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Brudenell River Provincial Park


Located in the south-eastern part of Canada, Brudenell River Provincial Park highlights the best of the natural beauty present in the picturesque but tiny Price Edward Island. The island is called PEI by the locals and its known for its lush greenery and is often referred to as the "garden of the gulf" as it lies on the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

Brudenell River Provincial Park is the largest park in PEI and offers a ton of recreational activities as well as spacious and comfortable campsites. The park is close to a marina and golf club and it offers a river beach area for campers to relax and enjoy partaking in fishing and boating activities.

A largely flat and wooded terrain offers plenty of shade and private spots for a relaxing and enjoyable camping experience with modern amenities and facilities dotted around the park grounds. PEI is sufficiently populated so you can find everything you need fairly close by.

Horse riding, hiking and biking trails offer campers plenty to do along with the many water based activities. Wifi, laundry facilities, and a friendly staff make for a luxurious and relaxing camping retreat on this beautiful island.

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Getting to Brudenell River Provincial Park is fairly easy as PEI isn't a large island and this is one of its largest parks. The drive to Price Edward Island is an amazing journey as you travel along the confederation bridge that connects the island with the province of New Brunswick. The roads leading to the island and the park itself are wide and very well-maintained. RVs, big rigs and motorhomes are all allowed inside the park thanks to its spacious sites and wide gravel roads that make for easy manoeuvring and parking.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Brudenell River Provincial Park

Campsites in Brudenell River Provincial Park

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Brudunell River Provincial Park Campground

With close to a hundred campsites available to guests, Brudenell Provincial Campground features serviced and unserviced sites that are spacious and well-maintained. Over 25 of these RV campsites offer full electric, water and sewer hookups and come equipped with picnic tables, grills, and access to nearby drinking water.

The campground is modern, clean and well-kept with nearby washrooms, showers, laundry and dump station facilities. Pets are allowed on the campground as long as they are leashed. Wifi is also available on campgrounds along with a playground area, cafe, and nearby camp store.

Both the serviced and unserviced campsites can accommodate large RVs, motor homes and even big rigs with plenty of privacy and spacious campsites. No matter what type of camping you are into Brudenell River Provincial Park can provide the experience you are after.

Seasonal activities in Brudenell River Provincial Park



Brudenell River Provincial Park offers hikers the opportunity to take advantage of the trail systems located inside this vast park area. The most popular trail is the confederation trail that runs alongside Brudenell river. The Wildflower trail is another extremely picturesque trail containing all the unique flora that are native to PEI. It is like a wild botanic garden full of color and life. One can also hike along the river beach area in search of wildlife and birds.


Brudenell River and the close-by marina offers plenty of boating opportunities for campers including kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, paddle boarding and much more. The calm river waters make for a relaxing boating experience offering breathtaking views of the surrounding woodlands, meadows, marshes and river banks. Sea kayaking and ocean-view tours can also be booked from private vendors situated close by.


Fancy a dip in cold refreshing water on a hot summer day? Brudenell River Provincial Park is the place to visit with its large public pool that offers respite from the heat. If you don't fancy swimming with a crowd than you can always dive in to the cool and calm river and lake waters. The public swimming pool always has lifeguards on duty when open that makes it safe for adults and children alike.



Brudenell River Provincial Park is the ideal spot for a day-out picnicking. The abundant flora and fauna along with plenty of modern facilities and amenities make for a memorable picnic experience with family or friends. Picnic tables, cook shelters and picnic shelters are also available at the park and are situated close to modern washrooms and shower facilities. A nearby playground also makes it a great place for children to entertain themselves while their parents get some much needed relaxation time.

Historic Sites

Prince Edward Island has a rich history and in many ways its own unique ecosystem. Brudenell island located on the river itself is connected to the river bank by a gravel bar. This tiny island has a large monument that marks an ancient Scottish burial site. Apart from historic sites the entire islands history is an amazing tale that can be all heard from the friendly staff and locals at the park.

Equestrian Trails

If you love horses and want to ride along a peaceful river side setting than drive down to Brudenell River Provincial Park to take advantage of its woodland horse riding trails. The equestrian trail is a flat well-maintained trail that makes for a fantastic riding experience amidst dense trees as well as open grasslands and marshes.