend.

Throughout the festival, you’ll be encouraged to attend different workshops, interact with the themes of the event, and enjoy the extensive line up of entertainers. From Liquid Stranger and Levitation Jones, through to Prolix, Gladkill, and Jaykode, only the best musicians are a part of this standout event.

The location of the festival is equally as exciting as the event itself. It’s in a rural area around 18 miles from the nearest township of Hancock in Pennsylvania. The camping areas are in valleys, across rivers, and on summits, and the main entertainment area is nestled between the three.

Positioned amid natural attractions such as the Buchanan State Forest and Eidolon Nature Preserve, the Big Dub Festival welcomes visitors to get back to nature and enjoy time away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Could it be time for a new summer adventure this July?


Ticketing options are broad and varied, and each defines the level of comfort you wish to experience. You can purchase camping and admission tickets for one of three tent camping areas, each with price tiers depending on how many nights you intend to stay.

You can also purchase a car parking space (to sleep in with a vehicle or park during the day), or choose an RV add-on when you purchase your Big Dub Festival ticket. There are options galore, so take your time as you select a ticketing option to suit.

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Load your best road trip music, all your favorite snacks, a traffic app such as 511PA, and your friends into your RV, for it’s time to drive to Artemas, Pennsylvania.

This community in Bedford County is 19 miles south-southeast of Bedford and within 18 miles of Hancock. It’s peaceful, serene, and boasts nothing but farmland and natural attractions for as far as the eye can see.

Because there are no landmarks to help lead the way, it’s integral to load the festival address of 190 Walker Lane into your GPS, all the while keeping an eye on your traffic app. It also wouldn’t hurt to have the festival map handy, so you can familiarize yourself with your surroundings.

Upon arriving at Four Quarters Farm, event organizers will check your tickets and ID to make sure you’re 18 or over, then they will give you a wristband and direct you to your camping and parking area.

Parking areas

Where and how you park can depend on the ticketing option you selected. Paid parking spaces for RVs and cars are within a chosen area adjacent to Sideling Hill Creek. If you have purchased an RV camping add-on, you can camp within your RV. Otherwise, you will park your tow vehicle in these standard parking areas, as well.

Public Transportation

Public transportation options may be limited to get you to the Big Dub Festival. Once you’re on festival grounds, shuttle services run between the camping areas and entertainment for ultimate user convenience.

Where to stay


Those who want to experience primitive RV camping are in for a real treat. If you purchase an RV add-on pass, you’ll be able to enjoy off-the-grid camping in a selected area of Four Quarters Farm. While there are no electricity, sewer, or water hook-ups, you can purchase wood and ice, as well as make use of the showers and flush toilets throughout the venue. You can also park your RV and haul out the tent for an extra friend or two.

Organizers also proudly supply fire rings on a first-in, first-served basis, but you are also more than welcome to bring your own. However, you must leave your firewood at home and purchase organizer-supplied wood from the café due to local regulations.


For those who prefer a little bit more luxury during their visit to Big Dub Festival, camping off site may be more to your liking. While the area is sparsely populated, there are still different options for camping that might appeal. Expand your search to within 50 miles of Artemas, Pennsylvania to enjoy campgrounds and RV parks that are accessible with a large RV.

Getting around

The main thing you will need to combat on your stay at the Big Dub Festival is the elevation changes. These can make getting around a little tricky. Shuttles will take you to and from the camping areas to the central entertainment area, but there will also be plenty of opportunities for walking, so bring your best hiking boots.

The gradient is steep from the main camp to the stages, and there are also waterways to navigate. On average, it can take between three to 15 minutes to walk from the various campsites to the center of the action – and you’ll need to be prepared to work up a sweat.

What to pack


You will need to put a lot of thought into your attire, for being out in nature lends itself to a whole new series of challenges. Don’t forget plenty of socks and underwear, thick jackets, a poncho, waterproof outer layers, hiking books, spare footwear, and a few warm items to help get through those cooler summer nights. Make sure all the garments you bring are comfortable.


Alongside cash, your ID, ticket, and wristband, festival-goers will also be encouraged to bring waterproofing equipment for any tents, a flashlight and solar lighting, water, and plastic bags for clothing. Big Dub discourages bringing any valuables or large sums of cash. Cooking equipment and any camp gear to make your stay more comfortable is an excellent idea as well.

Festival organizers ask that you leave glass, weapons, noisemakers, laser pointers, sound equipment, illegal drugs, and water guns at home, for they are not welcome on festival grounds.

Health & Safety

Big Dub Festival has a significant focus on health and safety, wellbeing, mindfulness, and good vibes. They encourage all festival-goers to keep their hydration and electrolyte levels up and take advantage of the potable water available throughout the venue.

There are also two shower houses, bathrooms with flushing toilets, and handwashing stations for peace of mind. Given that Big Dub Festival is a summer event, you won’t want to forget your sunscreen, sunglasses, sunhats, and lip balm. It also wouldn’t hurt to bring bug spray, a first aid kit, toiletries, and any first aid supplies and medication you might require. Make sure medical items are labeled with your full name.

Where to eat


Big Dub Festival supplies fire pits for campers on a first-in, first-served basis, but you’re also allowed to bring your own for cooking. Those who have purchased an RV add-on can enjoy the luxury of onboard RV kitchen appliances.

Given the isolation of this venue, it’s paramount that you stock up on food supplies before you arrive at Big Dub Festival. There is a grocery store in Hancock 20 miles from the festival, or you can bring food ingredients from home. It won’t be long until you’re chowing down on warm bread, camp-style hot dogs, and loaded potatoes.


After six days of being out in nature, nothing could be better than a piping hot pizza, a hearty breakfast, or some authentic American cuisine. Upon leaving the Big Dub Festival, why not drive the 20-mile distance to Hancock to indulge? This township runs alongside the Dwight D Eisenhower Highway and can provide the necessary fuel you need to carry on your RV travels or end the adventure on a high note.


For those who don’t have the best camp cooking skills, Big Dub Festival has you covered. They offer a café and vendors within the central entertainment area, making sure no festival-goers go hungry. There will be a myriad of different options, so make sure you bring cash as there will be no credit or debit facilities.



Big Dub Festival goes to great lengths to protect their values, morals, and promotion of good vibes. As a result, they put strict security measures in place. There are security and live patrols in each populated area, as well as an information booth for festival attendants to report any problems. There are also multiple security and EMS posts throughout the facility. Make sure you don’t bring large sums of cash, valuable items, and leave your vehicles and possessions locked up and secure.


The region encompassing Hancock and Artemas in Pennsylvania generally experiences highs and lows of between 61 degrees-Fahrenheit and 85 during July in summer. However, alongside those mild conditions, it’s not uncommon to experience an average of eight days of rainfall, which can put a dampener on a festival experience. Expect the best but prepare for the worst. Make sure you bring creature comforts from home and ensure your heating and cooling units are in tip-top shape for your travels.


Big Dub Festival states that their most common cause of illness and injury is dehydration and a lack of electrolytes. They encourage everyone to drink plenty of fluids and eat well during the six-day festival. There are also EMS stations at several points throughout the venue and help on hand for those who need it.
For those who require emergency care, the best way to get it may be by approaching an official for immediate help and dialing 911. You can also make your way to the nearest hospital within a 22-mile driving distance from the festival.