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When you come to Castleton, Vermont, come to Bomoseen State Park for a camping experience you won't soon forget. The park is located on the shores of Lake Bomoseen, the largest lake completely within the confines of the state of Vermont. The park is located within the Taconic Mountains. These mountains are linked to the production of slate within Vermont, which was an important industry at one time.

You'll find plenty of activities to enjoy at Bomoseen State Park. On the lake, you can enjoy water-based activities such as fishing and swimming. The park even participates in the Reel Fun fishing program to teach newcomers how to fish, so you don't need to worry about having your own equipment if you're interested in learning this skill.

Bomoseen State Park has several different camping locations for you to enjoy. There are 55 tent and RV camping sites, and the park also has 10 lean-to sites, if that is your camping preference. While there are no hook-ups, there is an RV dump station on site. You'll also find areas to picnic around the park, such as the picnic pavilion that is available to be rented if you have a large group.

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Bomoseen State Park is located in Vermont, within the Taconic Mountains, so you'll want to travel through the mountains carefully while heading to your destination. From the town of Hydeville, you can travel four miles north on West Shore Road. This will take you to the western shore of the lake and the park itself. The park is located at 22 Cedar Mountain Road.

You'll find that the campground is sizeable, with a wide variety of camping sites. Once you check in at the park office, you'll want to find your camping site. When you make your reservations, be aware that many of the sites listed for tents and RVs can only hold a tent. You'll want to make your choice carefully when you make your reservation.

You can bring your boat to Bomoseen State Park. There is a boat launch for public use within the park to access Lake Bomoseen. If you didn't bring your kayak or canoe, not to worry. You can rent boats from the park office, such as a row boat or canoe, so you're sure to have plenty of fun whether you bring the boat with your camping rig or not.


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Bomoseen State Park Campground

Bomoseen State Park has plenty of campsites across their grounds for you to enjoy. There are 55 tent and RV sites available for reservations, but you should keep in mind that most of these sites are only big enough for up to a large tent or a smaller sized camping trailer. For a larger spot, you'll want to be careful what you reserve. There are also 10 lean-to spots available in the park for camping.

There are a variety of locations that you might find your camping spot, with some prime spots near the water's edge allowing you to enjoy sunrise and sunset with a lake view. Others are shaded and further from the water. There are two camping loops that the sites are located around. None of the sites have hookups, but there is a sanitary dumping station at the park for RVs. There are restroom facilities with hot and cold running water, as well as showers.

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When you come to Bomoseen State Park, bring your sunscreen and swimming gear in your camping trailer so that you can enjoy Lake Bomoseen. The park features a sandy beach which pets are not allowed on but which visitors can enjoy. In addition to the designated swimming area for you to enjoy, you can get snacks at a snack bar there to munch on while soaking up the sun. You could also bring a picnic to enjoy at the beach.


Make sure you bring your fishing gear when you come camping with your RV or trailer at Bomoseen State Park. The fishing is great here, and you'll have the chance to catch fish such as trout, bass, and perch. The park also participates in the Reel Fun fishing program. This is designed to teach newcomers to fishing the best ways to fish, and it also provides equipment such as a rod and tackle for them to use.


When you're preparing for your trip to Bomoseen State Park, make sure that you pack your boat in your RV, whether it's a canoe or a kayak. You'll have access to the lake, which offers a boat launch to access Lake Bomoseen with. If you do not bring your own boat in your camping rig, don't worry. You can rent boats from the park office for use on the lake, including kayaks, canoes, and a rowboat.



You will find several different hiking trails to enjoy when you come to Bomoseen State Park, so you will have plenty of areas to explore. While on these trails, make sure to bring your binoculars in your RV as you never know what flora and fauna you will spot while circling the trails, especially around the lake. One of the trails will even take you on a jaunt to the nearby Half Moon Pond State Park, which you can walk on.


When you come to Bomoseen State Park to stay in your camper, you might want to consider the possibility of a picnic. You can grab quick snack at the beach's snack bar and eat it on the beach while your group enjoys the water. You can also find picnic tables around the park, including at most, if not all, of the camping sites. There is also a picnic pavilion that is available for rent, if you come with a large party to the campground.

Nature Activities

Come prepared for some interesting nature activities that you can take part in when you come camping at Bomoseen State Park. Check the schedule for the park before you leave your RV and see what activities are planned when you are in the area, as these can vary day to day. Different activities that may be available include interactive games, employee led programs that teach you about the park, and wildlife lessons. It's a nice break from playing at the lake.