Boulder Lake Recreation Area


Featuring gorgeous scenery and plenty of fun recreational activities, the Boulder Lake Recreation Area is a great place to call home during your visit to the Pinedale area of Wyoming. Located around 10 miles down a gravel and dirt road, Boulder Lake is within the Bridger-Teton National Forest that contains over three million acres. The lake is known for being a quiet place to relax at and most of the visitors to Boulder Lake arrive during the peak summer season and make the most of the location by using it as a home base for their adventures in the area.

Activities on the lake are the most popular way for campers to be entertained during their visit with swimming, paddling, and fishing all available. If you are looking for other places to explore, the lake is one of 1300 in the Pinedale area, so there are many spots where you can have some fun. Off the lake, you can also go hiking, participate in winter recreational activities, or even check out the museum in Pinedale that celebrates the history of the Mountain Men that used to live and work in these parts.

RV camping is available at two campsites on the lake with all sites being primitive. The smaller North Boulder Lake Campground is operated by the BLM while the more widely-known Boulder Lake Campground is managed by the USDA Forest Service. All sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis only and are most commonly used during the summertime.

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Getting to and from Boulder Lake Campground is a little complicated since it is located in a remote area of the state. The park is around 25 miles from Pinedale, which is the closest town that has major amenities available. Before you begin your journey to the park, remember to stock up on food and water since there are no shops or water collection points nearby.

It will take you around 45 minutes to drive to Boulder Lake form Pinedale and there is only one way in and out. The road that takes you to the campground is a dirt and gravel mixture for around 10 miles, so expect this portion of the drive to be very bumpy. The most popular time to visit the park is from June until September and those traveling in the wintertime may not be able to access the lake if there has been a high amount of snowfall.

There are plenty of places for you to park at Boulder Lake if you are just visiting for the day. Most will park near the trailhead, but if you wish to explore the northern area there is also parking available near the campground.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Boulder Lake Recreation Area

Campsites in Boulder Lake Recreation Area

First-come first-served

Boulder Lake Campground

Boulder Lake Campground is the place to stay for RV lovers wanting to be as close to the lake as possible during their adventure. The campground is situated on the eastern shore of the lake and is totally primitive with no electrical, water, or sewer hookups. Please note that there are no water collection points, so you will also have to bring your own water if you choose to stay here.

There are a total of 20 campsites available (all of which can be used by RVs) that are located in one large loop area. Each site does come with a picnic table, lantern holder, and a fire ring along with two vault toilets available for your convenience. One of the best features about the Boulder Lake Campground is that it can support big rigs thanks to some very large sites that can accommodate RVs up to 126 feet in length.

The campground is usually not too busy and all sites are available on a first-come, first-served only basis. You will have to pay a small fee to use the campground and it is operated by the USDA Forest Service. Boulder Lake Campground opens for the season at the beginning of June each year.

North Boulder Lake Campground

Another great camping option for visitors to Boulder Lake is to call the North Boulder Lake Campground home during your stay. The campground is operated by the BLM and is located right on the banks of the lake.

There are a total of five sites available for RV campers, all of which are primitive with no water, electric, or sewer hookups. Like nearby Boulder Lake Campground, each site is equipped with a level camping pad, picnic table, and fire ring so you can relax and cook up some food outside your RV. The campground also features two vault toilets, but please note that there are no water collection points available, so you will have to bring in your own.

All of the sites at the North Boulder Lake Campground are available on a first-come, first-served basis only and are mostly used during the warmer months when there is no snowfall in the area.

Seasonal activities in Boulder Lake Recreation Area


Mountain Man Museum

A great way to spend an afternoon in the nearby town of Pinedale is to visit the museum highlighting the fur trade that occurred in the area way back in the 19th century. The museum has been open since 1990 and is operated by the Sublette County Historical Society, which is the oldest historical society in all of Wyoming. Featuring over 15,000 artifacts, the museum is the best place to learn more about mountain men who used to live in the area.


Boulder Lake and the adjoining Bridger-Teton National Forest are the perfect places for RV lovers to go exploring. There are many trails within the area that range from easy to very difficult, so there will be something suitable for every experience level. A lot of the harder trails are located on ski slopes, but if you are looking for a relaxing hike you should check out the trail on the shore of Boulder Lake.

Winter Recreation

Since Boulder Lake is located in Wyoming, the winter recreational activities are very prominent due to the large amounts of snow that falls in the area. The lake is perfect for ice fishing and the trails are wonderful for snowshoeing, but if you are looking for even more fun there are numerous ski-fields nearby.

If you want to get involved in some winter recreation, you will have to bring your own equipment since there are no rental facilities at Boulder Lake.



For RV lovers who are interested in casting a line out, there are plenty of great fishing options in and around the recreation area. Boulder Lake is open to fishing no matter what the season and you can also check out the nearby Burnt, Half Moon, and Fremont Lakes if you want to do even more fishing.

Some of the common species in the lakes include rainbow, brown, and lake trout and the many boat launches will make getting to the harder-to-reach spots a breeze.


With so many lakes in the area, you will have plenty of chances to make the most of the boating opportunities during your visit. Boulder Lake is a great place to take your canoe or kayak out, with many areas that you can launch your small watercraft from.

If you want to do more boating you could also check out Soda Lake, Fremont Lake, or Willow Lake. Remember to bring your own watercraft with you as there are no guarantees that rentals will be available in the surrounding area.


During the warmer months, many visitors to Boulder Lake and the surrounding area spend their time relaxing in one of the 1300 crystal clear lakes that are located within Pinedale. There is a large sandy beach near Boulder Lake that is perfect for swimming at, but if you are staying at the North Boulder Lake campground you can also go for a dip at the smaller beach right near the campsites. There will be no lifeguard on duty at Boulder Lake, so use caution when splashing about.