Capitol Hill Block Party

Looking to experience Seattle at its best? Plan a trip to the Capitol Hill Block Party for some incredible music, food, art, and entertainment.

Event information

Capitol Hill Block Party is a three-day festival that showcases and celebrates the unique vibe of Seattle’s Capitol Hill Neighborhood. It is held every year to promote local and regional talent.

At the festival, attendees can enjoy world-class music, art shows, and community events. Additionally, being a part of it will help you discover Seattle’s best restaurants, bars, and shopping experiences.

Jen Gapay founded Capitol Hill Block Party, and the first ever event took place in 1997 with just one stage. A second stage was added in 2000 when Marcus Charles and David Meinert took over the organization of the festival. Due to its enormous success, it officially became a three-day extravaganza in 2010.

The best national and international musicians perform on a number of stages present across the venue. Artists who have been a part of Capitol Hill Block Party in the past include A$AP Rocky, Run the Jewels, Band of Horses, The Murder City Devils, The Lumineers, The Flaming Lips, Vampire Weekend and The War on Drugs.

Since its inception, the festival has grown in strength and is now one of the biggest independently owned events in the country. It is an incredible annual celebration of art, music, and the iconic neighborhood in which it takes place.


There are one-day tickets available as well as passes for all three days. Prices range from $70 for single-day entry to $300 for VIP three-day passes. You’ll need to exchange your ticket for a wristband at the box office.

VIP tickets include access to exclusive lounges, a VIP entrance, daily lunch, drink tickets, a swag bag, and other privileges. If you plan to attend the festival, but aren’t quite ready to pay in full, there are various payment plans available. These allow you to purchase your passes and pay over time. Capitol Hill Block Party is a rain or shine event, and tickets are non-refundable. Check out the Capitol Hill Block Party website to get tickets.

Explore Capitol Hill Block Party RV Rentals



Driving your RV to Seattle will not be a problem, provided you keep a few pointers in mind. Make sure you check traffic alerts on a smartphone or radio and choose routes with less congestion. It’s also a good idea to drive into the city on a weekday to avoid some of the traffic. Driving to the festival venue is not highly recommended, and you’re better off taking public transport you can.

Parking areas

If you do choose to drive to the Capitol Hill Block Party site, waiting till the last minute to get a parking space is not the best idea, especially if you want to catch the beginning of the show. Instead, reserve your parking spot in advance. There are a few daytime parking options close the festival grounds that you can book a few months in advance.

Public Transportation

The best way to get to the Capitol Hill Block Party is by using public transportation. Seattle is a well-connected city, and there are many ways to get around including taking the Link light rail or the Seattle Monorail. There are plenty of subway stops within walking distance of the festival venue, and you also have the option of taking a bus.

Where to stay


Camping is not offered on the festival grounds. However, there are some great RV parks and campgrounds in and around the City of Seattle.


Although Seattle is a burgeoning metropolis filled with high-rises, it does have some prime camping locations. There are acres of untouched land and large water bodies for you to enjoy. You will find several RV parks within a short distance from the festival venue where you can expect excellent facilities, fun activities, and hospitable staff. Best of all, you will be able to explore the city and all that it offers on your own time schedule–or ditch scheduling altogether during your trip!

Getting around

Thanks to the numerous public transportation options, you shouldn’t have a problem getting from your campsite to the festival venue. There are bound to be other people attending the festival at your camp, so you may also be able to coordinate with them on transportation. If so, you can save a lot of time and money and also cut down your ecological footprint.

What to pack


It’s best to keep it casual and comfortable when it comes to your attire for the festival. You’re unlikely to see people in costume or wearing rave attire. It’s likely to be warm and sunny, so it’s the perfect occasion to serve up your best street style looks. Be sure to carry a jacket because it can get chilly at night.


You’ll be allowed to carry a small bag or backpack. Non-professional cameras are allowed, so be sure to take one to capture memorable moments. You can also bring a water bottle to stay hydrated as long as it is sealed or empty. Refill your bottle at one of the filtered water station present throughout the venue.

Health & Safety

Make sure you pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Capitol Hill Block Party is a three-day long festival, so pace yourself, so you don’t run out of steam. Many people get dehydrated from spending long hours in the sun. So ensure you drink plenty of water and take breaks from the sun.

Where to eat


If you’d prefer to make your own meals, it’s a good idea to check in advance for regulations your campground might employ. Most sites have restrictions when it comes to the amount of fuel you can use and open flames are not allowed. On the other hand, if you have a small portable stove or grill, you can probably use it on most campgrounds.


The culinary scene is Seattle has ramped up in recent years. In addition to restaurants serving quintessential Pacific Northwest inspired food, you’ll come across a host of other cuisines in the city. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’re sure to find it here. Seattle is also known for its excellent coffee, so be sure to grab a cup while you’re in the area.


Capitol Hill Music Festival has a dedicated food truck lot where delicious food and drinks are served. Festival attendees can also treat themselves to tasty meals and snacks at one of the local restaurants inside or near the venue. There are also a couple of beer gardens present on the grounds and several bars nearby. With this many types of vendors, you may want to be prepared to pay for food and any souvenirs with cash or a card. It is highly likely that some vendors will only accept one or the other payment option. ATMs are available at the venue if needed.



Security at the festival has been stepped up in the last few years. Attendees will be searched on entering the venue. Illegal drugs and outside alcohol are strictly prohibited. You can take a look at the festival website for a full list of banned items. Re-entry to the venue is allowed, but only if you’re wearing a valid wristband.


The festival is usually held in summer, so you can expect lots of sunshine. However, the weather in Seattle can be unpredictable, and the city sees plenty of rainfall. So be prepared with a jacket to cover up if rain hits. Capitol Hill Block Party is a rain or shine event and will take place despite unexpected weather.


Medical arrangements will be in place to attend to people in need. Dehydration is one of the main issues people face, so be sure to stay well hydrated. Licensed service animals will be allowed in for people with disabilities. In case of a medical emergency, EMTs or trained festival staff will be able to jump in and help.