Brazos Bend State Park

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Located just 45 miles from downtown Houston, Brazos Bend State Park holds 5,000 acres of all different kinds of natural environments including prairie, woodlands, and wetlands. You’ll get to see wild grasses up to six feet tall, walk under shady oak tree canopies, and see plenty of swamps, marshes, lakes, and even ponds. In fact, the park was even named after the Brazos River, which serves as an eastern border for the park. There is so much diversity here, and it attracts lots of wildlife too such as deer, foxes, bobcats, raccoons, feral pigs, and of course, the American alligator. It’s good practice to always give plenty of space to the wildlife, but this is especially so for the alligators. These guys are very common in the park, so be careful when you go.

If you visit with your RV during the summertime, expect really hot temperatures reaching almost into the 100s. You may find that the winter time is the best time to come, as temperatures rarely drop lower than the 40s. It gets just cool enough at night to relax from the heat of the day. Whenever you choose to bring your RV, you’ll still find plenty of diversity and fun things to get into here at Brazos Bend State Park.

RV Rentals in Brazos Bend State Park

Transportation in Brazos Bend State Park


Upon entering the park in your RV, you’ll find that navigating the park is easy. You won’t have to worry about running into any driving restrictions, regardless of how large your RV is. This park was set up to accommodate even the largest of RVs and that includes making sure the roadways fit your needs as well.


Inside the park, you’ll find plenty of parking throughout. Even during the busiest of months, you should have no problem finding a parking spot, even if you choose to take your RV instead of a car. In the unlikely chance that you do run into parking problems, there is a larger parking lot at the nature center you can go to.

Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in Brazos Bend State Park

Campsites in Brazos Bend State Park

Reservations camping

Burr Oak Camping Area

When you camp at Brazos Bend State Park, there are plenty of places to pick from for setting up your RV, no matter how big your RV is. The camping area in Burr Oak has 39 total sites to choose from, and all of them have 50 amp hookups and water hookups. You won’t find a sewer hookup here though, but there is a dump station nearby that can be useful. There are also showers and bathrooms nearby, so you can stay clean and comfortable while you’re camping.

At each site, you’ll find a picnic table and grill, which is perfect for family dinners. You can also gather around a fire at night with the fire ring that’s also located at your campsite. The sites that you’ll find in Burr Oak are considered premium sites, making them more desirable for RV campers and landing its spot under “Reservations Camping.” So while sites are available for walk-up, it is highly recommended that you reserve your spot at least the day of arrival in order to ensure that there are spots available.

First-come first-served

Red Buckeye Camping Area

If you can go without the 50 amp hookups and settle for 30 amp instead, a campsite in Red Buckeye may be just what you need if you’re going RV camping at this state park. There are 32 sites to choose from here, and while the size of each site may vary slightly, you should have no problem finding a site that can accommodate your RV, no matter how large it is. Along with the 30 amp hookups, there are also water hookups available.

Just like the Burr Oak Camping Area though, there is no sewer hookup here either. You can find a dump station nearby just like you can find showers and bathrooms nearby as well. You’ll also have access to a picnic table, a grill, and a fire ring at any campsite that you choose. While there isn’t much difference besides the type of electricity hookups between the campsites here in Red Buckeye and the ones in Burr Oak, these campsites have been labeled as “Standard Campsite,” making them a little less popular. Because of this, walk-ups are easier to get away with without making reservations.

Alternate camping

Cabin/Shelter Camping

If you’ve gotten a bit claustrophobic in that RV and are looking for something a little roomier or a bit different for a change, there are other options when you stay in the park. There is one cabin available that you can reserve, but keep in mind that it’s a very basic setup. Restrooms with showers are not inside the cabin but are nearby. You’ll also need to bring your own bedding, as the beds do not have mattresses or anything else on them. The good news is you’ll have air conditioning, so if you plan to visit in the summer, this is a huge plus. There is also heating if you happen to need it. Since there is only one cabin, you can also choose a screened-in shelter. These are much like the cabin, but three of the sides of the building is half made of screening. You won’t find heating and air conditioning here, but the inside will get plenty of fresh air flowing in from the screens. These are great if you’re wanting to get that wild camping experience but still want a roof over your head.

Seasonal activities in Brazos Bend State Park



When you visit a state park in Texas, you don’t need a fishing license to go fishing. There are plenty of places to put your fishing pole in the water, as there are lakes, the river, swamps, and more here. In the summer, fishing can be a good excuse to find a shady spot and preserve your energy levels.

Ranger Programs

There are plenty of Ranger Programs to choose from when you visit Brazos Bend State Park. The types of programs available will depend on when you go, but there is always something fun and exciting going on. These ranger programs range from guided hikes to education programs centered around teaching you all about the park.

Wildlife Watching

There are two fantastic places that offer great views and serve as perfect spots to watch the wildlife. One is the deck on Elm Lake, and the other is the tower at 40 Acre Lake. This tower is 4 stories high, giving you an excellent viewing advantage. This is a popular spot to go birdwatching too.

Visit the George Observatory

While the George Observatory is owned and run by the Houston Museum of Natural Science, it is located inside this park. One of the coolest things you’ll get to see here is the largest telescope that is actually open to the public. You’ll definitely want to check it all out while you’re in the area.

Visit the Nature Center

The Nature Center is a great place to visit for people of all ages. There are lots of interactive activities that are focused on educating visitors on the wildlife and ecosystem right here in the park. You can also get to see the American alligator hatchlings - the common animal that Brazos Bend State Park is best known for.



There are lots of hiking opportunities at Brazos Bend State Park. Some trails loop around the lakes, and others take you deep into the oak forests. The Creekfield Lake Nature Trail is a popular choice even though it is only .half a mile long. When you hike during the off season, it’ll be a good chance to take a hike without feeling like you’re going to die from the heat.


Along with hiking trails, there are also many trails that allow bikes. This can be a great way to get some exercise and change things up a bit from the usual hiking. You’ll have to bring your own bike though, and be sure to watch for alligators, as this is their home.


If you’re having trouble getting the teens and kids off of their phones or out of the RV, introduce them to the modern day version of treasure hunting. They can download the GPS coordinates on their phone and use it to find geocaches that are located all around the park.


If you’ve brought just your family or a few friends, there are picnic tables and grills located throughout the park and at each campsite. For bigger get-togethers like family reunions or birthday parties, you can reserve the dining hall here in the park. The dining hall can hold up to 100 people and seat 85.

Horseback Riding

If you’ve brought horses with you on your camping trip, you can also take them horseback riding on many of the same trails you can go hiking or biking on. There are 37 total miles of trails in this Texas state park, and horseback riding is one of the more interesting ways of exploring all of these miles of trails.

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