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Branbury State Park is located in Vermont, at the base of Mount Moosalamoo, which also lends its name to the cottage on the state park's grounds that is available for rent. Previously a farm and a boy's camp, this park is bordered by the Green Mountain National Forest. You'll find hiking trails all around the area, which will take you to a variety of locations, including waterfalls and caves, as well as mountain streams and lakes.

Branbury State Park is located along the shores of Lake Dunmore, which provides a welcome view for many of the campers that flock to its shores. The lake also provides some of the activities that you can enjoy while camping at the park, including boating, stand-up paddleboarding, and fishing.

You'll find that you want to reserve a campsite at Branbury State Park early because there are a limited number of campsites. The park is split by the highway and has campsites on either side of it available for RV or tent camping, so make sure to bring your rig with you when you come. There are also a handful of lean-tos available for camping in the park.

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Branbury State Park is located near the towns of Salisbury and Leicester in Brandon, Vermont. It is located on Lake Dunmore Road. You'll find that the park is easy to locate, as it is divided by Route 53. You can get to the park by driving from Middlebury, going seven miles south on US 7 and then four miles on Route 53. Because of the highway running through the park, you'll want to exhibit caution when navigating the area.

When you arrive with your equipment, you'll check in at the park office. The campsites are numbered, making it relatively easy to find which one is yours, although you'll want to check which side of Route 53 you're going to be located at. Not all of the campsites are large enough to hold an RV or trailer, so make your reservations carefully.

Part of Branbury State Park is handicapped accessible. The notable area for camping is the southern camping loop, which has accessible RV and tent locations, as well as an accessible lean-to location.

You can bring a boat to Branbury State Park. There is a boat launch near the northern border with Lake Dunmore. You can also rent boats from the park and explore the water that way. Stand-up paddleboards are also welcome in the park.


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Branbury State Park Campground

You'll find an assortment of different campsites available for reservations at Branbury State Park Campground. In addition, there is a two-bedroom cottage that is available for rent. The campsites are located on either side of Route 53 and are sized for a variety of camping equipment, from tents only to 34-foot long rigs. You'll want to make sure you select the right campsite for your needs. In addition, there are seven lean-to sites available. Some of the campsites are in a heavily wooded area, while others are in a grassy plain nearer to the beach.

The campground offers hot and cold running water, with coin-operated showers. There are also flush toilets available on the grounds. The park has a dump station, as well as a recycling area. Near the beach, there is a concessions stand that you can get drinks and snacks at. In addition to a variety of picnicking areas, the campground features two pavilions that you can rent for the day that are screened-in, wooden rooms.

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You can enjoy swimming in Lake Dunmore when you come to Branbury State Park for RV camping. The area has a swimming beach that is roughly 1,000 feet long and is a natural beach to enjoy. The area is open for swimming while the park is open, from mid-May until Columbus Day weekend. There is no pool available on site for you to swim in, so be prepared for the busy lake when you bring your rig for camping.


You can bring your boat with you when you bring your camping equipment to Branbury State Park. Lake Dunmore provides a great place for boating in all of its forms, from a kayak to a rowboat. Don't forget to bring your stand-up paddleboard if SUPs are your game, as they are welcome in the park. You can also rent equipment from the park, including kayaks and canoes. There is a boat launch within the park to use.


You will have the ability to enjoy fishing in Lake Dunmore when you bring your camping trailer to Branbury State Park. The lake provides plenty of fishing opportunities, with such as rainbow trout, perch, and pike. You will need a valid Vermont fishing license to fish in the park, but you are able to get this at local areas or prior to your trip online, so make sure you bring your fishing gear when you arrive in your campervan at Branbury State Park.



You'll find a variety of hiking opportunities in and around Branbury State Park. Trails range in difficulty from easy to moderate. The Nature Trail Loop is an easy to navigate trail exploring the forest ecosystem. For more of a challenge, you'll find connecting trails that will lead to you areas such as the Falls of Lana and Silver Lake Trails, within the Moosalamoo National Recreation Area.


When you bring your RV or camping trailer to Branbury State Park, you will want to be prepared to enjoy the scenic vistas available to you, and one of the best ways is by picnicking there. There are picnic tables scattered around the park that you can eat at, and there's also a concession stand that sells various snacks and drinks, as well as beach toys. You can enjoy a picnic on the beach as well.

Nature Programs

If you're camping at Branbury State Park, you might want to find out what nature programs are going to be going on while you're visiting in the park with your RV or gear. The park has interpreters that lead different activities, such as night hikes, nature crafts, and campfire activities. There is a schedule of events also available online that you can check out prior to your trip if you're interested in these fun and educational activities.