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Nestled near the breathtaking views of Brush Lake, Brush Lake State Park is an outdoor lover's paradise, featuring over 280 acres of pure white beaches, an amazing deep lake, and spectacular views. Located just outside of Dagmar, Montana, this state park is a must for your next RV excursion. You'll have countless opportunities for you and the family to explore the outdoor recreations in a unique landscape. From hiking and canoeing to swimming and birding, Brush Lake State Park offers a wide variety of outdoor fun.

The lake views of Brush Lake State Park are second-to-none. You'll love soaking in the Montana air while being surrounded by unique wildlife that roam through the park, including coyote, elk, raccoons, and beaver. Once you have parked your camper at Brush Lake State Park, you can make your way out to one of the many nature trails around the park. For birdwatchers, take a journey along Shoreline Trail West, where you are able to spot many native birds. West Access Trail is popular with those who choose to explore in a 4 x 4 vehicle, while the Shoreline Trail East is great for exploring the waters near the campground. Brush Lake State Park is a perfect RV destination no matter when you visit.

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Brush Lake State Park is easily accessible in your RV or car, with its location less than six miles from Dagmar, MT, off of S Dagmar Road. Local roads are limited in where you may go in the park, taking you to the Park Office, Camp Host, and Boat Ramp. No motorized vehicles are permitted on parts of Shoreline Trail West. Other than that, you should be able to maneuver around easily in your rig or other vehicle.


There are few options for parking RVs and trailers, with one lot located in the park. You will be able to locate spots at the picnic area. Of course, you will also be able to park at the campground should you be staying overnight.

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Brush Lake Campground

Brush Lake State Park provides 12 pet-friendly campsites available for RVs and tents on a seasonal basis. These campsites provided electric hookups. Amenities at this campground include restrooms, and drinking water, and each site offers a gravel pad, picnic table, and a grill. You will be near the hiking trails and all the adventures on the lake including boating and swimming. You may stay for up to 30 days.

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Don't forget to pack those hiking boots in your RV so that you may venture out onto one of the three available trails at Brush Lake State Park. Shoreline Trail East is less than a mile long, but is convenient for campers and provides a serene stroll by the lake. Shoreline Trail West covers almost a mile on the other side of the lake for those looking for a longer trek.


Should you have your ATV with you, head over to the one-mile Shoreline Trail West and continue on to the West Access Trail for a half-mile, cruising by the crystal clear Brush Lake and into the lavish wilderness. This is the only part of the trail system that allows motorized vehicles.


If you need to relax in the cool water after a long day of hiking or exploring, take a dip in Blue Lake. This 280-acre bright, crystal clear water lake will have you cooled off in no time. With no fishing allowed here, you will not have to worry about whether your toes will get bitten as you swim around the lake's northern edge.



Brush Lake State Park has numerous species of birds that call this park home so be sure to pack those binoculars in the RV. Some of the unique birds you may encounter here include Bald Eagles, hawks, and sparrows. Cruise down by the water to try and catch a glimpse of a duck or two.


Head over to the marina and launch that boat for a relaxing day trip out on Brush Lake. Enjoy the majestic blue water as you find yourself day dreaming about lake life. Cruise around the 280-acre lake and admire the beautiful grass fields and spring wheat that surround it. Pack a lunch and enjoy the day being lazy.

Visiting the Park Office

Should you wish to learn more about the parks history, take a short walk over to the Park Office and talk with the folks inside. Walk through the few exhibits available and when the park ranger is around, ask him or her a question or two about the park, lake, or animals that call this beautiful location home.