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Boylston Provincial Park


Boylston Provincial Park sits on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia along Milford Haven River. From its hilltops, visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of Guysborough Harbor.

Campers at the park can enjoy the water firsthand. Swimming is welcomed at the river and at Irving Lake. Boaters can launch small watercraft like canoes and kayaks from the shoreline. Keep an eye out for native wildlife, especially waterfowl like loons and herons on the water.

Fishermen can enjoy a fully stocked experience at Irving Lake and catch bass, perch, and smelt. Hikers of all skill levels can enjoy short nature trails through the forests and along the river shore. The day use area features a picnic area with fire pits, BBQ grills, and tables.

The campground at Boylston Provincial Park features 34 sites without hookups open for RV camping from early June to early September. This campground is a wonderful place to use as a base camp while you explore the surrounding area.

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Boylston Provincial Park is located on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia between the communities of Boylston and Guysborough. Guests can access the park via Highway 16.

All roads within the park and the campground are paved and accessible for RVs and trailers.


Parking is available at each site in the campground. Additional parking can be found in the day use areas. Park only in designated areas, and do not park along roadways.

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Boylston Provincial Park Campground

The campground at Boylston Provincial Park features 34 unserviced open for RV camping from June to September.

Each site features a picnic table and a fire pit. A comfort station with vault toilets and showers as well as a dish washing station is available for guest use. The campground also features wireless internet access at the administration building. Wood and ice are sold at the park office. Generator use is allowed between sunrise and 10:30 pm. Pets are permitted on leash.

Campers can also enjoy easy and direct access to the beach for swimming right from the campground.

Seasonal activities in Boylston Provincial Park



During the warm summer months, visitors to Boylston Provincial Park can cool off in the waters of Irving Lake and Milford Haven River. While there are no designated swim beaches, guests are welcome to enter the water anywhere along the shore. Lifeguards are not on duty, so swimmers should exercise caution, stay warm, and never swim alone. Weather conditions can change quickly, so campers are encouraged to remain vigilant. Pets are allowed at the swimming area as long as they remain on leash.


Hikers of all ages can enjoy the great outdoors at Boylston Provincial Park. An extensive trail system of short, interconnecting excursions are perfect for less experienced hikers or families with small children.

Pets are allowed on hiking trails as long as they remain on leash. Owners must pick up after their dog and remove any dog waste from the park. Hikers are reminded to watch for wildlife and maintain a safe distance as well as to properly dispose of all garbage.


Boating is a popular pastime at Boylston Provincial Park. Irving Lake, while smaller than other bodies of water in the area, is the perfect size for small, non-motorized watercraft like canoes and kayaks. These boats are easily launched from the shoreline. More adventurous boaters can launch their craft into Milford Haven River and boat to neighboring parks and towns. Once on the water, boaters can catch glimpses of waterfowl like loons and herons and native wildlife.



Visitors will find ample opportunities for fishing at Boylston Provincial Park. The park features two main bodies of water: Irving Lake and Milford Haven River. Both the lake and the river are home to a diverse selection of fish. While the park is open, Irving Lake is kept stocked with plenty of opportunities for the catch of the day. Fishermen can set up along the shore or head out onto the water by canoe or kayak. Just make sure you observe the local rules and have the appropriate license if required.

Wildlife Watching

Boylston Provincial Park is home to a variety of native wildlife. Waterfowl like loons, herons, geese, and ducks spend their days on Irving Lake and the Milford Haven River. The lake is full of fish and other aquatic life.

In the forests, visitors may catch a glimpse of squirrels, coyotes, owls, deer, black bears, porcupines, and raccoons that live among the trees. Guests are reminded to keep a safe distance from wildlife and respect their natural habitats.


No matter the time of year, a picnic is an excellent way to pass the day at Boylston Provincial Park. The day use and beach areas feature a picnic pavilion for visitors with fire pits, BBQ grills, and picnic tables. Restrooms are available near the picnic area, too. There is designated parking for guests. Enjoy views of Guysborough Harbor and the native wildlife. Pets should remain on leash. Please properly dispose of or carry out all garbage.