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Bridge Lake Provincial Park


Spread over 405 hectares of land, Bridge Lake Provincial Park in the Cariboo region is scenic, natural, and very popular among anglers. It doesn’t take long for anyone to fall in love with this park for its very private and green surroundings, not to mention the shimmering lake reflecting the vast blue sky.

Bridge Lake Provincial Park was established on March 16, 1956. In 2003, a park called the Centennial Park joined with Bridge Lake Park, creating its current boundaries. The park is now home to an additional 560 acres of shoreline to the south and west of Stack Lakes and all the islands in Bridge Lake. The park can be used for day-use or for camping overnight.

The park boasts a smallish campground on the south end of the lake, allowing campers some solitude and no outside human interaction for days. Visitors and locals frequent the park for wildlife viewing, hiking, and horse riding. In the summer, the lake provides a great reprieve from the scorching sun, as well as from the summer crowd and allows campers to enjoy swimming, canoeing, boating, and fishing. The shoreline of Bridge Lake is very open, with many small bays and inlets allowing everyone a spot of their own without anyone getting in the way.

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RV Rentals in Bridge Lake Provincial Park



Bridge Lake Provincial Park is located at the south end of Bridge Lake, 51 km east of 100 Mile House. Take Highway 24 and keep an eye out for signs along the way. The park entrance is located near the south end of Bridge Lake. Areas closest to the provincial park are 100 Mile House, Little Fort, and Sheridan Lake. The route to the park is scenic and the roads are fairly well-maintained making for an enjoyable driving experience.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Bridge Lake Provincial Park

Campsites in Bridge Lake Provincial Park

First-come first-served

Bridge Lake Provincial Park Campground

Bridge Lake Provincial Park has a small campground area with 13 RV campsites and three walk-in tent sites available for camping. The park also has a day-use area and a paved boat launch area situated close to the campground. All the sites are unserviced and there is no drinking water available due to arsenic concerns. Most campsites are nestled among trees and provide plenty of shade and privacy.

Campers can bring their pets but they need to be kept on a leash at all times. The beach area is off-limits to the pets and campers will be responsible for their pets’ behavior as well as for cleaning up after them. Pets are not allowed in the backcountry areas as well since wildlife is abundant there. The nearest public phone is at Sheridan Lake Store.

The sites are provided on a first come, first served basis. So if you want a spot of your choice, we suggest you arrive early and lay your claim to the best one.

Seasonal activities in Bridge Lake Provincial Park



Bridge Lake is popular among canoeists and kayakers. With a small campground and a massive shoreline, canoeing or kayaking at Bridge Lake is a peaceful affair where you are unlikely to encounter many other people in your journey.

Many people opt for this recreational activity because it offers distance from the more crowded areas and allows them to enjoy the scenic views and spot wildlife in the surrounding woodlands. Visitors can canoe and kayak for hours at their own pace without getting bored, surrounded by the park's diverse natural beauty.


Fishing is one of the more popular recreational activities at this provincial park and keen anglers are attracted to these lake waters every year. Try your hand at catching the famous large-sized rainbow trout. For more variety, the lake is also home to burbot, kokanee, char, and brook trout and any one of these species would make a good meal. Remember that regardless of where you are fishing in British Columbia, an appropriate license is necessary.

Water-Based Activities

The lake has several great swimming spots with clear water devoid of weeds and plant life. It's a refreshing way to cool off from the summer heat. Be aware that there isn’t any roped off area for swimming, neither are there any lifeguards on duty so caution is recommended.

Another water sport that is popular at Bridge Lake Provincial Park is water skiing. The paved boat launch area offers campers and visitors the thrill that comes with this easy to learn activity. The lake is large and accommodating so beginners can practice at their leisure while still leaving plenty of area for others.



One of the best ways to enjoy the surrounding beauty of the park is via cycling. There are no established trails, so cyclists have to stick to the roadways, and helmets are mandatory in all of British Columbia. Not wearing your helmet may result in receiving a fine by the park authorities. The roadways wind through the woods and offer glimpses of the picturesque shoreline, lake and surrounding hills.

Wildlife Viewing

The woodland area of Bridge Lake Provincial Park is more than just a scenic spot; it is home to plenty of wildlife that campers can view up close. The adjacent stands of Douglas and spruce are nesting grounds for bald eagles, as well as home to active beaver colonies.

The forest is also a habitat for black bear, coyote, fox, mink, river otter, and mule deer. Diverse species of birds also nest by the shores of Bridge Lake.


The park welcomes daytime visitors as well as overnight campers. Where the campers are provided with various amenities at the campground, so are the picnickers that visit the park for a day. There is a walking trail that skirts the river and allows visitors a leisurely walk in some beautiful natural surroundings.

On the shores of the Bridge Lake is an area reserved for day-use that has picnic tables, a picnic shelter and a nearby boat launch area if you fancy a boating adventure.