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Boundary Creek Provincial Park


Situated just west of Greenwood Town, with beautiful scenery, recreational activities, and a comfortable campground available to visitors, Boundary Creek Provincial Park is the perfect family camping spot.

Located in British Columbia, northeast of Grand Forks, the park was established in 1956, with the region having been used for industrial work in the early 1900s before WW1. History buffs who visit the park can see remnants of Boundary Creek Copper Company Smelter as well as some of the works of the park's early 20th century residents.

There are also numerous recreational activities available to visitors. The region has numerous trails for hiking, biking, and birding. Bird lovers in particular will enjoy taking a hike around the park as the region has some beautiful and very rare bird species. Other activities like wildlife viewing, tourism and fishing are also available at the park.

RV campers will have a nice time at Boundary Creek. The spacious, shady campground is an excellent relaxation spot; visitors will love sleeping over the sounds of water flow at the nearby creek as well as waking up to the sounds of songbirds early in the morning. The large trees and bushes around the park cast a large shade over the campground, and with the peaceful surroundings, makes Boundary Creek Provincial Park one of Boundary Country's premium relaxation hot spots.

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The main roads in Boundary Country are known for being smooth and well paved and that carries on into Boundary Creek Park and its surroundings. The park is easily accessed off Highway 3, about 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) west of Greenwood in British Columbia. Necessary licenses and a vehicle pass will need to be issued to gain access to the park.

Smooth, neat roads lead from the entrance into the park. The resort is relatively small, so it's a short drive from the main gate to the campground and other parts of the park. The campground was renovated in 2016 and now allows for larger RVs. Rigs, cars and bikes are to strictly stay on the designated vehicle roads which are clearly marked out by signboards and road markings within the park.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Boundary Creek Provincial Park

Campsites in Boundary Creek Provincial Park

First-come first-served

Boundary Creek Campground

The campground at Boundary Creek Provincial Park has 16 campsites available to visitors. There are pit and flush toilets available at the campground as well as two cold water taps.

The campsites are well spaced with tall trees giving shade to some of the sites. The campground is a stone's throw from the creek and a few kilometers from the nearest convenience store in Greenwood. Sites are first come first served and the campground is closed during the off season.

Seasonal activities in Boundary Creek Provincial Park



The roads and trails at Boundary Creek Provincial Park are smooth and spacious, making them perfect for biking and cycling. The park is close to the Trans Canada Trail which offers visitors a great trail for all sorts of activities.

There are numerous other trails and dirt roads in the region for visitors to explore. According to park rules, bicycles must stay on roadways and trails and riders must have on helmets at all times.


The creek near the campground is the perfect place to spend a hot day away from the campground as the cool shallow waters allow safe swimming for both adults and kids.

The creek is usually calm and spacious as boats are not allowed. The tides get high sometimes, especially toward evening, so adults must be mindful of kids swimming too far from the banks. Swimming equipment may not be available at the park, so visitors are advised to bring theirs.



The creek adjacent to the campground offers visitors excellent fishing opportunities. The shallow waters make it easy to catch a range of fish species that swim through this part of the creek.

Trout is the most popular catch, with bass also frequently caught at the creek. Before fishing, visitors should ensure they have the necessary licenses to fish at Boundary Creek and anywhere in British Columbia.


Boundary Creek Provincial Park offers excellent birding opportunities during off-season. The campground being closed and the park being extremely quiet brings some of British Columbia's rarest bird species to the park - and the creek in particular.

British Columbia has a spectacular list of native birds. Woodpeckers are very common at the park, as well as flycatchers and hawks. Visitors who explore the trails and other parts of the park might also see some turkey vultures, falcons and robins. Ducks can also be seen at the creek sometimes.


The campground is closed at Boundary Creek during the off season, but non campers can still enjoy the park and hiking is one of the best ways to do that. The park has a lot of pet-friendly trails available to visitors to explore.

The Trans Canada Trail is a brilliant hike with a few birding opportunities; other trails also give visitors wild life viewing opportunities as well as, a unique view of the park's plant life.


The creek area is the perfect place for a family outing or picnic during the park's off season. The creek is really peaceful during off season and is an inviting spot for a day of relaxation with the family.

Fishing and birding opportunities are also available during off season. The absence of campers means services from park officials are minimal meaning visitors are to be as self sufficient as possible.