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Big Sioux Recreation Area


Big Sioux Recreation Area is located in South Dakota, near the town of Brandon. This park is popular with outdoor enthusiasts in a variety of seasons. During the warmer weather, enjoy hiking, biking, or horseback riding. During the colder weather, you can enjoy snowshoeing and snowmobiling. There is even an area for warming up while enjoying the cold weather outdoors.

Big Sioux Recreation Area is located on the Big Sioux River and provides ready access to the water. You can enjoy a variety of boating activities, so make sure that you bring your canoe or kayak to enjoy on the water. South Dakota's parks provide plenty of access with boat ramps, so you can get to the fun easier. You can also enjoy fishing in the park, and if you don't have your own equipment, you can check out fishing poles from the park.

Big Sioux Recreation Area has three cabins that are available for rent and hold up to four people. There are also a variety of campsites available, with 49 campsites. The park offers electrical hookups, as well, for your RV or camping trailer. Some of the areas are handicapped accessible, including two of the available cabins.

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Big Sioux Recreation Area is located in the southeastern part of the state of South Dakota, not far from Sioux Falls. It is located four miles south of the town of Brandon, off of I-90. You'll be able to bring your rig and enjoy electrical hookups. There are 49 campsites, and some are handicapped accessible. In addition, two of the three cabins are handicapped accessible.

At Big Sioux Recreation Area, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. The cabins and park are open during the winter, although the campsites are closed. You will want to be careful driving your gear to the park as South Dakota winters can be very severe. Caution should be used on the roads.

You can bring your bike or boat to Big Sioux Recreation Area, and enjoy the waters and trails that abound. In addition, there are horseback riding trails that you can enjoy at the park. There are several areas to park, but the park is a popular area for both campers and day-use visitors, so you will want to be prepared to find a parking space.


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Big Sioux Recreation Area Campground

Big Sioux Recreation Area Campground has 49 campsites, as well as three cabins that are available for rent. The campsites are open between May and October, while the cabins are open year-round. Of the sites, 43 have electrical hookups, but there are no hookups for water or sewage in the park. There are restrooms in the park located in different areas, so you'll have access plumbing facilities including hot showers.

At the campground, you will find that some of the campsites are handicapped accessible. In addition, two of the three cabins are accessible. The park has a picnic shelter, so you can enjoy a meal out, taking in the beautiful scenic vistas. The park also offers fishing pole checkouts, as well as snowshoe and game checkouts, so you'll have plenty to keep you busy no matter the season. Bring your fishing gear, boat, horse, or hiking boots to enjoy the wilderness.

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When you come to Big Sioux Recreation Area, you can enjoy the waters of Big Sioux River. The park has boat ramps, so make sure you bring your boat, be it a kayak or canoe, when you come to the park to camp. You can enjoy fishing from the boat, or exploring the miles of waterways. You can even travel to nearby parks to enjoy the water, as South Dakota offers boating on lakes, rivers, and tributaries.


Big Sioux Recreation Area offers fishing opportunities when you stay at the campsites or visit the area as a day-use visitor on the shores of the Big Sioux River or via boat on the water. If you have equipment, make sure to bring it when you come to the park in your camping rig or campervan. If you do not have your own equipment, do not worry. You can rent fishing poles and equipment from the park office when you visit the park.

Disc Golfing

Big Sioux Recreation Area is a popular area for disc golf players to come and enjoy the course. The park has an 18-hole disc golf course, so make sure you bring your gear on your camping trailer when you come and plan to spend a few hours. This sport is similar to regular golf, but instead of hitting a ball, players throw a disc at the target and aim for the lowest total number of throws.


Winter Activities

When the season turns cold outside, you can make sure to enjoy a variety of winter activities at Big Sioux Recreation Area, so pack your snowshoes or snowmobile in your camping trailer. The area is popular for winter sports lovers and you'll often find a gathering of snowmobilers. The park has a warming area where you can warm up after spending a few hours out on the trails. The park offers difficult rated trails that are uneven for you to experience the wilderness on your snowshoes.


Make sure that you bring a water bottle and your hiking shoes when you come to Big Sioux Recreation Area in your RV. The park offers several miles of trails, which you can enjoy whether you are camping on-site or just visiting for the day. The trails are rated moderate to difficult, due to the uneven terrain and difficulty in navigating the area, so you'll want to be prepared for an adventure rather than just a leisurely stroll.


At Big Sioux Recreation Area, you can enjoy the several miles of trails by walking or by riding on your bicycle. A durable mountain bike is preferable, as the terrain tends to be uneven and rated at a moderate to difficult level. One of the trails includes the Prairie Vista Trail, which is considered very difficult due to the uneven and hilly surface. Many of the trails are shared bikers, hikers, and horseback riders, so be prepared to see others.

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