Boston to Elizabethtown Road Trip Guide


Featuring world-class education, a passionate sports culture, wonderful art museums, and plenty of outdoor attractions, Boston has a lot going for it. Known as a city of firsts with the first public park, public school, and subway being constructed here, the most populated city of Massachusetts is without a doubt a fantastic place to begin your next RV getaway.

Fearing a humid continental climate, the city has a ton of fun activities to enjoy no matter what time of the year you visit. Beginning an RV road trip here will give you the chance to travel on a long-distance journey through multiple states and landscapes, including the option to travel through the southwest.

One of the best options when traveling this way is to head from Boston to Elizabethtown. Although the destination is over 1,000 miles away, your time spent on the wide-open roads will fly by in an instant thanks to the many things to see and do along the way. You can see beautiful parks, towering forests, expansive lakes, and some more "out there" attractions during this journey, so the trip is attractive to a wide variety of adventurers.

The trip from Boston to Elizabethtown also means you will be able to explore one of Kentucky's most popular cities and of course, Fort Knox. Along with being home to some hidden gems, Elizabethtown also has multiple high-rated campgrounds to call home.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 7+ days
Recommend rig: van
audience: single

Point of Interest

Visiting Fenway Park

Without a doubt one of the most iconic attractions in Boston isFenway Park. Originally constructed way back in 1912, the baseball field has been home to the Boston Red Sox baseball team since the opening of Fenway Park and during this time it has become one of the most loved places in the city.

During the baseball season that lasts around six months you can check out Fenway Park during a Boston Red Sox game, but if you are visiting Boston during the baseball off-season you won't be missing out. There are tours available of America's favorite ballpark all year round, but on game days they will finish three hours before the start of play. The standard public tour lasts for an hour and tickets can be booked up to 30 days before your visit.

While Boston proper doesn't have many RV campgrounds, the nearby Wompatuck State Park is the perfect place to stay during your time in the area. Featuring both electric and non-electric sites, rigs up to 40 feet in length can call the park home.

Lake Compounce

For RV lovers looking for thrills and some added history, you can't miss the chance to visit Lake Compounce. Located 119 miles from Fenway Park in Bristol, this is the oldest continually-running theme park in all of the United States with a history dating all the way back to 1846.

Located within its sprawling 332 acres are rollercoasters, classic theme park rides, and even a water park. The most popular attraction within the park is the Boulder Dash, which has won the title of being the best wooden roller coaster in the country five times. During the months of September, October, and November, the park also gets a little spooky with the addition of the one-mile Haunted Graveyard expedition.

If you choose to enjoy the sights of Lake Compounce for the day you won't have to leave either since there are RV campsites within the park where you can rest your head after a fun-filled day in the park. The RV sites are equipped with water and electric hookups, along with the use of a 24-hour-a-day restroom and coin laundry.

Steamtown National Historic Site

Located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the National Parks-operated Steamtown National Historic Site is an insightful preservation of this classic form of steam train transportation. The historic site was first opened in 1986 at the Scranton yards, which back in the day had one of the first rail lines in the northeastern area of Pennslyvania using it.

The Steamtown National Historic Site has plenty of things to do that will give you a great insight into steam trains. The main attraction to the site is the museum complex that contains a technology and history museum, along with a visitor center, and a theater that plays a short film related to railroad changes during the 20th century. Some other fun activities to do during your visit are taking a guided tour from either a park ranger or volunteer, and taking steam train rides.

When it comes to staying the night around Scranton there are many places to choose from, including at Lackawanna State Park or the Honesdale / Poconos KOA Holiday if you want to experience a more luxurious stay.

Black Moshannon State Park

After spending the first few days of your RV road trip exploring manmade attractions it is the perfect time to go and enjoy the wilderness. Around 153 miles from Scranton off the I-80 and located in the Moshannon State Forest is the diverse Black Moshannon State Park that is well worth visiting.

Sprawling over 3000 acres, Black Moshannon State Park is known for being geographically unique due to its location being in the Allegheny Front within the Allegheny Mountains. This means the park has cooler temperatures than most parks in the Pennsylvanian system and the ecology of the area is more diverse. During your time in the park, you can go fishing, swimming, or boating on the Black Moshannon, have a picnic at one of the 200 tables scattered throughout the park, or go explore the 20 miles of trails, some of which link to the Moshannon State Forest.

Once the sun goes down there are multiple accommodation options at the park, including 63 RV sites with 11 containing full hookups. If you feel like getting out of your van for the night there are also multiple cabin options available within the park.

West Branch State Park

As you leave the mountains of Pennsylvania behind and make your way through northeastern Ohio you will notice a change in scenery. Open meadows and woodlots will be common, especially in West Branch State Park.

Located 176 miles from Black Moshannon State Park, West Branch State Park is full of activities to enjoy during the middle of your trip. The park has many highlights, including the Michael J Kirwan Reservoir, a maple beech forest, adventurous mountain bike trails, and great birdwatching terrain. In the winter months, hunting and horse riding are also popular, so no matter what time you visit you will be able to entertain yourself.

West Branch State Park is also home to a large campground suitable for rigs up to 80 feet with some including electric hookups. You can also take the time to wash your clothes during your stay thanks to the laundry facilities at the park.

Columbus Park of Roses

Columbus is one of the most underrated cities in the country, and since the city is on the way to Elizabethtown it makes sense to stop in for a visit. One of the hidden gems in Columbus that will bring you some peace and relaxation is the Columbus Park of Roses.

Spread across 13 acres, this public park is home to 13-acres of beautiful gardens, including 12,000 flowers. This is one of the largest public rose gardens in the country with six different gardens available for you to explore. The Heritage Rose Garden is a must-visit for those interested in the history of roses with only plants cultivated before 1867. The Columbus Park of Roses is open all year round and there is no admission fee, which is always a bonus.

In and around Columbus you will find many comfortable places to stay the night, including the Sunbury / Columbus North KOA Holiday and the Buckeye Lake / Columbus East KOA Holiday.

American Sign Museum

If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary to experience towards the end of your unforgettable RV road trip you need to check out the American Sign Museum. Located along the way to Elizabethtown in Cincinnati around 113 miles from Columbus, the American Sign Museum is a very unique attraction that contains the most signs in one place in all of the United States.

This 20,000 square foot museum is open Wednesday to Sunday and provides an incredible insight into an industry that is often never talked about outside of those involved in it. Within the museum, there are signs that are over 100 years old, a huge collection of classic neon signs, and everything in-between as signage has developed and transformed over time.

The most thorough way to see the museum is to take a guided tour that is performed by a member of the museum staff. The guided tours take between 45 minutes and one hour to complete and are held twice a day besides Sunday where there is only one available.

Falls of the Ohio State Park

Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky, but did you know that there is also a state park just over two and a half miles away? Opposite the city on the Indiana side of the border, Falls of the Ohio State Park is a great place to check out before you wind up your trip.

Part of the Falls of the Ohio National Wildlife Conservation Area, the park is well-known for being the home of Devonian sea creature fossils that are thought to be over 390 million years old. During your visit you will get the opportunity to see some of these magical fossils up close since this is one of the easiest Devonian fossil beds to access in the world.

The park also is also home to a visitor center, many picnic tables, superb fishing sports, and you can go on guided hikes with park staff around the fossil beds.


Arriving in Elizabethtown will signal the end of this glorious RV road trip. However, the fun doesn't have to stop once you arrive. This small city is home to many outdoor attractions and events, so if you are still feeling like you want to do some exploring you will be able to at the conclusion of your trip.

You can go boating in Freeman Lake Park, take a hike on the Buffalo Walking Trail, or even check out some classic cars for free at the Swope's Cars of Yesteryear Museum. Since the city is also near Fort Knox there is nothing stopping you from visiting one of America's most well-known military posts where you can see the General George Patton Museum of Leadership and enjoy the surroundings of the area where over 25,000 soldiers call home.

Since this is the end of your trip why not spoil yourself and stay at a full hookup site with cable TV and WiFi at the Elizabethtown Crossroads Camp? Located less than four miles from the city center, the campground will put the icing on the cake of your wonderful trip.

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