Blue Springs State Park
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In Clio, Alabama, many regularly come to enjoy the day-use area and overnight camping facilities of Blue Springs State Park--not to be confused with the Blue Springs State Park of Florida. While the states neighbor each other to the south, the waters that make up the parks' names are not shared. The springs of Blue Springs State Park of Alabama are fed by a crystal clear underground spring that provides what is usually the center of attention here.

There's more to the park than these springs, though. While they provide a welcome, refreshing 68-degree Fahrenheit dip on a hot Summer's day, they may be just a bit too chilly in the off-seasons. The park is open year round, so visitors are welcome to stay even when the spring's waters aren't so inviting.

The modern and primitive facilities of the park's campground offer picnic shelters, grills, comfort stations, showers, and even a playground for the kids. It's a largely family-friendly environment with a unique and cozy setting. It's a quaint stop that also happens to be big rig-friendly, with accommodating sites that offer back-in or pull-through options. If you're traveling during peak summer months, it's well advised to make a reservation, as this campground also serves to store campers and even offers month-long stays for guests.

Though small, this state park has much to offer and is continually adding more for its growing guest list. From sun-up to sundown, be sure to soak up all the fun that Blue Springs State Park has to offer.

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It's not hard to miss the park when you've been driving through Alabama for a while. It's in a rather rural location and is one of the more populated areas in these parts. The roads are well-paved and access is easy for rigs of varying sizes, all throughout the park. There are no sneaky overheads, winding roads, or steep inclines here.


The campground and state park have sites sized for parking rigs and trailers up to 45 feet in length. The campgrounds offer sites where guests can either back in or pull-through with their haul. There is another lot for parking, however, this lot is set aside for visitors who come to the park for day use.

Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Blue Springs State Park

Campsites in Blue Springs State Park

Reservations camping

Blue Springs State Park Campground

The campgrounds of Blue Springs State Park include 50 sites. Most sites are modern, though there are some that are strictly primitive, with varying fees that reflect amenities. Sites range from "Improved Campsites" to full hook-ups (including sewer for some sites), and a few areas reserved for tent campers only. The sites are featured in a quaint, somewhat quirky (but, oh so cozy) wooded atmosphere. It's rather rural out here, so it is a great opportunity to get more in touch with nature as well as have some real time to get close to the family.

Along with water, electric, and sewer, guests will also have the option to utilize other amenities of the campgrounds, such as the clean comfort station and showers. All sites also include a picnic table and grill, with both back-in and pull-though sites available to choose from when making reservations. You can't go too wrong when picking out a place to park your rig. In fact, some guests even take up this park's availability for monthly stays. There are quite a few here that utilize this site for camper storage, so, the campgrounds may not be quite as full as you think.

While it is not required to make reservations, it is highly encouraged, as these sites tend to fill up rather quickly over the summer, on weekends, and on holidays. Reservations can be made either online or by calling in to the park's office. A one time transaction fee is associated with all campsite rentals and a one night deposit fee is required in order to hold a reservation. Certain times of the season will require a minimum nights' stay. Please be sure to check in with park staff for any questions regarding your time here.

First-come first-served

Blue Springs State Park Campground

Reservations are not required for a stay at Blue Springs State Park's campground, however, they are recommended if you're planning on traveling during peak seasons in summer, on a weekend, or on a holiday. These times tend to be busiest and reservations will ensure you secure a spot that has full hookups for your rig.

The campgrounds offer sites with water, electric, and some that provide sewer. Other sites are modern but have no hookups and there are a few primitive (tent only) sites. If you're traveling on a whim, you may still be in luck. Check-in is open until 2pm for campers looking for open and available sites. It's best to come early before everything fills up. There are only 50 sites here.

This is a popular day-use area, as well, so there is plenty of opportunity for other visitors to decide they want to stay too. Worried your camper might not fit? This place is big rig-friendly. Back-in as well as pull-through sites are available for hauls up to about 45 feet in length. Overall, this comfortable, wooded camp is a great spot to decide to spend a night or two when you're out on the Alabama road.

Alternate camping

Rental Camper Cabins

If you haven't brought a place to stay along with you, or you've decided to visit the park again on other terms, be sure to check out Blue Springs State Park's other modes of accommodation. The state park offers rental camper cabins that are fully furnished and have small appliances, as well as cookware and a small refrigerator. (Bring your own pillow and linens!) These quaint cabin-style set ups also come with a picnic table and outdoor grill, as with other sites.

There are a few rules and regulations that go along with the cabin rental campers. Rules typically concern amount of guests, pet policy, deposits, etc. It's best to check in with the park office with any questions. Cabins can be reserved online as well as by calling in.

Seasonal activities in Blue Springs State Park



The name of this park comes from its popular attraction, the natural spring of Blue Springs State Park. The spring pumps over 3,500 gallons of water every minute, creating a clear, comfortable swimming area. All year long, the spring sits at rather chill 68 degrees, but swimming is allowed here. Some readily jump into the waters--a nice wake up, indeed. Visitors are well advised and forewarned that there is no lifeguard on duty here, and that all swimming excursions are partaken under the guest's own risk. Now, with the serious part done, dive on in and find some fish to swim around with.

Volleyball Tournaments

The summer months bring all sorts of fun and sport to the family-friendly Blue Springs State Park. A favorite pastime here is surely volleyball. The court tends to be quite populated on most days and tournaments are even held fairly regularly throughout the summer stretch. It's easy to join in, too. There is a small fee per player and each team is made up of 5 or 6 players. Winning teams get half of the collection pot. Didn't bring any equipment? The park office has rentals for park guests.

Pedal Boats

Enjoy a nice, leisurely cruise around the fishing pong with Blue Springs pedal boat rentals. Rentals are inexpensive, making this an easy activity to shake your head "yes" to. Life vests are also provided and must be worn by all pedal boat occupants. The boats are such a nice way to get out on the water and enjoy the view of the park from a bit of a different perspective.


Each campsites includes a picnic table, but you may just want to venture out and enjoy a nice family picnic later in the day on the park grounds. After a few hours enjoying the water, a good sit-down lunch is just what you've been craving. There are multiple picnic tables to choose from throughout the day use area, while others are found around the pool, the pond, or some even off randomly on their own. Several picnic locations have a grill, but you can also feel free to bring your own.

Birding Trail

Each campsites includes a picnic table, but you may just want to venture out and enjoy a nice family picnic later in the day on the park grounds. After a few hours enjoying the water, a good sit-down lunch is just what you've been craving. There are multiple picnic tables to choose from throughout the day use area, while others are found around the pool, the pond, or some even off randomly on their own. Several picnic locations have a grill, but you can also feel free to bring your own.



Be sure to bring your camera, as this area is yet another that you'll want to have plenty of photos of for your scrapbook. Professional and novice photographers alike will have the opportunity to snap a few shots of not only the beautiful landscape, but the area's natural wildlife. Even if your pictures only amount to a few good photos of family and smiling faces, you'll be happy to have the memories of Blue Springs State Park to look back on.


The state park features a small fishing pond that is readily stocked with all sorts of catches. Here, anglers can expect to get a few bites from catfish, bream, and bass. Some guests even choose to fish the waters of the Choctawhatchee River. When choosing to let out your line, be sure to follow a few of the park's rules: daylight fishing hours only (for pond hours), fish must be harvested with poles or rods and reels, no fishing from boats, and an active Alabama fishing license is required. There are also certain limits to the amount of fish you can harvest. Be sure to look into further state fish and game rules and regulations.


Visitors to Blue Springs State Park often bring their families, as this is a very kid-friendly, pet-friendly, all-around family-friendly environment. In fact, there is even a newer playground for youth to enjoy with family. The structure, made from reused and recycled materials, is a donated center for your child's enjoyment. There's even a sizable sandbox to get digging around in. The playground can be found in the same area as many picnicking facilities.


As of April of 2018, Blue Springs State Park welcomed a new (and first) hiking trail. The Magnolia Trail is a little over two miles in length and includes two 0.3-mile connector trails. It is a relatively easy to slightly moderate hike that cuts through the southeastern Alabama forest. Along the way, guests can enjoy scenic views and a spectacular look at the west fork of the Choctawhatchee River. This trail begins within the park and continues through the adjacent Forever Wild Blue Springs State Park Addition. It is a wonderful opportunity to take in so much more that is within, and around, the park.


While the state park is rather small in terms of acreage, there are still plenty of places that are well-paved and easy to navigate on a bicycle. There are no paths that are dedicated to biking and the park just established a hiking trail in April of 2018, so there are hopes that the park will continue to expand. Cycling enthusiasts will still have the opportunity to suit up and hop on their bikes for a good trip along the roads leading to and from the park. It's quite rural out here, so you won't have to worry much about busy traffic.