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Bridgeview Recreation Area


Bridgeview Recreational Area is nestled between Rathbun Lake and the beautiful rolling hills of Chariton River Valley. It is located 13 miles northwest of Centerville, Iowa and offers many amenities and outdoor activities. This waterfront recreation area is a haven for RV enthusiasts that want to enjoy camping, boating, swimming, fishing, picnicking and wildlife watching amid nature's wonders.

The vast 11,000-acre Rathbun Lake is popular among anglers for its fishing opportunities. The nearby fish hatcheries ensure healthy lake waters. Prey brings predators and Bridgeview Recreational Park is home to vast species of wildlife that survive on these rich lake waters. Bald eagles, white-tailed deer, Canada geese, wild turkey, and many other wild animals roam this vast landscape and are a sight to behold when spotted.

Bridgeview Recreational Park has a total of 106 family campsites. It also offers group picnic shelters facilitated with amenities including toilets, showers, drinking water, dump station, boat ramp, playground, and horseshoe pits. Bridgeview Recreational Area has everything an outdoor lover wants and is an RV enthusiast’s dream camping location.

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If you are driving to Bridgeview Recreation Park from Moravia, IA your best route to the park would be to travel 10 miles west on Highway J18 and then follow the signs directing you to the park campgrounds. Once inside the park paved and gravel roads lead to the various park facilities and amenities. Lantern posts are spread across the lake that light up the area at night making it easy to find your way in the dark. The large campsites and wide roads make it ideal for large-sized RVs, motorhomes and Big Rigs.


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Bridgeview Recreational Park Campgrounds

The campground is open from May until September which is the peak season for those wanting to visit this beautiful landscape. Bridgeview Recreational Park has a total of 106 family sites. 95 of them have electric hookups with most of them having plenty of space and enough privacy for a comfortable and undisturbed camping experience.

The large campground is split into two parts. The main campground is located near County Rd S70 and has a total of 87 electric hookup campsites. Overlooking both the lake and Chariton River this campground is shaded with gravel driveway surfaces.

The other part of the campground is located much further away and overlooks Rathbun Lake with the boat ramp area close by. This campground is ideal for those that want to enjoy water-based activities or just want more privacy as this smaller campground has a total of only 16 well spread out campsites.

Bridgeview Recreational Park also has a group picnic shelter for day use with a capacity to entertain up to 24 people. The campgrounds are facilitated with flush and pit toilets, showers, fire pits, picnic tables, and BBQ grills. Drinking water is available at the site.

Seasonal activities in Bridgeview Recreation Area



There are several trails that run alongside the shore for hikers to trek along. The dense woodlands also have trails winding through them that lead across streams and bushlands. It is pleasant to walk through the open grassy areas and take refuge from the sun amongst the trees. The shoreline of Rathbun Lake offers visitors the opportunity to hike through endless miles of sandy shoreline enjoying the beautiful sunsets and views of the vast lake waters.


Bridgeview Recreation Park is an ideal destination for a family picnic with many campsites available as well as picnic areas near the lake shoreline. Designated Day Use picnicking areas and campsites have picnic tables and grills so visitors can enjoy a barbecue while picnicking.

The flavorful food in pleasant weather makes the experience even more enjoyable. You can enjoy several activities during a visit like playing scavenger hunts, enjoying the playground area and boating on the lake which are all great learning activities for kids.

Ice Climbing

During winter the landscape is transformed with areas of deep snow and snow capped hills with frozen cliff faces that make for some excellent ice climbing routes. Adventurous outdoor enthusiasts who have a love for climbing will enjoy the challenging ice climbing routes dotted in the more remote areas of Bridgeview Recreation Park.



The vast body of fresh water that makes Rathbun Lake is a haven for anglers looking to catch a variety of game fish. The lake waters are teaming with fish thanks to the nearby hatcheries and anglers can enjoy a joyful fishing experience catching crappie, channel catfish, walleye and largemouth bass.

There are fish cleaning stations at Bridgeview Recreational Area to help clean your catch for a seafood camping dinner or preserving it for consumption for when you get back home.


The Bridgeview lake provides an amazing location for boating in its vast waters. Visitors can kayak, canoe, sail or boat on these lake waters enjoying a multitude of water-based activities. Paddling is fun if you are planning to go with children. The calm lake waters offer a relaxing and comfortable boating experience with some much-needed peace and quiet.

Wildlife Watching

The vast 11,000-acre Rathbun lake surrounded by woods and bushlands is home to many species of wildlife that can often be spotted along the shoreline and forest trails. Hikers and campers can spot the mighty bald eagle, white-tailed deer, Canada geese, wild turkey, and other small mammals, birds, and reptiles. The lake waters are also teaming with fish that brings in flocks of migratory birds to its rich waters.