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Cabot Beach Provincial Park


Cabot Beach Provincial Park is the largest outdoor park in the western part of Prince Edward Island and features a large playground, activity center, and beach area for campers and guests alike to enjoy the cool water and beautiful scenery around Malpeque Bay. The Fanning School that was built here in 1794 still stands today (fully restored) and is now a part of the Cabot Beach day-use area.

Cabot Beach Provincial Park lies 16 km North of Kensington, PEI and offers plenty in terms of recreational activities to all those who visit these park grounds. The beach area is easily accessible from the campground and the park has several amenities and facilities like washrooms, showers, kitchen shelter, picnic tables, laundromat, dumping station and full-service campsites to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable beach-side picnic or camping adventure.

The beautiful sandy beach is the main attraction of Cabot Beach Provincial Area and during low tide you can explore the beach surroundings and see natural sandstone structures carved from centuries of erosion. These red cliffs melting into the Gulf of St. Laurence are a sight to behold and plenty of obscure coves around the beach make for some truly rewarding and entertaining beach exploring. The beach area is kept meticulously clean and you can swim, hike or relax by the beach looking out at the fishing boats and vast open skies while enjoying the cool ocean breeze. Bring your pets and friends along for a beach camping adventure like no other!

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Cabot Beach Provincial Park is located 16 km north of Kensington, PEI and overlooks the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Getting to the park is fairly straight forward and it is only a short drive away from Confederation Bridge. The inner roads leading to the park are in a bit of a rough shape and once inside there are no paved or gravel spots, just large grassy areas to park and camp.


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Campgrounds and parking in Cabot Beach Provincial Park

Campsites in Cabot Beach Provincial Park

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Cabot Beach Provincial Park Campground

The campground at Cabot Beach Provincial Park is one large open grass field dotted with picnic tables, fire pits and campsite markings. Over 170 campsites are available for tent and RV camping. 105 of these campsites are unserviced while the rest offer electric, water and sewage hookups. The campground has modern washrooms, hot showers, a laundromat, kitchen shelter, and a nearby camp store where one can purchase firewood and other necessities. WiFi is also available at the campground and pets are permitted as long as they are on a leash. Some campsites are more wooded than others and offer better shade and privacy. To get that perfect camping spot always book campsites well in advance.

Seasonal activities in Cabot Beach Provincial Park


Beach Exploration

Although they are no official trails for hiking, the immense sandy beach offers plenty of trekking opportunities for those wanting to explore the beach front and gaze out at the surrounding red cliffs when the tides are low. One can enjoy a relaxing walk along the beach enjoying the cooling sea breeze and oceanic view of fishing boats out in the distant waters. Collect sea shells or explore coves as you hike along this pristine sandy beach.


Cabot Beach Provincial Park offers the perfect opportunity to cool off during the summer months by taking a dive in the cool waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Lifeguards are on duty during the day and the waters are relatively shallow and sandy with not a rock in sight. It'ss safe for even children to swim here, especially during low tide.

Activity Center

The beach front offers plenty in terms of sports and recreational activities. A playground area is also a great place for children to have fun while you enjoy a bit of volleyball, softball and soccer at the activity center or on the sandy beach. The vast open beach area is perfect for a game of catch or Ultimate Frisbee. The soft sand offers plenty of protection against scrapes and burns as you dive and fall making those spectacular plays. They are also several children programs offered at the activity center.



A soft sandy beach is the perfect spot for a family picnic. Bring your snacks, towels, chairs, and umbrellas and enjoy the beautiful sandy beach while you tan and relax on a beautiful sunny day. Plenty of picnic tables are available for use around the beach area, with close-by washrooms and hot showers if you fancy a swim. WiFi is also available around the beach area and pets are allowed, which make it a must-visit place for anyone visiting this beautiful island.


Some of the best pictures are often taken by the beach and Cabot Beach Provincial Park is no exception. The simply breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, golden sand beaches, and red sand cliffs make for some truly amazing pictures. There's also plenty of coves, waves and wildlife that live along the beach front. Photographers will truly enjoy the uninterrupted views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the distant fishing boats floating on these rich waters.

Seafood Restaurants

Fancy a seafood dinner during your stay at Cabot Beach Provincial Park? Even though you can't fish in the park, PEI is famous for its abundant and delicious tasting seafood that offers visitors a chance to experience a fresh and exotic seafood dinner experience. Restaurants in PEI serve and sell local seafood caught by the island fisherman that specialize in catching a variety of shellfish including oysters, lobsters, mussels and scallops that are simply too fresh and delicious to pass up.