Cache Creek Wilderness


Cache Creek Wilderness has nearly 28,000 acres of scenic land that is managed by the Bureau of Land Management in the deserts of California. There are plenty of entertaining activities that the whole family will enjoy when visiting Cache Creek Wilderness at any time of the year. Activities like horseback riding, white water rafting, hunting, hiking, and more. You will find everything from grassy hills to forested valleys there. You can also see views of massive mountains in the not-to-far-off distance.
The Sacramento River runs right through Cache Creek Wilderness, which is perfect for fishing or cooling off during the hot summer weather in California. There are steep canyon walls that will leave you in awe, as well as rare animals such as the endemic tule elk. You may even spot a bald eagle or two if you're visiting during autumn.
The elevation around Cache Creek Wilderness ranges from 750 feet above sea level to over 3,000 feet. This is excellent news for those who enjoy rock climbing or hiking. There are a handful of comfortable camping areas nearby where you can rest your head and look at the stars after sundown.

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Getting to Cache Creek Wilderness is an easy journey. There are paved roads throughout the drive, along with plenty of brown road signs leading you to the entrance. You'll be able to get to Cache Creek Wilderness by taking State Highway 20 if you're coming from Williams, California or State Highway 16 if you're coming from around Rumsey, California. Interstate 5 is an easy way for the majority of visitors to reach Cache Creek Wilderness.

It may be best to take a look at the weather before your trip and check for road closures online. This can prevent added stress during your trip if you were to encounter a detour unknowingly. You won't have to expect too many sharp turns or difficult terrain on the way there.

If you're flying into California, consider landing at the Los Angeles airport. It is the closest large airport near Cache Creek Wilderness. This area is far enough away from busy highways and city life that you can feel at peace and enjoy being surrounded by nature.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Cache Creek Wilderness

Campsites in Cache Creek Wilderness

Reservations camping

Clear Lake State Park

Clear Lake State Park is not far from Cache Creek Wilderness. There you will find over 140 developed campsites, including two group campsites. These campsites are writhing four different campgrounds, including Cole Creek, Lower Bayview, Kelsey Creek, and Upper Bayview. All four campgrounds have the same amenities and requirements for campers.
There are several activities to do while camping here, including swimming and spending time out on the water. When it comes to RVs, there is a maximum length of 35 feet. You will not find any electrical or water hookups while camping here. The campground is open year-round and offers partially shaded campsites.
You'll find picnic tables and fire rings available at each campsite. Uniquely, each campsite also has a useful storage box to keep it fresh and away from wildlife. You will find modern restrooms available that have a flushable toilet as well as pay showers. Campsites are available by reservation, up to six months in advance.

First-come first-served

Deer Valley Campground

Deer Valley Campground has 13 campsites available on a first-come, first-served basis. This campground is located at an elevation of 3,700 feet above sea level. It is open year-round, and there are tons of fun activities the whole family will enjoy. It isn't too far from Cache Creek Wilderness and makes a perfect weekend getaway.
From mid-September through mid-May OHV are allowed in permitted areas. There are also plenty of mountain biking trails and picnic spots to take advantage of. There are picnic tables and fire rings allowed at each campsite. It is considered dry camping, meaning you must bring your own water.
To preserve the area, please take all garbage with you as there are no garbage services provided. Campers can stay up to two weeks at a time. There is one toilet for the entire campground. RVs and trailers are more than welcome, but it may be important to note that there are no hookups available.

Middle Creek Campground

At Middle Creek Campground, you will find 23 peaceful campsites available for tents and RVs. The number of guests per site is up to the camper, but there is a limit of two vehicles per site. There are picnic tables, grills, and fire rings available at each campsite. There is also potable water available along with vault toilets.
RV campers need to know that RVs that park here must be 30 feet or less in length. Visiting here, you will be able to take part in several outdoor activities to get your body moving. Some of the more popular activities are biking, hiking, horseback riding, fishing, and boating.
Campsites are available to visitors on a first-come, first-served basis. The campground is conveniently open year-round. You will be surrounded by the beautiful sights of towering mountains and huge trees to keep you comfortable in the shade during the hot summer months.

Seasonal activities in Cache Creek Wilderness



If you're looking to stretch your legs and enjoy a hike when visiting Cache Creek Wilderness, there are five hiking trails available. It doesn't matter if you live a sedentary or active life, there is a trail for you! The more moderate trails range from six to 12 miles long.

They also range a bit in elevation, from just under 1,000 feet above sea level to just over 2,200 feet. Don't forget to pack your hiking boots and nordic walking sticks when you're packing the RV to visit Cache Creek Wilderness.


If you enjoy hunting in your free time, this is one of the more popular activities visitors enjoy when visiting Cache Creek Wilderness. This area does not require locals and visitors to own a hunting pass for entry.

You may see a wide variety of different animals to hunt including deer, black bear, rabbits, wild pig, elk, quail, pigeons, and even doves. You are required to bring your own hunting weapons and the proper safety gear.


If you're visiting Cache Creek Wilderness in the heat of the summer, there are plenty of fun water sports for the entire family to enjoy. You can go swimming in nearby rivers or the creek itself. It is important to note that there is no lifeguard on duty and that you are swimming at your own risk.

In addition to taking a dip, you can brave the waters and go white water rafting! You do have to bring your own equipment to enjoy this adventurous sport.


Wildlife Viewing

Believe it or not, Cache Creek Wilderness has quite a variety of wildlife, including some rare animals. You might get the opportunity to see a bald eagle or even an endemic tule elk during your visit.

There are also plenty of common animals to see such as black bears, elk, deer, and coyotes. Bring a pair of binoculars to see a variety of different birds as well! Be sure to leave animals alone and do not approach them in their natural habitat.


If you're looking to get off your feet and still get an adrenaline rush, you can bring your off-highway vehicle, or OHV, to Cache Creek Wilderness. There is a nearly 12 ½ mile-long loop trail that riders love to enjoy in the area. This gives you an opportunity to see nature in a whole new way. It is important that you make sure you're driving on approved terrain to avoid getting a fine or ticket.

Horseback Riding

If you enjoy spending time with horses and want a relaxing way to travel around Cache Creek Wilderness, consider taking a horseback ride on the nearly 10-mile long trail. This trail loops around the area and is well-maintained for yours and your horse's safety.

There are no horses available to ride for visitors, you must bring your own animal friends when it comes to horseback riding. Since this area is near the desert, please avoid horseback riding when the weather is extremely hot.