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Blue Lake Provincial Park


Renowned for its crystal clear waters and gorgeous long and sandy beach, Blue Lake Provincial Park is an outstanding RV getaway destination. Located in the Kenora District of Ontario, the park is around six miles (10km) northwest of the community of Vermilion Bay. Blue Lake Provincial Park was first established in 1957 and is quite large with over 5700 acres (23.14 square km) of space belonging to the park. The area in and around the park is typical Canadian Shield terrain and dominant tree species found in the area include those found in standard boreal forests.

The highlight of the park is the beautiful half mile (800 meter) long sandy beach and the welcoming waters of Blue Lake. The lake is also home to Blue Lake Crag, which is an 82 foot (25 meter) high rock face which rock climbers love to explore. During the summer the lake is the major hub of activity at the park as there are many recreational activities that you can do there. Some of these include swimming, fishing, boating and paddle boarding. Recreation isn't just limited to the lake. Visitors also enjoy birding, hunting, hiking and interactive educational programs.

RV camping at Blue Lake Provincial Park is also very popular due to the great facilities within the park campgrounds. There are two campgrounds located directly next to each other with a total of 190 camping spots available. Around half of these sites also include 15 and 30 amp electric hookups. Peak season in Blue Lake Provincial Park runs from May to September.

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Blue Lake Provincial Park is located in Kenora District of Ontario and is only around six miles (10km) northwest of the community of Vermilion Bay. The park has one entry and exit point that is in a easy to reach location directly off Blue Lake Road.

Services and amenities are also located in Vermilion Bay. This is where you will find the closest shopping opportunities to the park, so stock up if you need to get extra supplies. Other towns close by include Quibell (around six miles or 10 kms away), Dryden (around 32 miles away or 52kms) and Willard Lake (around 32 miles or 55kms away). Kenora is the closest major city to the park and can be found 62 miles (101km) to the west.

Accessing the park should be very straightforward as the roads are well maintained and are very wide. The road into the campground is also kept in very good condition. During the winter the campground is closed and park access can be very difficult due to the amount of snow and ice. If you do plan on visiting the park during winter, make sure you call the park in advance to confirm that it is open.


There is plenty of parking available at Blue Lake Provincial Park.

Public Transportation

Unfortunately there are no public transport options that will take you to Blue Lake Provincial Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Blue Lake Provincial Park

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Blue Lake Provincial Park Campground

Blue Lake Provincial Park has a very impressive campground that caters to all RV traveler needs. The campgrounds are officially split up to an "A" and a "B" area but they are both located right next to each other and also share the same features and amenities. In total there are 190 sites that are known for being nice and shady due to the overhanging trees in the campground while also having a lot of space per site.

The majority of the RV sites are located towards the back of the campground but there are also a few that are closer to the lake. There are many amenities available for visitors to enjoy, including boat launch, fishing hut, electrical hookups, water collection points, a dump station playground, amphitheater, toilets, showers and overflow car parking.

Blue Lake Provincial Park Campground is also pet friendly and the visitor center is also located very close to the campground. When staying here you should be able to get cell reception on all of the major networks. Reservations are vital at Blue Lake Provincial Park Campground due to the popularity of the park in the summer months. You can reserve a site online or by calling the park office. The campground closes in September and re-opens in May each year.

Seasonal activities in Blue Lake Provincial Park



As you could imagine, swimming is one of the most popular activities within Blue Lake Provincial Park as visitors love to take advantage of its long sandy beaches and stunningly clear water. The lake has a dedicated swimming area for those who want to take a dip that is marked out by a buoy line. The swimming area is not supervised by lifeguards at any time so swim to your abilities. Pets and alcohol are also not allowed on the beach.


The large Blue Lake is also perfect for park visitors who love to get out on the water and do some boating. No matter whether you are boating in a motorboat, kayak, canoe, sailboat or on a paddle board, all watercraft are allowed on the lake. If you don't have your own canoe there are some available to rent during the summer from the park. For more information about rentals you can contact the park office.

Summer Education Programs

During the summer visitors to the park are lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn more about the park and the surrounding areas. There are a wide variety of educational programs on offer from park staff. You can join a park naturalist and explore the hiking trails, check out the visitor center to learn about the burn that made Blue Lake what it is today or and take the whole family to the evening campfires and slide shows.


Rock Climbing

Blue Lake Provincial Park also has rock climbing options for those who love to climb. Located at the waters edge of Blue Lake, Blue Lake Crag is an 82 foot (25 meter) high rock face that you can access via a walking trail or access with a boat. The rock face is very popular and will challenge even the most experienced climber. Before you begin your climb you must check in at the park office to inform them that you will be climbing. Please be aware that no new routes or bolts are allowed without park management permission and you must bring all your own climbing gear.


For the hiking lovers visiting Blue Lake Provincial Park, you will be very happy to know that there are multiple trails available for you to adventure on and explore. In total there are four hiking trails that make up a total of 10 miles. The trails vary in difficulty from easy to moderate and can be done in as quick as 30 mins or up to a full day of hiking. If you are looking for a challenge we recommend taking on the full day Goblin Lake Trail that follows the edge of Goblin Lake and explores the wilds of Northern Ontario the way pioneers would have.


Those who love to go birding will have a great time at Blue Lake Provincial Park. The boreal forest that is located in the park is home to a variety of interesting bird species. Common loon fills the evening sky with its song, chimney swifts fly high above and bald eagles are also very common, as many forest dwelling song birds. Bird checklists are available at the Visitor Center so make sure you pick one up before you begin your searching.