Carolina Rebellion

Epicenter Festival features camping close to the race track, fun activities, and incredible food with everyone’s likes in mind. This rock concert features tons of bands and a rock museum. Come ready to RV camp and enjoy the festivities.

Event information

Epicenter Festival, formerly the Carolina Rebellion, takes place at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina. It is an incredible time loaded with rock music and camping. From RV to basic camping, whatever you are interested in the speedway has it all.

Since the festival takes place on a speedway, there is likely to be little shade during the day. The surrounding pavement may add some heat as well. Come prepared for the weather with water and sunglasses. This dynamic event has more than just rock music; it has an interactive music exhibit, a wine garden, and some incredible food to suit anyone’s fancy.

Epicenter welcomes RV campers to come and relax in their rigs amid the tunes and fellow fans. Camper lots have full hookups to help guests enjoy the atmosphere. A basic store is located on the grounds for anyone who has forgotten smaller items.

At this camping festival, it is easy to relax with your neighbors at the campground and the people you meet at the concerts. Epicenter Festival is an outdoor, hard rock event, so be ready to jam with your favorite musicians. This event has something for everyone, so come prepared for a great time with other music lovers in North Carolina.


Tickets usually go on sale six months in advance. When you get your ticket, you will receive a wristband to be worn only for the festival. With this wristband, you can come and go from the concert as you please. Tickets have often ranged from $30 to $800. In the past, RV and primitive camping sites have been included with tickets for the Epicenter Festival.

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Epicenter Festival is held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, so access to it is mostly interstate. All camper sizes can use travel on US-29, and the surrounding interstate highways. Motorists may encounter a few sharp turns on some side roads, but the area surrounding the speedway is reasonably equipped to handle larger vehicles.

Parking areas

The parking lot at Charlotte Motor Speedway is separated into different types of ticketed parking. You will need a parking pass to park on the campground and in the parking lot. With your parking pass and wristband, you will be able to come and go as you like. If you are parked at a campground on-site you can only leave on foot; your vehicle can’t move from its spot until the end of the event.

Public Transportation

Epicenter Festival has provided a shuttle service to people who buy a special package in past years. If you are interested in a shuttle package, review this option when purchasing your tickets. If you are not in the campground, consider a private vehicle or rideshare option to get to the event. There are no bus stations or rail stops at the Speedway.

Where to stay


Epicenter Festival offers a variety of different camping facilities on the grounds. There is an RV only section which has full hookups. There is also a site which has primitive motorhome camping and basic tent camping. Areas specified for camping will be easy to get to from the interstate. You will do well to bring all the supplies you need for the weekend, so you do not have to leave the festival. Rock City Campground, a portion of Charlotte Motor Speedway's camping facilities, is also typically associated with Epicenter during the festival for campers to consider.


In the past, there have been multiple campgrounds located right beside the racetrack facilities, including Ver-El RV Park & Campground. They are situated close enough that you could probably walk back and forth if you so desired. Many of these campgrounds have full hookups, larger camper accessibility, shower facilities, and different amenities that everyone will enjoy. If you choose to stay at one of these fun campgrounds you can walk to the racetrack or use your parking pass and drive your vehicle.

Getting around

Your best bet for getting around the festival sites and venues is to probably to walk. If you need to use a wheelchair, this is a fully accessible event site. Bicycles and scooters are not allowed. A tram usually picks people up from the campground and brings them to the concert area at various times during the event.

What to pack


During the day it is usually pretty warm at the Epicenter Festival, so be sure to wear clothes that are light and airy. Have fun with your attire, and since you are going to be at a rock festival t-shirts for your favorite bands are excellent suitcase additions. Remember that dark colors attract the rays of the sun. It will get chilly at night so that you may need a jacket as well.


While at your campground you will need to have all your camping supplies, coolers, and sleeping gear stowed within your campsite. A propane stove and lantern are must-haves for preparing late-nite meals. You will need to fill your RV's water tank for the weekend before you arrive; there is no water station at the campsite. In the concert area, you are, however, allowed to bring in one water bottle. There are drink stations located around the site for refills.

Health & Safety

Remember to bring a water bottle with you to make sure you stay hydrated during the festivities. It may be pretty hot during the day. Sunscreen should be brought as well. You can bring in a blanket to the concert areas, but guests are not permitted to bring chairs. If you require medication, you will need to drop it off at the EMS tent. You will be able to get it whenever you need it from the festival's medication check-in at the EMS tent.

Where to eat


Campers are allowed to cook at the campground with propane. Open flames are not allowed. If you happen to need anything, there is a store located just beside the RV campground. Additional stores are located a few miles up the road. However, if you take your vehicle with you, you can no longer park it in the campground upon returning. So, it is best to bring what you will need for meal preparation with you in advance.


Concord offers many restaurants located less than ten miles away which cater to the interests of everyone. Travelers may encounter barbecue, steakhouse meals, Mexican, Cajun, diner food, hamburgers, Southern specialty, Italian, and many more. So, if you choose to eat outside of the racetrack, there are plenty of options to please your pallet.


Epicenter Festival typically has many vendors on-site for hungry music fans. Guests can look forward to having Carolina Barbecue, turkey legs, donuts, pizza, ice cream, and tacos. Local restaurants will be serving up some delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, specialty pizza, gluten-free, and vegetarian options. There may also be a wine garden to enjoy. You will have so many options that you won’t even need to leave the facility.



Security personnel is located all around the raceway grounds. To be safe, make sure to stay with your group and know where everyone is at all times. Fans can come and go with a wristband, but a security check will be conducted with each entry. You can secure your stuff in a locker to protect your valuables.


North Carolina tends to be quite warm during the day, so come prepared for changing temperatures from morning to evening. Shade will be limited because the Carolina Rebellion takes place on a race track. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Be prepared for it to get a little cool at night, and bring a jacket or blanket to keep warm as the sun sets.


Medical tents will be set up around the festival, but you will need to come prepared with a water bottle, sunscreen, and blankets. There is a hospital located less than ten miles away from the speedway, and various pharmacies are close to that location as well. Be sure to stay hydrated all day while you are there. Personal medications must be checked in with festival staff upon entry and may be retrieved at any time during the festival.