Burton Island State Park
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Located within Lake Champlain, this island rests off the south western tip of St. Albans. This lovely 253-acre island park offers a tranquil haven from the world in which to enjoy nature and a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities. Visitors to Burton Island State Park will find the park a serene space to hike, swim, boat, explore, and camp.

Access to the island is achieved only using a boat. Guests wishing to visit the island park can bring a boat and dock at the marina located on the island or they can take the ferry from Kamp Kill Kare State Park. Those wishing to extend their stay over night will find a few choices available to them. There are three cabins for rent within the park. These cabins are available for six guests. However, there are only beds for four. So, if you choose to book a cabin for six, two of you will need to be willing to sleep on the floor. For guests wishing to camp, there are two further options. The park maintains 14 tent sites and 26 sites with lean-tos. The lean-to sites located on the lake shore come highly recommended. Guests will also find four remote tent sites available to them. Please, be mindful that anything you pack for your camping trip will have to be brought over by boat. The ferry does offer help with equipment for a fee.

Whether you plan to stay the night or have simply come for the day, guests Burton Island State Park will find the experience highly relaxing. There are no cars allowed on the island making it exceptionally serene. Guests will find five hiking trails available to them. One trail, Southern Tip Trail, also allows bicycles on the trail.

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The park's address is:

2714 Hathaway Point Rd.

St. Albans, VT 05481

Guests to Burton Island State Park can not drive to this island park. The park may be reached by boat. Guests will find a ferry that runs from Kamp Kill Kare State Park as well as parking. Guests traveling from St. Albans City will head north on S. Main St and turn left onto VT-36/Lake St. After approximately two miles, guests will turn right onto VT- 36. In approximately one mile, guests will make a left turn onto Hathaway Point Rd. Guests will find their destination on the right.


Guests wishing to visit Burton Island State Park will find parking available for them at Kamp Kill Kare Park (directions above). This is where they will find a ferry to take them to the island park.

Public Transportation

Guests to Burton Island State Park will find a ferry that makes scheduled trips to the park at Kamp Kill Kare Park. Aside from a private boat, this is the only way to access the park.

Campgrounds and parking in Burton Island State Park

Campsites in Burton Island State Park

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Burton Island State Park

Guests to lovely 253-acre Burton Island State Park, located in Lake Champlain, will revel in the serenity afforded them on this charming island park. With no traffic, the island provides a tranquility rarely found in the modern world. Visitors to the park will find many outdoor adventures awaiting them. The park maintains a sandy swimming beach with a small dock, a full-service marina, several hiking trails, a biking trail, and a variety of lodging options.

Those choosing to extent their island stay into the evening will find three cabins and several camping options available to them.

Guests choosing to stay in a cabin will find a set of bunk beds and a futon in each cabin. Although the space can house up to six people, this is understood to be with two people sleeping on the floor. Each cabin is furnished with only four chairs as well. Bathrooms are not part of the cabin but bathrooms with hot showers can be located near the marina. Camping options include tent sites as well as sites with a lean-to. The water side lean-to sites come highly recommended, and guests will want to reserve these sites well in advance as they go quickly. Guests should note that the island can only be reached by boat. Many guests take the ferry to the island. So, be mindful when packing for your island vacation that your gear will have to be taken to the island by boat. The local ferry will help with deliver of your gear for a fee.

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Although guests to Burton Island State Park will be motivated to travel light, you will want to make sure you pack your sunscreen and swimsuits. The park maintains a sandy swim beach with a small dock. Of course, guests traveling with their own boat may also wish to swim from the boat and guests will find many lovely spots that invite them to rest a moment and enjoy the water. Aside from the swimming beach, most of the shore features a rocky bank with scattered vegetation.


Guests to Burton Island State Park will find this an ideal space to enjoy boating. Whether your idea of a great time spent on the lake is a gentle paddle around the shore line or a pontoon boat filled with friends, the park can support your needs. Guests with private boats, will find a marina located within the park where they can dock. Canoes and kayaks are available to rent for those arriving without their own.

Kamp Kill Kare State Park

Guests visiting Burton Island State Park will want to explore Kamp Kill Kare State Park while waiting for their ferry ride. This park began life as a summer boy’s camp in 1912. The park maintains the lovely Rocky Point House, built in the 1870’s as a resort hotel, as a museum. In the intervening years, the house provided housing for some of the summer campers. This stunning three-story structure educates guests on the history of the surrounding area. Guests who take the time to explore Kamp Kill Kare State Park will also find space for swimming, boating, and picnicking.



As one would expect of an island park, there is great fishing available to guests to Burton Island State Park. Located in Lake Champlain the park is an ideal space to relax and cast a line. Guests to Burton Island State Park don’t even have to pack their gear. The park participates in the Reel Fun Program. This program offers the loan of rods, reels, line, and tackle. Guests will also find guides to Vermont fishing available to them. Those wishing to fish from the body of the lake, will also find rowboats, kayaks, and pedal boats available for rent. Native fish include bass, pike, carp, blue gill, and crappie.


Guests to Burton Island State Park will want to pack their hiking shoes to take advantage of all the exploring available to them on this tranquil 253-acre island park. Guests will find five interconnecting trails available to them. The trails are fairly easy and mostly flat. Guests will find that the West Shore Trail, Eagle Bay Trail, North Shore Trail, Southern Tip Trail, and Island Farm Nature Trail offer them a variety of options and combined give then a thorough understanding of the island. Guests should be mindful of wildlife that nest here. The Island Farm Nature Trail is a self-guided interpretative trail with eleven sites of interest. Guests can find a guide that will provide them with educational information on the island and its terrain as well as history of the space.

Saint Albans' Museum

When you find yourself needing a break from the solitude of Burton Island State Park, you will want to spend some time exploring the nearby Saint Albans' Museum. Opened Wed-Fri from 11 am to 4 pm and Saturdays from 10-2, this museum invites guests to the area to explore what makes Saint Albans unique. The town originated as a railroad boom town, and as such the museum pays homage to the railroad among as well as other aspects of local history. Guests to the museum are invited to explore a century old train waiting room complete with an antique ticket office. Other exhibits educate guests on agricultural life in Vermont and the history of medical car in this area. Guests are also welcome to explore the museum’s historic classroom and learn about education throughout the years.