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Cartier Creek Provincial Recreation Area


Find yourself longing to get away from it all? An RV stay at Cartier Creek Provincial Recreation Area might be just what the doctor ordered. It's the perfect place to catch up on some much needed R&R.

Cartier Creek Provincial Recreation Area is nestled deep within rural Alberta with Sundre being its closest town. A spot that is renowned for its tranquil air, a visit to this recreational area and campground is both restorative and peaceful.

A well-wooded property, Cartier Creek Provincial Recreation Area is quite private, affording families the feeling of their own personal wilderness retreat. Camping at this facility is open to both RV and tent campers.

Cartier Creek is a popular spot for avid canoers who enjoy a challenging day out on the water. The area also draws both locals and visitors for its plentiful fishing opportunities.

If a relaxing outdoor vacation sounds like a slice of paradise, you won't be disappointed with an RV stay at Cartier Creek Provincial Recreation Area. It's an idyllic place to spend a holiday.

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The journey from Sundre, AB to Cartier Creek Provincial Recreation Area encompasses 24 km (15 miles). To follow this route, follow AB-584 W to Range Rd 63 in Mountain View County to Range Road 63. Follow this exit to Range Road 64, then 64A, and finally 65A. At the sign for Township Road 315 A in Water Valley, turn to find the park. This set of directions progresses on small country highways of two lanes. The roads are kept in fair condition and clear year-round. Construction rarely occurs, and traffic generally progresses fluidly.


Parking is available at the entrance to the park; however, there is not a formal lot.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation available to Cartier Creek Provincial Recreation Area.

Campgrounds and parking in Cartier Creek Provincial Recreation Area

Campsites in Cartier Creek Provincial Recreation Area

First-come first-served

Cartier Creek Campground

Cartier Creek Campground is open for tent and RV camping from April 28th through September 18th yearly. There are 12 unserviced campsites available on a first come, first served basis. Generator use is allowed, and dogs are welcome on the grounds but must remain leashed.

A property that prides itself on its rustic camping style, the on-site amenities include firepits and vault toilets. There is no firewood available on the premises, so you must bring your own with you.

The most popular activities here include fishing and canoeing.

Seasonal activities in Cartier Creek Provincial Recreation Area



Cartier Creek is an idyllic spot for families to enjoy a peaceful walk along the shore. The heavy forest which surrounds the river bank adds a serene air that makes this spot conducive to reflection and relaxation.

Be sure to wear appropriate footwear to protect your feet against pebbles which could be uncomfortable. As you stroll by the shore, you may discover stones of an unusual shape, shells, or even some seaglass to add to your collection of souvenirs from your Alberta RV vacation.

Bring your dog along with you to join in the fun but keep them leashed, please.


Cartier Creek offers some of the area's best canoeing and kayaking opportunities. The canoe route is quite challenging and is best reserved for those experienced in the sport. Be sure to wear life jackets on your foray into the water.

Since fish are plentiful in Cartier Creek, you could also opt to paddle out to a calm section of the river to try your hand at catching your supper.

Bring along drinking water and snacks to ensure your nutritional needs are met.


Cartier Creek Provincial Recreation Area provides a beautiful backdrop for families looking to enjoy a picnic lunch. There are no picnic tables provided at this park, but there are lots of places where you can plunk down a blanket to lay out your feast for your family and friends to enjoy.

Pick a spot at your campsite, meander down by the riverbanks, or savor the sights directly within the forest. All are beautiful locales to enjoy a meal with those you love.

Bring along a packed lunch and drinking water to keep hunger and thirst at bay.



The waters of Cartier Creek are kept well-stocked with fish, making it a popular spot for avid fishermen to gather year-round to engage in their favorite sport. You can fish directly from the shore or take out your canoe or pleasurecraft to enjoy a day on the water.

Though no cooking facilities are provided, you can fillet your fish at your campsite and grill up your bounty over the provided fire pit.

You'll need drinking water and snacks while out on your fishing adventure, so be sure to pack a lunch.


Though there are no specific hiking trails at Cartier Creek Provincial Recreation Area, that doesn't mean there aren't any spots that are perfect for lacing up your shoes and hitting the open road. The property is full of interesting avenues to explore including the shores of the river and the forest.

You'll need appropriate hiking shoes to guard against the terrain that can be rocky in spots. Bring along your pooch to join you if you like, but do please keep them leashed at all times.

Don't forget to carry some drinking water to prevent dehydration.


Cartier Creek Provincial Recreation Area is extremely picturesque. From its rolling, lush creek to its verdant green woods and distant mountain views, this recreational area and camping facility is worthy of recording on film.

Grab your camera and head off in search of some photos of the animals and plant life that make this park their haven. If the mood strikes, you can even pose for some family candids with the river and tree cover as your backdrop.