Buffalo to New York Road Trip Guide


Buffalo is the second-largest city in New York State. It is surrounded by some stunning natural attractions and these include Niagara Falls and the Zoar Valley. Sometimes referred to as Queen City because of its size in comparison to New York, it is also known under the name of City of Lights. This name was derived from the fact that the city was among the first in the country to install electric street lighting. The power supply was generated via the mighty Niagara Falls.

The famed American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, designed many buildings in this city, seven of which remain standing today. On a slightly less grand scale, renowned Buffalo wings were created as a late-night snack by Teressa Bellissimo in 1964. The chicken wing snacks were intended to feed her hungry son and his friends. They have now gone on to feature on menus all over the world.

From Buffalo, you will visit Niagara Falls and then a toy and game exhibit for kids of all ages in Rochester. From there you head to Binghamton to see one of the oldest zoos in the United States. You finish this adventure in New York after another interesting stop in Scranton.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 2-3 days
Recommend rig: motorhome
audience: family

Point of Interest

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls are less than a half-hour from Buffalo and if you haven’t yet paid a visit to the most famous waterfall in the world then this is an ideal time to do so. The falls themselves are situated in the state park bearing the same name and which is the oldest park in the United States.

There is more than simply a view to admire here. There are boat rides and walks, suspended Aerocar journeys, and vistas from both above and below the falls. Niagara Falls consists of three separate, but connected waterfalls. The first is the Horseshoe Falls, then the Bridal Veil Falls, and finally the American Falls.

The source of all of this dramatically flowing water comes from four great lakes, and together they supply the 5.5 billion gallons of water that tumble so impressively into the Niagara River every hour.

A fun fact the kids might enjoy, is that fish that get washed over the falls don’t usually die because their fall is cushioned by air bubbles in the churned-up cauldron below.

Campark RV Resort

Campark RV Resort has all you will need to camp comfortably as well as plenty to keep the kids entertained. There are bikes for hire, a mini-golf course, and that essential heated swimming pool.

Twice a day the kids can hop onto the musical hayride which tours the park, but there is also an escape room and an enormous bouncy pillow to keep them occupied and give you a few minutes of downtime. At night, the family might enjoy the outdoor cinema where you can watch a movie while relaxing beneath the stars.

Although you will be crossing into Canada to get to this RV Park you will still be only a few minutes from the falls. One of the big advantages of this particular site is that it is on the Wego bus route, meaning you can hop onto the bus and be transported to all the major attractions without the hassle of having to find parking.

Strong National Museum of Play

A little under an hour and a half drive from Niagara brings you to Rochester which is home to the famous Strong National Museum of Play. Established in 1969, this fascinating museum has been developed from a huge collection of toys and dolls that was built up by Margaret Woodbury Strong over the course of a lifetime.

When she died she left her entire estate and collection for the purpose of creating this museum. The building covers a whopping 160 000 square feet containing a vast array of different collections. These include toys, video games, dolls, electronic games, and the original mobile games. The library of comics alone holds 215 000 magazines and books.

The exhibits are going to thrill smaller children and they include a miniature supermarket where kids can push their tiny trolleys through miniature aisles and purchase mini items in a role play that is both fun and educational. In the digital aquarium, they can draw fish which will later appear swimming through this make-believe subsea wonder world.

Ross Park Zoo

One hundred and fifty-nine miles of easy driving will bring you to Binghamton which houses one of the oldest zoos in the country. Ross Park Zoo started in 1875, making it the fifth oldest zoo in the United States.

This huge animal sanctuary covers ninety acres and offers a wealth of opportunity to see and learn about its residents. The zoo declares that it is dedicated to promoting stewardship of wildlife and the natural world. Exhibits include birds of prey, red pandas, red wolves, and even a lazy two-toed sloth.

In another exhibit, entitled Africa Waters, they can watch otters and penguins performing their amusing antics and throughout the park, there are keepers who will provide more information on the animals that they look after.

Just a few minutes’ walk from the zoo is an original 1920s wood-carved carousel which can be viewed for free. This classic ride has sixty carved horses and the original band organ.

Steam Town National Historic Site

Scranton is only one hour and twenty minutes drive away and it is a must for lovers of steam-powered trains and locomotives. In its past, Scranton was served by no fewer than five different railways which explain its passion for the train.

Steam Town National Historic Site is an impressive example of a working rail yard that has been kept open for the enjoyment of rail enthusiasts. It covers forty acres and includes a functioning turntable. There you will be able to enjoy exhibits about the history of rail travel in the country, examples of what life was like for both workers and passengers, and learn more about the evolution of trains themselves.

On the trains, you can experience a bygone mode of travel and see railcars, mail cars, dining cars, and sleeping cars. Also available are rides on an old steam train that will really bring to life a mode of transport that was so important to the development of the country.


New York lies another two hours away and here your adventure can continue as you take in the many delights that the Big Apple has to offer. The city is one of the world’s major financial hubs, but it also contains a number of fabulous parks, museums, and art galleries.

A boat ride around the Statue of Liberty is something that kids will remember for life and a trip to Coney Island will provide them with plenty of fun rides and beach activities.

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