Cajun Heartland State Fair

Start your summer holiday with a bang by heading to the Cajun Heartland State Fair. This 11-day event is one that brings over 170,000 people yearly.

Event information

The Cajun Heartland State Fair is an event that’s held in conjunction with The Cajundome & Convention Center and North American Midway Entertainment. With a professional image and an action-packed schedule, this fair brings crowds of over 170,000 people annually and has done so for several years.

It is located at the Cajundome & Convention Center at 444 Cajundome Boulevard, Lafayette in Louisiana and is not a fair you want to miss. It runs over 11 days in a well-established facility and has an exciting entertainment line up and fabulous fair rides to seal the deal.

As soon as you park your RV nearby and head into the fairgrounds, your mouth will open in awe. There are free attractions, family-oriented games, and an eclectic mix of displays, vendors, and enjoyment for all ages. The organizers know how to put on a show, that’s for sure!

This well-run event appeals to families, individuals, and couples alike. Great Aunt Edna can enter her famous jam, while the kids can take advantage of all the unique rides. What’s more, the Southern Louisiana City of Lafayette comes alive with plenty of accommodation offerings and shopping opportunities with your name on them.

Say goodbye to spring and hello to summer with the Cajun Heartland State Fair. You will be pleased you made the journey.


In the past, admission to the fair has been a mere few dollars for each person. If you’re after affordable entertainment for the whole family, then this event delivers. You can also buy ride tickets and wristbands to ensure you get the full fair experience. You can purchase these at the gate or by visiting the organizer’s website before the event.

It’s important to note that if you leave the arena, you may not be able to re-enter unless you have an unused ticket for the Cajun Heartland State Fair.

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If you know Louisiana like the back of your hand, then you will have no problem navigating your way to the Cajundome. However, even if you don’t, you’ll be impressed with how easy it is to get there. The Cajundome & Convention Center is centrally located in Lafayette between New Orleans and Houston, Texas on I-10. If you follow the interstate, it’s just under three miles off of it. Since much of your route is likely to be along the major highways, traveling in your RV is likely to be enjoyable and fairly straightforward with few major curves.

Parking areas

In the past, parking has been free at Cajun Field for the fair. The field is adjacent to Cajundome and runs along Reinhardt Drive and W. Congress Street. If you enter the event venue by Gate 9C, there are often RV day parking spaces. However, it may be easier if you find on-street parking in the area or get to Cajun Field bright and early. Alternatively, you could park at your accommodation and use public transport services to get to the event center.

Public Transportation

In past years, there have been shuttles on offer throughout Lafayette to take you to and from the fair. However, these are not guaranteed. If you establish your RV site for an extended stay at a nearby resort, some buses run regular routes along Cajundome Boulevard. Alternatively, you can utilize private ride services. There is a guest, limo, and taxi drop-off point at the south end of the arena from Reinhardt Street.

Where to stay


The Cajundome & Convention Center does not provide camping facilities, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy 11 days of fair action. There are many different RV camping facilities within a short drive of the event site, including a couple of beautiful resorts within 20 miles. No matter where you stay, you’ll be blessed with a comfortable sleeping arrangement and ample public transport opportunities.


The central location of Cajundome means there are plenty of accommodation options surrounding the fairgrounds. RV resorts and campgrounds in the area will all be happy to welcome you for the fair. To get your first pick, book in advance. Facilities and services may differ, depending on where you stay. Ask your host about public transportation from your location to the fairgrounds.

Getting around

The compact size of the fairgrounds means you don’t need to worry about wheeled transport. Golf carts, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, and other modes of transportation are not necessary. Much of what you need to see, do, and experience is within a short walking distance. Wheelchair escorts are offered and best reserved before arrival if possible.

What to pack


As spring turns into summer, you’ll see more of a need to get your shorts and t-shirts out in Louisiana. Swap your winter woollies for breathable layers. Wear light colors that don’t attract the sun, and pair them with comfortable footwear. Don’t forget your sunhat either, for you’ll need it in the tropical paradise of Lafayette.


The less you take to the Cajun Heartland State Fair, the better. After all, who wants to lug around a heavy bag all day? As fair-goers have to abide by the Cajundome’s regulations, you may also be asked to only bring a small purse or clutch and one small bag. It’s preferable if these bags are clear and don’t contain professional cameras, weapons, alcohol, or any items that could be deemed inappropriate for the occasion.

If you’re short on time, you also don’t have to worry about withdrawing cash before your visit. The fairgrounds have two ATMs, one in the main lobby and the other between the stairs in the upper concourse.

Health & Safety

The hot conditions at the Cajun Heartland State Fair can cause havoc for your health if you are not prepared. Make sure to slap on the sunscreen, a cap, and sunglasses and drink plenty of water. There are water fountains on all concourse levels throughout the arena for your convenience. If you’re a smoker, you can make use of the designated smoking areas on the east side of the main concourse and upper concourse ramps to the east and west.

Where to eat


You’re bound to work up a hunger both at the fair and as you head back to your RV accommodation. Check out what options your host permits for cooking, as some will allow grills and outdoor fires, but others may not depending on your campground. In most situations, you will be allowed to use your onboard RV gas cooker to feed the troops. If you need a few supplies, take a quick five-minute drive to the grocery store, with everything you need to cook up a storm.


If fair food doesn’t take your fancy, then why not check out the offerings in Lafayette? With over 170,000 people in the area, you’ll be surprised at how well everyone is catered for in this community. Even within walking distance of the fairgrounds, you can try all manner of cuisines. Fill hungry tummies with fried chicken, or work up a sweat with traditional Mexican cuisine. You won’t go hungry in this bustling southern Louisiana city.


You are spoiled for choice when you attend the Cajun Heartland State Fair. Whether you have a sweet tooth or want something savory and delicious, you won’t go without here. Dozens of vendors make their way to this fair every year, ready to offer you something special. They are also well-appointed a short distance of all other fair offerings and entertainment.



Fair-goers are asked to be on their best behavior when they attend the Cajun Heartland State Fair. Dress to impress with comfortable but tidy attire, and bring a clear bag that makes it easy for security officials to wave you through the gate. Both pat down and visual searches are part of the admission process, so put on a smile and thank the security officials for making the fair as safe as possible.


If you’re a summer weather lover, then you’ll enjoy your visit to the fair in Lafayette. With temperatures in the high 80s and into the early 90s, you’ll be on your way to that sun-kissed look in no time. While the occasional gust of wind can break up the stillness of the days, may be faced with blue skies for the majority of your stay. Don’t forget to leave a vent or two open in your RV to help keep temperatures comfortable upon your return.


A scraped knee or stubbed toe can quickly turn that smile into a frown. However, thanks to the forethought of state fair officials, you’ll be patched up and ready to get amongst the action in no time. There is a dedicated First Aid Room in the South Lobby of the main concourse. Ask a staff member for assistance if you need it. Alternatively, there is a clinic and hospital within a three-minute drive of the event facility and a pharmacy a little further up.