Bloomsburg Fair

The Bloomsburg Fair attracts dozens of RV-goers every year, so get a piece of the action for yourself. Make your way to Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

Event information

The Bloomsburg Fair in Pennsylvania is an event that has attracted large crowds since its inception in 1855. What began as a 10-cent investment by several high-ranking members of the community has turned into a week-long fair with entertainment, action, and camping opportunities.

People come from far and wide to attend the Bloomsburg Fair, which is in Bloomsburg, 40 miles southwest of Wilkes-Barre. While the Columbia County township is an attraction on its own, the fairgrounds are something special as well.

The Bloomsburg Fair is held at 620 W 3rd St. every year, right on the edge of the town by U.S. Highway 11. It borders Fishing Creek and is also a skip, hop, and a jump from Susquehanna River.

The ideal location of the fair makes it the perfect place to head for an RV adventure. You can camp on site, check out all the action at the fair such as exhibits, displays, and competitions, then wander into town and become a tourist. Pay a visit to the Children’s Museum, have a picnic in Bloomsburg Town Park, or do a spot of shopping in preparation of the festive season.

There are also plenty of shopping opportunities at the fair itself, with vendors galore looking for a chance to sell you a bargain. With so much to see, do, and experience in this quaint Pennsylvania town, it might be time to dust off the RV and set sail.


Traditionally, general admission tickets for the Bloomsburg Fair have been affordable for the whole family. You can buy them at the gate when you arrive or in advance, along with parking tickets, on the Bloomsburg Fair website. While general admission tickets allow you entry to the fair, they don’t gain you access to the many standout events within the fairgrounds. You may need to pay extra for some entertainment activities.

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Many minor and major highways lead to Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, which means your GPS won’t be put under a lot of pressure to get you to your destination. As long as you stick to the main roads, you can stay out of trouble. Ask your passengers to keep an eye on a traffic app so that you can stay up to date with congestion and any delays you may face.

Once you reach Bloomsburg, you can veer off State Highway 80 onto Mall Boulevard to get to the fairgrounds. Keep an eye on road and weather conditions for Columbia County as well as for Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania as you near the area.

Parking areas

Parking is a premium at Bloomsburg Fair, but it’s also exceptionally well organized. There are general parking spots for day visitors as well as RV ones along W. Fort McClure Boulevard in a section of the general parking lot. You can reserve a parking space in advance or organize it when you arrive. For campers, you can have both your RV and a tow vehicle at your site.

If you aren’t camping for the week-long fair, you may like to make use of on-street parking in the township or a spot at your campsite, then utilize a private ride service to get to the fair.

Public Transportation

Given the proximity of the fairgrounds to the center of Bloomsburg, you won’t have too much of a need for public transportation. You can utilize the public bus route that runs at specific times, or in the past, there has been a shuttle that runs a loop from the local hospital to the fairgrounds daily. Alternatively, you can arrange for a taxi or private ride service to pick you up from your accommodation. Once you arrive at the fair, there are shuttles to take you from the RV parking lot and fairgrounds, then back again.

Where to stay


If you plan on making a holiday out of your trip to the Bloomsburg Fair, then you’ll be pleased to know that onsite camping is available. While pre-registration is not necessary, it’s encouraged as spaces are limited.

There are no electric hookups, but there are limited water hookups with a hose. You are also allowed to use your generator during the day, as well as your RV kitchen appliances, but no fire rings, pits, or open fires.

Pets are allowed in the campgrounds, and there are also showers, garbage dumpsters, and port-a-potties available. If you are self-contained, the fairgrounds in Bloomsburg is a wonderful place to call home for the duration of the fair.


If you miss out on a spot at Bloomsburg Fair, or you simply want to camp somewhere else, Bloomsburg and surrounding townships deliver. There is an RV campground within three miles of the fairgrounds by the river, as well as one within five miles on the other side of Bloomsburg. If you follow the Susquehanna River, you’ll never be too far from a campground to suit your needs.

Getting around

The best way to navigate Bloomsburg Fairgrounds is on foot, but it’s not necessarily your only option. In the past, guests have been able to hire wagons and other options to help get your crew from A to B quickly. Inquire at the onsite fair office to find out what’s available once you arrive.

What to pack


Bloomsburg Fair is held in the heart of fall, which means you can expect a mixed bag of weather. Temperatures usually hover between 55 to 75 degrees, so you can pack light, breathable layers, but also include a few warmer layers to put over the top when needed. Closer to your departure time, check the weather app so that you can confidently pack what you believe you will require.


If you intend to camp at the fairgrounds, make sure you bring everything you require to be self-contained. Cooking equipment, gas, and empty waste tanks are a must. It may also help to bring cash in case there are no ATMs at the fair. For a day of wandering around the fair, bring a light backpack with essentials such as water, cash, and space for your new purchases.

Health & Safety

Even though it’s fall during the Bloomsburg Fair, the sun can still be shining enough to keep you warm. Don’t skimp on sun protection supplies such as sunscreen and a sunhat, and even bring a first aid kit for good measure. You will also need toiletries, any medical supplies you require, and drinking water.

Where to eat


You will not be able to use an open fire or fire ring if you camp at the fairgrounds, but you will still have plenty of opportunities to cook. You are welcome to use your onboard RV kitchen appliances and your generator during set hours. Rules can differ for offsite campgrounds.

If you need to pick up a few supplies to feed the troops, there’s a market within a two-mile distance of the fairgrounds and many more supply stores in the heart of Bloomsburg.


The perfect location of the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds means that you’re never too far from dining establishments. Take a wander along W. Main St. and check out the eclectic mix of offerings to satisfy your hunger cravings. Everything from diners to cafes and fast food outlets is a short distance away, either on foot or by vehicle.


You will find most vendors well-appointed around the vicinity of the fairgrounds. There are dozens of options, all offering traditional fair food, healthy options, or hearty tucker. Make sure you have plenty of cash, then line up at your vendor stall of choice. You’ll love trying something new every day at the Bloomsburg Fair.



There is a full security presence at all times during the Bloomsburg Fair, both at the fairgrounds and the RV parking lot. You can rest assured that there is always someone available to offer assistance and answer your questions. The local police station is also under a mile away along W. Main Street.


The average high temperature for Bloomsburg is 75, with the lowest just 20 degrees below that range. While temperatures are unbelievably balmy during fall in Bloomsburg, it’s best to prepare yourself for all eventualities. Top up your RV tanks, pack warm blankets, and make sure all your heaters are prepared to keep you warm through the night. It also wouldn’t hurt to pay attention to weather apps so that you know what to expect at all times.


There are both restrooms and a first-aid facility at Bloomsburg Fair, but in the case of something more serious, Bloomsburg township delivers. The local hospital is just under two miles from the fairgrounds for your peace of mind. If you need to stock up on medical supplies, there is also a pharmacy within a mile and a half near Market Street.