Cabwaylingo State Forest
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Cabwaylingo State Forest is a large state forest found within southern West Virginia. It spans over 8,000 acres and got its name from the counties that surround it: Cabel, Wayne, Lincoln, and Mingo. It has a rich history as being one of the earliest state parks established in the state of West Virginia.

You'll find plenty of activities to take part in while you're visiting Cabwaylingo State Forest. You can fish for trout or go hunting, if the season permits. While you're in the state forest, you can enjoy biking on numerous trails. There's also plenty of hiking to be had throughout the year, with nine miles of trails. As a historic feature, you can see the overhanging rocky cliffs that once provided shelter for early settlers. It's a unique sight to see when you're hiking and camping.

You'll be able to pick from several campsites when you bring your rig to come camping in Cabwaylingo State Forest. Tick Ridge Campground has several primitive sites, while the Spruce Creek Campground has hookups for your RV or camping trailer.

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Cabwaylingo State Forest is located in Dunlow, West Virginia, and is found off of Cabwaylingo Park Road. It is in the southern region of the state and is surrounded by several counties, including Mingo, Lincoln, Wayne, and Cabel. You'll want to drive to the area carefully as the surrounding areas contain rocky cliffs that at one time provided shelter to early settlers. You can always check out the nearby towns for something different to do, such as exploring the Huntington Museum of Art, which also has trails and a conservatory.

You'll find two campgrounds at Cabwaylingo State Forest. As with other West Virginia campgrounds, you can park up to two vehicles at each campsite. There is a larger parking area available for the group camping site that the forest also has.

Bicycles are allowed within Cabwaylingo State Forest, so make sure you bring your bike to explore the trails with. Per West Virginia state law, anyone under the age of 15 must wear a helmet when riding their bikes.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Cabwaylingo State Forest

Campsites in Cabwaylingo State Forest

Reservations camping

The Tick Ridge Campground

This site contains eight different campsites for you to enjoy while you are camping at Cabwaylingo State Forest. Each of these sites is considered rustic or primitive and does not contain any hookups. There are nearby shower and toilet facilities in the park that you can utilize when camping at this site. The campground is open from April to October, and reservations are accepted between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Without prior approval, you can stay up to fourteen days at any one site.

The Spruce Creek Campground

This campground features a total of 11 sites. Of these, six have electrical and water hookups. The other five sites are considered rustic or primitive sites. There are nearby shower facilities that you can use when you are at the campground, and you'll also find nearby toilet facilities in the park as well. The campground is open between the months of April and October. It is open for reservations between Memorial Day and Labor Day. You can bring your RV, camping trailer, or tent to utilize these sites.

First-come first-served

The Tick Ridge Campground

This campground is open for first-come, first-serve availability between April 1st and Memorial Day and between Labor Day and October 31st. These sites do not have any hookups available.

The Spruce Creek Campground

This campground has 11 sites available from April through October. The sites are open for first-come, first-served between April 1st and Memorial Day, as well as Labor Day and October 31st. Outside of these times, reservations are accepted.

Alternate camping

Cabwaylingo State Forest Group Campground

The state forest has an unnamed group campground that has room for 100 people. It is a fully equipped site, so you don't have to worry about bringing any gear. It is open between the first weekend in May and October 31st, and reservations are strongly recommended. You can bring your group for a retreat or special family reunion.

Seasonal activities in Cabwaylingo State Forest



When you come to Cabwaylingo State Forest, make sure to bring your equipment in your rig for hunting. This state park has over 8,100 acres that you can hunt on when the season is appropriate. Make sure you come with the right license, which you can apply for online before your trip. Hunt for a variety of animals, from deer to smaller animals such as squirrels and rabbits. You are sure to find what you're looking for if you come to hunt in this state park.


When you come to Cabwaylingo State Forest, make sure you bring your fishing gear in your trailer. The park does not have boat rentals, so you will be fishing from the sidelines. That shouldn't be a problem as you should find the fishing plentiful. The West Fork of Twelvepole Creek gets restocked during the season with fresh trout for you to fish, between February and May. Make sure you come prepared with your fishing license so you can get started as soon as you make camp.

Outdoor Sports

You'll find plenty of outdoor activities to take part in when you camp at Cabwaylingo State Forest. If you come with friends or family, be prepared to compete to see who is the best. There is a basketball court as well as volleyball courts at the park, and you can rent equipment for a fee to use on the courts, if you do not bring your own gear in your RV. Nearby, you can enjoy the picnic shelter to cool off and grab a bite once your game is done.



Cabwaylingo State Forest has several trail options for you to explore when you come to visit the area. The trails extend between one and three miles each, and you will have to share the trails with bikers. Enjoy the view of native flora and fauna, and make sure you hike to check out the overhanging rock cliffs that early settlers used as a shelter when they arrived in the area. The trails range in difficulty from easy to difficult.


Bring your bicycle when you come to Cabwaylingo State Forest and get ready to hit the trails. You'll find a range of difficulty on the nine miles of trails, from easy to difficult. They include paths such as Spruce Creek Trail and Ash Branch Trail. Because hunting is allowed in the park, you will want to be prepared with bright outerwear, such as orange trail blazers. You can pick up a map when you arrive to navigate the trails.


When you're camping with your camping trailer at Cabwaylingo State Forest, come prepared with snacks to enjoy a picnic with. The park has the Crum - Morgan picnic shelter that you can utilize, and there are several other shelters in the area that include fireplaces, as well as nearby playground equipment. You'll also find conveniently located toilet facilities and drinking water fountains while you're enjoying a picnic. Enjoy a game of volleyball before you sit down with your group and break bread together.