Butler Fair

The small town of Prospect comes alive in summer with nine days of fun at the Big Butler Fair. Could it be time for an RV road trip to Pennsylvania?

Event information

If you want to be a part of something big and exciting, then make your way to Western Pennsylvania, home of one of the best fairs in the country. The Big Butler Fair at 1127 New Castle Rd, Prospect, has been an event that locals have looked forward to every year since 1855. It now brings not only local families to the Big Butler Fairgrounds, but those from Ohio, New York, West Virginia, and further afield.

From its humble beginnings all those years ago, it’s now the largest fair in Western Pennsylvania and brings 100,000 to Prospect over the nine days. It also encompasses the Fourth of July with exciting celebrations and fireworks to enjoy.

There’s also so much more to this fair than meets the eye. In the past, it has played host to demolition derbies, truck pulls, and standout musicians as well. If you plan on driving your RV to Pennsylvania, the fairgrounds can host you comfortably as well.

From standout events, shopping opportunities and competitions through to displays, exhibitions, and midway games, there are 101 reasons why the Big Butler Fair is a must-attend event. It might be time to organize your tickets, load your RV, and hit the road for the picturesque and park-like setting of Prospect, Pennsylvania.


You will be pleased to know that purchasing your tickets for the Big Butler Fair in Prospect is a breeze. You can either be the early bird and buy them online, or wait until you reach the gate and pay with cash. Some discounts may apply if you buy them in advance.

Children, in the past, have been free if they’re under six, and there are price variances if you attend before or after 4 pm. Fair rides and special events are an additional cost on top of admission. You can visit www.bigbutlerfair.com for current ticket pricing.

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If your idea of a good time is driving through beautiful landscapes, then you’re heading in the right direction by attending the Big Butler Fair. There are lovely pastures and farms for as far as the eye can see, broken only by the small townships dotted along the way. Motorists can reach the fairgrounds by way of the Benjamin Franklin Highway (422), merging from Pittsburgh Road or Chicora Road. Enter 1127 New Castle Rd, Prospect, PA 16052 into your GPS, and enjoy the drive.

Parking areas

Upon entering the Big Butler Fairgrounds, you may quickly find a parking spot for your RV. If you seek day parking, you’ll find it at the East, Main, and West Gate. The Main and West gates are off Highway 422. If you have managed to secure onsite accommodation in advance, you can park your RV in the small camping area by the East Gate. Day parking, in the past, hasn’t cost a dime.

Public Transportation

If you don’t happen to secure an RV camping spot successfully, then you may need to think about a way to get from your accommodation to the fairgrounds daily. Fortunately, you can take advantage of the public bus routes that run daily through Prospect. Otherwise, you may be able to rideshare or secure a camping spot within walking distance of the grounds.

Where to stay


Onsite camping is exceptionally limited, with priority given to vendors. If you manage to park near the East Gate for the nine days, hookups are not available either. You may only get water service, which means you’ll need to be reasonably self-sufficient. The confined space also means you may not be able to spread out much at your campsite.


RV camping spots will be in hot demand over the summer months, so you’ll need to book months in advance to secure one for the fair. There are a few campgrounds within a 10-mile radius of the fairgrounds, close enough to be conveniently placed. However, you’ll need to arrange transport to and from the fairgrounds, either with a private ride service or public transportation or plan to park in day lots upon arrival each day.

Getting around

Getting around both Prospect and the Big Butler Fairgrounds won’t be any problem for RV-goers in the area. Once you’re at the fairgrounds, you can quickly navigate the site on foot without any issues. If you start to feel a little tired, you’re welcome to sit down and take a rest or even bring your own chair.

What to pack


It’s often a mixed bag of weather when you visit Prospect, PA. While you’ll be feeling the heat of the summer, you may also find yourself amongst some stormy weather as well. Pack to the conditions. Bring light, summery attire, but pair it with a rain jacket (just in case). Comfortable, waterproof footwear wouldn’t go astray either.


The Big Butler Fair is as family-friendly as they get. You can bring chairs and blankets to enjoy the daily entertainment, but no coolers with alcoholic beverages. You can, however, purchase these from specific areas in the fairgrounds. Sealed, clear water bottles are also okay to bring, but leave your pets with adult supervision back at the RV. There are also ATMs onsite for convenient cash withdrawal.

Health & Safety

With nine days of action, you’ll want to prepare yourself for any eventuality. Bring medical supplies and prescription medication you might need for each day and the entire event. It also wouldn’t hurt to stock up on sunshine supplies such as a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and bug spray to keep away those pesky critters! Even with the occasional thunderstorm, Prospect turns on the sunshine, so you’ll need plenty of water as well.

Where to eat


Rules surrounding camp cooking can differ depending on where you stay. You may find that during summer, open fires are discouraged or even banned. If you’re in doubt, ask a manager or official who can let you know the rules and regulations. You can’t cook without ingredients though, so make sure you stock up at the fairground market or take the 15-minute drive into Greenwood Village to zip around the grocery store.


Prospect is a small town with a little over 1,000 people, which means their dining options are limited. You can treat yourself to pizza or diner fare within a short walk of the fairgrounds, or travel a little further out to other areas. A short 20-minute trip in your RV will provide you with many more family-friendly dining establishments.


If you don’t feel like traveling, then you’ll find everything you need at the Big Butler Fair. There are dozens of vendors in the center of the fairgrounds with delicious food to try. Whether you want to treat yourself to something sweet or savory, you’ll get your wish. Remember to withdraw cash from the ATMs to ensure you have the correct payment method when your tastebuds find something interesting.



There will be security on all three of the gates: West, Main, and East. Big Butler Fair security officials will allow camping chairs and blankets but may ask to check your bags. They will also turn anyone away with a pet other than a service dog. Leave your coolers and alcohol back at your RV and purchase it on site instead.


Weather conditions in Prospect, Pennsylvania, can be tricky over summer. While the temperatures are sky high, it’s also not uncommon for stormy fronts to form, bringing with them lightning and thunder. You may feel the need to ventilate your RV during the day, but make sure you’re prepared for any rain. At night, you’ll also need to make sure everything is inside your RV to stop it from getting wet. In extreme weather conditions, some fair events may be postponed or canceled.


If you happen to cut, scrape, or burn yourself while at the fair, there will be medical personnel on site to lend a helping hand. There is a signposted first aid area near the grandstand and public bathrooms. For any severe medical events, call 9-11 or make your way to the Medical Center around ten miles away in Butler.