Camp Bisco

Visit a superb three-day outdoor festival with three different stages and some great artists for an unforgettable RV camping experience!

Event information

Camp Bisco is a three-day music festival at Montage Mountain located in Scranton, PA. Attend this top-notch music festival and fantastic weekend getaway for a memorable summer. All you need is lots of drinking water, bug spray, sunscreen, plastic bags for trash, and a friendly attitude. Make sure you are prepared for hot days, cold nights, and possibly rainy weather. Bring an extra pair of shoes, mud boots, hoodie, and sneakers.

This event is for individuals over the age of 18; you will not be able to enter without a government-issued I.D. If you have not been to Camp Bisco up until now, you are in for the time of your life, as anyone who has attended over the past few years can vouch for an incredible experience.

Do not miss out on one of the best outdoor camping parties. There will be three stages, lots of other campers and good vibes all over the place. Make new friends. Remember to be polite to your neighbors, and stay positive and hydrated. Experiencing Camp Bisco on wheels is an awesome experience, and guests, including all RV attendees, are encouraged to get their passes as early as possible.


Camp Bisco tickets can be purchased through multiple installments or all at once. All of the ticket styles come in the form of three-day passes, and for those who wish to camp, there is an obligatory camping bundle that needs to be purchased along with a Three-Day GA Pass or VIP Pass. Depending on the type of ticket you want to purchase, prices can range from $180 to $500. Camping privileges are offered for a separate fee. As for RV attendees, there is an RV parking pass, and once again if you wish to park in the campground, it will cost an additional $40 to $100 depending on the size of the group.

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You may choose to travel via Interstate 81 (runs north to New York, Binghamton, and Ontario as well as south to Tennessee and Harrisburg) and Interstate 84 (runs east to Milford and New England) main highways. You can also reach it via Interstate 380 (southeast to Mount Pocono) and Interstate 80. Alternatively, there is Interstate 476.

Parking areas

Unless you have purchased an onsite parking pass, you will have to park at the nearby off-site parking lots. There are a limited number of on-site RV parking passes, so make sure you get them while they are still in stock. Due to space limitations, companion vehicles (motorcycles included) will not be permitted in the RV parking site. If you have a tow vehicle it will have to fit within your designated RV parking space, as well as any amenities like grills, furniture, and awnings. Entry will be denied to sponsorship-branded or wrapped vehicles.

Public Transportation

Since the area does not offer much in the way of public transport options it is advised that you either carpool, get there with your friends in your RV, or use social networks to see if there is any organized transport at that time and split the expenses with a group of people.

Where to stay


You can stay at the camping area throughout the entire event; make sure you purchase Camping Bundle along with your passes. There are three types of camping bundles: Regular, RV, and Glamping. If you and your friends are planning to attend the festival and stay in an RV, you will need to purchase an RV Parking Pass, as well as a camping bundle for each group member. Tow vehicles must fit within your camping space. In order to make this whole experience truly enjoyable, make sure you bring a flashlight, chairs, and a tarp. Extra toilet paper, radio, and trash bags are also good examples of clever thinking. Fortune favors the prepared, so it can’t hurt to pack minor useful items for this occasion.


You may have already chosen to camp in one of the nearby areas that offer RV camping. If so, you may encounter a 30 to 60-minute drive to Montage Mountain. Expect a combination of highway travel and twisty, windy roads as you make your way to the festival site. You may also wish to extend your road trip to Camp Bisco by enjoying one of the many RV camping locations within an hour's drive of your music lover's destination.

Getting around

There will be an ongoing shuttle service from the gate to the offsite parking lots to help those who are not parked at the campground. As far as the festival grounds go, you will have to move on foot. Also, if you are in an RV camping space ensure that you bring everything you need before arriving at the festival site because if you leave the festival grounds with the RV, you won’t be able to re-enter. The same goes for cars with the purchased parking bundle.

What to pack


Pack light, but for multiple scenarios, as at Camp Bisco, you can expect hot days, cold nights, and rainy weather. Hooded rain gear, sneakers, mud boots, and an extra pair of shoes is a good way to go when to ensure you are well covered. Since it is a three-day festival, bring extra shirts, socks, and underwear, and pack a swimsuit, hat, and shades if you plan to visit the waterpark.


You will want to bring factory sealed water bottles (limits apply) or empty water bottles to be filled at the event. You will need to stay hydrated throughout the festival. Bring a blanket you can sit on, sunscreen, and bug spray, and just to make sure you get a full night’s rest, you may want to pack earplugs. For more information on this event, check out Camp Bisco’s prohibited items list. ATM options will be available on-site.

Health & Safety

Security is pretty tight, and all vehicles and containers will be searched before granting entry to anyone, as there will be zero tolerance for illegal activity during the festival. The security staff is there to ensure that everyone is safe and having a good time and help everyone enjoy their experience. You should leave your valuables at home though since Camp Bisco will not be responsible for stolen items and valuables. Remember to bring a small flag to mark your camping area so that you find it easily.

Where to eat


Within the camping area, propane cook stoves are allowed; however, open fires or charcoal grills are forbidden. It is advised that you bring food if you wish to make or create any of your own meals. The store will have some items, but not a vast quantity of grocery items. You may bring a cooler, although you should bear in mind that they are only allowed in the campgrounds.


Due to the remote nature of this event, there will not be restaurants in the vicinity. There will be a selection of food vendors to choose from while you are at the festival, including vegetarian options. The same goes for bar related facilities; the festival welcomes patrons of age to check out what will be offered. Some of the options will even be available 24/7.


At Camp Bisco, you will have access to a general store, event-specific merchandise, and craft and food vendors. So, if you have forgotten some of the essentials at home or run out by any chance, you may be able to purchase those things on the spot. Onsite ATM options will be marked on park maps during the event.



Be prepared for a thorough vehicle inspection before you enter; expect coolers to be searched for glass and other prohibited items upon entry. Do not try to attend without a proper ID. Involvement in any illegal or prohibited activity will result in removal from the festival, and you will not be allowed to re-enter.


Camp Bisco will continue as planned regardless of whether it rains or shines, so you should be prepared for various weather conditions. Keep some extra clothes and footwear at your RV just in case you need to change, and keep some rain gear nearby, in case it starts pouring during the festival. Shades, hats, and sunscreen are definitely going to be your friends on any scorching morning, and extra blankets will come in handy to keep you tucked in and warm during cold nights.


Medical Stations will be marked on Camp Bisco Music Festival maps. In the event you need medical assistance, you can find a staff or security person. You may also go to the Camping Headquarters or one of the medical tents. There will be emergency personnel on site. Everyone attending is encouraged to help anyone who is in need of assistance.