Canterbury Renaissance Faire

Hear ye, hear ye! Tis time to joust! Load one’s family into one’s RV and meander down to Silverton, Oregon, for the Canterbury Renaissance Faire.

Event information

If you’re looking to treat your family to a fun vacation that lets your imagination run wild, then the Canterbury Renaissance Faire in Silverton, Oregon, could be it. Held over two weekends in summer in July, this faire is one that allows you to dress up, step back in time, and enjoy an entertaining and action-packed schedule.

There are four primary areas within the faire for entertainment, with acts happening at almost all parts of the day. Visitors can also go shopping for wares, try their hand at sword fighting, partake in children’s games, and even experience period demonstrations. There will also be no shortage of ship fitting, blacksmithing, period archery, and many other era-appropriate things to see, do, and experience.

If all those historically-minded displays have you working up a hunger, then indulge in delicious cuisine reminiscent of days gone by. Once the Canterbury Renaissance Faire comes to an end, you can then skip back to reality and check out what else Silverton and surrounding cities have to offer.

Visit Oregon’s largest state park, Silver Falls State Park, or go walking at the 80-acre Oregon Garden. Gordon House, a famed Usonian building that makes for a spectacular photo opportunity, is also worth a visit.

Summer will pass in the blink of an eye, so pencil Canterbury Renaissance Faire on your calendar, book your tickets, and set sail for Silverton.


For those who like to be exceptionally organized, you have the option of purchasing your entire family’s tickets to the Canterbury Renaissance Fair online. Traditionally, prices have varied for children, adults, and seniors between $12 and $54, depending on whether you attend for a single day, a weekend, or both weekends. You can also purchase tickets at the gate on the day.

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Silverton is a beautiful Marion County city around 12 miles northwest of Salem. It’s well-positioned on the eastern edge of Willamette Valley and is accessible via OR-213 and OR-214 from the direction of Salem and stunning natural attractions such as Santiam State Forest, Mount Jefferson, and Willamette National Forest.

Given the mountainous backdrop, steep-sided Waldo Hills to the south, and varying elevation, RV-goers are advised to remain alert on their travels to Silverton. Monitor TripCheck to remain up to date with changing weather patterns and any road works. You can then wander into Silverton at your leisure before entering the Canterbury Renaissance Faire on Valley View Road.

Parking areas

The Canterbury Renaissance Faire is located on the outskirts of Silverton, making its parking situation a desirable one. Not only is there an abundance of parking for both your tow vehicle, but your RV, too. In the past, parking has also been free, which means you’ll have more money to spend on vendor wares.

Public Transportation

A public bus service can provide transport around the main streets of Silverton, but it’s unlikely to be able to bring you to the Canterbury Renaissance Faire. If you would prefer to leave your RV at your campsite, then consider utilizing a private rideshare service. You may even be able to ask your host about shuttle options.

Where to stay


While you can park your RV at the Canterbury Renaissance Faire during the day, you then must vacate the premises once the faire is over. Fortunately, Silverton has no shortage of RV campgrounds that are sure to meet your needs. Many of these are within a short driving distance of fun things to do in Oregon and the Canterbury Renaissance Faire.


There is a myriad of different RV campgrounds within a short driving distance of the Canterbury Renaissance Faire. Many of these are within 20 miles of the faire and dotted around Silverton, Salem, and surrounding communities and townships.

Whether you prefer the luxuries of service hookups, or you’re purposefully on the hunt for a primitive RV camping experience, Marion County will deliver. A bit further afield, Albany / Corvallis KOA may already be along your route from the south, or Mt. Hood National Forest could be on your to-do list for RV trips in Oregon.

Getting around

The Canterbury Renaissance Faire is held in an unpaved, natural setting with some slanting and forest settings. Faire-goers usually do not have trouble navigating the grounds on foot, but it may pay to wear your most durable and comfortable footwear. Fortunately, there are plenty of hay bales to sit on around the faire to rest your weary feet.

What to pack


Are you ready for an authentic renaissance experience? Then make sure your suitcase is laden with snoods, jerkins, breeches, and doublets. If it has a funny name, it should make the cut!
While you can dress in regular summery attire, isn’t attending a Renaissance Faire all about getting into character? Make sure you’ve packed plenty of light, breathable layers, and a few extra warm ones for nighttime temperatures.


Aside from your most authentic Renaissance clothing, it’s worth thinking about everything else you will need for both a visit to the Canterbury Renaissance Faire and on vacation. Don’t forget all your camping and cooking equipment for your RV, as well as cash and payment cards for once you enter the faire gates. You may spend a lot of time on your feet, so the less you bring into the venue, the more comfortable you can be.

Health & Safety

Given that the Canterbury Renaissance Faire is a summertime event, it’s worth thinking about what you will need to remain sun-safe during your vacation. Lather on the sunscreen, bring chapstick and even consider how much drinking water, toiletries, bug spray, and prescription medication you might need. Pop all your essentials safely in your RV for if you need them at a moment’s notice.

Where to eat


RV camping often lends itself to the opportunity to try camp-style cuisine, but it’s essential to brush up on the RV camping rules. Make sure you check with your site host before you create a campfire. Some RV resorts offer communal cooking areas or above-ground fire pits, but others prefer that you use your RV kitchen appliances. You can also stock up on all the supplies you need in Silverton, a mere three miles from the Canterbury Renaissance Faire.


If all that travel and faire excitement has made you work up a thirst and hunger, then why not wander into Silverton? From tacos and hearty American fare to fast food outlets and quaint café offerings, there’s plenty on offer. Stay awhile and check out what else this fabulous city has to offer.


Step back in time with food and wares from old-time merchants at the Canterbury Renaissance Faire. Not only can you indulge in snacks and meals from old times, but one-of-a-kind giftware and other items, too. Make sure you bring cash to ensure you have an opportunity to take home a token of your time in Silverton.



When you park your RV and wander through the main gates of the Canterbury Renaissance Faire, make sure you have your tickets at the ready, or cash to buy tickets once you get there. Security personnel will also be checking to make sure you don’t bring in any pets or other prohibited items.

If you have any problems or concerns during your visit, you can approach these same officials. Otherwise, you can receive help from the Silverton Police Department within a three-mile drive of the faire.


While Silverton doesn’t boast sweltering hot temperatures in summer, that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy a sun-kissed look on your visit. Average highs of 80 degrees grace the area, with nighttime temperatures at around 56 degrees. The district does experience some rainfall during July, but it’s unlikely to be enough to put a dampener on your vacation. Bring along an umbrella just in case, and make sure your heating and cooling units are in working order before you hit the road.


If you get a little too much into character at the Canterbury Renaissance Faire and end up injuring yourself, then don’t delay in seeking help. A faire official can lead you to the best place for first aid care. If it’s an emergency, dial 911. The nearest medical center is within three miles of the faire grounds, and a pharmacy for supplies is within the same distance.