Buckhorn State Park
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Buckhorn State Park offers a very genuine outdoor experience with its secluded, middle-of-nowhere vibe. The scenic state park is nestled in the heart of Southern Wisconsin and offers 9000 acres of untouched, unspoiled wilderness to the adventure-seekers. Friends and family, young and old, introverts or extroverts, everyone can find a spot for themselves and their RVs in the magnificent campgrounds of Buckhorn State Park.

RV campers can go trailblazing with their dogs, hunt with their crew, or just enjoy the lake waters and natural beauty encompassed within the park . Buckhorn State Park is popular for having one of the largest man-made reservoirs. The landscape of the park is beautiful with dense green wetland forests, sand-swept dunes, and exposed prairies all within miles of each other.

The barren and sandy side of the park is said to be the result of the global Ice Age that swept the green lands away with glacial erosion. Prior to human settlement, the same Wisconsin area was home to four million acres of pine and oak trees. What remains is now is one of the most popular spots for the campers to spend the nights letting the flow of the river lull them to sleep, and endless activities keeping them pleasantly busy during the day.

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Buckhorn State Park is located between Mauston and Necedah along the Castle Rock Flowage and WI River. It would require to go some ways off the highway to get to the park. The trip will take four hours to those coming from Chicago. Since the park is on the secluded side of the town, the traffic is almost always light.

There is a number of campsites at Buckhorn State Park. The newer ones have access from the main gate, near to the park office. An asphalt path provides a level surface to the parking area and the same leveled surface continues to the restrooms and other campsites, making it extremely convenient to drive RVs and trailers to desired spots.

The RV parking spaces are also very spacious and navigating bigger vehicles around is relatively undemanding.


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Campgrounds and parking in Buckhorn State Park

Campsites in Buckhorn State Park

Reservations camping

Buckhorn State Park Family Campground

Buckhorn State Park offers three different kinds of campgrounds for different kinds of vacationers. It has a family campsite, outdoor group camp, and 50 cart-in sites as well as a sheltered cabin for people with disabilities. There are 68 campsites for families that easily accommodate larger trailers and tents. Each of the RV campsites has a picnic table and a campfire ring. Some of these campsites are relatively new and offer drive-in campsites, standard electric sites, pull through sites, shower and toilet building, and a dump station. Firewood is also available near the park office.

Buckhorn State Park also has a sheltered cabin available for reservation for people with disabilities and has all the amenities they would need in order to have a relaxing and comfortable stay.

The third campground is a group site and each one is large enough for 40 people to camp. There are gravel parking areas for RVs on these campsites. This campsite also has facilities like volleyball court and horseshoe pit and is located on the eastern side of Buckhorn State Park.

First-come first-served

Buckhorn State Park Cart-in, Backpack Campsites

Close to 50 remote sites are available for those looking for a more rugged and secluded camping experience devoid of modern amenities like electric and water hookups. These campsites are located in small clusters near the water and offer a lot in terms of privacy. Each site has a bench, picnic table, and fire ring along with portable toilets and access to drinking water available nearby. A rustic shelter is also available for day use in the backpack campsites that offers a good place to take refuge from mosquitoes and rainfall. Buckhorn State Park is open all year-round with guests able to stay for 14-days at a time within park grounds.

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The poor soil conditions and the history of the land have led the Buckhorn State Park to become home to a very large wetland flowage. This wetland lures in numbers of kayakers and small-craft boaters every year to witness the rare flora and fauna that can only be found in Buckhorn State Park. The wetland is home to some of the most endangered species such as the Karner Blue Butterfly and Ospreys.

Kayaking and boating allows visitors to spot state-threatened species and also look upon the most magnificent multicolored sunsets from their perch. For RV campers, the campsites provide a boat launch, canoe launch, and kayak launch area. Rentals are also available.


This beautiful watery expanse is home to delicious bluegill, salmon, and the famous Wisconsin trout. The locals and even state visitors come by in numbers to try and catch some of these delicious fish to grill or take back home.

RV campers can bring their own poles and tackles, or they can avail the free ones that the park offers. Fishing at Buckhorn State Park is one of the most serene experiences. The river is calm, and for the most part secluded and offers beautiful sunsets. Nothing is better for the soul than a spot of fishing in such a quiet and serene landscape.

Bird & Wildlife Watching

Buckhorn State Park is home to a number of beautiful bird, animal and plant species that are native to central Wisconsin. Buckhorn State Park's diverse landscape includes floodplain forests, prairies, savanna and dessert like areas that are home to Canada geese, muskrats, sandhill cranes, ducks, minks, otters, beavers, white-tail deer, wild turkey and even the occasional black bear. A wide variety of birds also flock to Buckhorn State Park with keener-eyed bird watchers having spotted hawks, owls and osprey hunting by the rivers and prairies. The state park also has a number of bird-blinds situated around the campsites so that you watch the birds, in their most natural habitat.


Beachside Activities

In addition to fishing and enjoying the unparalleled views of the wetlands from the boat, Buckhorn State Park is also one of the best choices for some relaxing and fun-filled beach-side activities. Young and old can pack up their RVs and enjoy the summer days relaxing by the beach area and getting that tan just right.

The park offers 300 ft. of sand beach and one can get as much privacy as they want. The beach-side campsites accommodate beach lovers with volleyball nets, horseshoe pits, picnic shelters, fire rings, and expansive recreation areas. There are also clean showers available by the beach area.


Buckhorn State Park has ten different trails, each varying in difficulty and length. Guests can choose trails that are most suited for their level of stamina and experience.

The state park lends every hiker a cart to carry all their gear. All these trails are very secluded and peaceful, allowing hikers to bask in the beauty of the river and the beautiful wetland forests around them. Most trails are easy and well-marked so that even small kids can easily follow the well-groomed trails. The trails are long enough to feel adventurous, but not to a point where it becomes difficult to pull that cart all the way to the end.


Buckhorn State Park has one of the most picturesque crushed rock paths for mountain biking enthusiast. This path winds through the woods for more than half a mile over challenging terrain that keeps bikers on their toes as they feel the rush of the wind blowing past the vast open landscape. Mountain bikers can speed across this short trail and enjoy the scenic landscape that rushes by them occasionally stopping for a break as the same path can also be used for walking near the water.