Castle of Muskogee

The Castle of Muskogee is calling. Don your finest garments, brush up on your history knowledge and drive your RV to Muskogee for old-time fun.

Event information

If you’ve ever wanted to step out of your comfort zone and experience something new and exciting, then an RV trip to Muskogee, Oklahoma, followed by a visit to the Castle of Muskogee could be the answer.

Not only is Muskogee, the 11th largest city in Oklahoma, a hive of activity with plenty of things to do, but the Castle of Muskogee will blow you away. If you haven’t yet seen this venue in all its glory, then there’s no time like the present to pay a visit.

Located at 3400 West Fern Mountain Road in Muskogee, it’s an expansive site that plays host to a range of events throughout the year. During the Renaissance Festival, it takes on the theme of Elizabeth I’s reign in 1569 and boasts a 13-acre Castleton Village complete with merchants.

In September, Castle of Muskogee then becomes home to the Castle Zombie Run, followed by the Boares Head Feast in November and Castle Christmas in December. Castle of Muskogee is also the place to be to get your fireworks for the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve.

This multi-purpose fairground is a venue you will need to visit at least once when you’re in Oklahoma. It’s 140 miles east of Oklahoma City and a mere 55 miles from Tulsa to the southeast. It covers 30 acres, offers an additional 40 acres of parking, and will utterly delight you with how it comes to life for different events throughout the year.

Whether you want to visit for the Renaissance Festival, the Zombie Run, Halloween, or Castle Christmas, there’s no time to delay. Start planning your trip to Oklahoma and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime.


Ticket options and costs can depend on the event you plan on attending at Castle of Muskogee. For Halloween at Castle of Muskogee, for example, you can purchase your tickets based on the activities you will be completing. The Boare's Head Feast is per-head for dinner. A quick visit to the organizer’s website will shed light on how many pennies you need to be putting into your piggy bank for the next wee while.

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Muskogee is a beautiful and warm city that lies on the Arkansas River Valley and borders the hickory and oak forest region of the prairie and eastern Oklahoma. The Muskogee Turnpike, OK-351, OK-16, and three United States routes provide entry to the city, and you will be impressed by the effortless navigation and clear signage.

Upon arriving on the city limits, either with or without the help of a traffic app such as ODOT, you will have minimal trouble finding the Castle of Muskogee. It sits proudly on tens of acres of land at 3400 West Fern Mountain Road, not all too far from the Arkansas River and one mile north of Muskogee along US Highway 69. Travel along I-40 and I-44 near Oklahoma City and Tulsa will bring you through one or more toll roads.

Parking areas

If you thought you would have a hard time trying to find somewhere to park your RV, then you’d be wrong. Due to the variety of events at the Castle of Muskogee, they understand the need for plenty of parking spots.

There is room for up to 25,000 people to park on the castle grounds daily, and you can also pay a fee for closer parking if you so desire. However, you can only park your motorhome or pilot vehicle at the Castle of Muskogee during the day. You must then move it once you’ve attended the event and choose somewhere else to stay overnight.

Public Transportation

Sometimes during special events, such as Christmas, Halloween, and the Renaissance Festival, external providers offer public transportation to and from the Castle of Muskogee. However, the castle venue organizers themselves do not have anything in place from Muskogee to the castle.

If you require a ride to the venue during your stay in the area, consider the use of a taxi or rideshare services. Otherwise, you will find there is plenty of room for you to park your motorhome or pilot vehicle in the onsite parking lots.

Where to stay


Even with 30 acres of land at the Castle of Muskogee, RV camping is not an available option. You may park there during your visit but must then vacate once the event is over. Fortunately, those who are looking for somewhere accessible with a large RV will not have to look far or wide. Muskogee more than delivers on premium RV accommodation options in the area.


If you broaden your search to over the Arkansas River, toward the McClellan-Kerr Wildlife Management Area and up to Sequoyah State Park about 20 miles away, you will be surprised at how many RV camping options are available in the Muskogee area and beyond.

Whether you desire primitive RV camping, full-service hookups, or you’re happy to go with the flow, finding something to suit will be a breeze. However, during popular events such as Halloween, it pays to book weeks in advance to ensure you get your first pick.

Getting around

Once you arm yourself with a Castle of Muskogee map, the size of the venue will no longer seem as daunting. Every part of the grounds is accessible by a named pathway, and there are helpful officials to lead the way if you get lost while exploring.

Any methods of transport available to navigate the grounds will depend on the time of year and the event. For example, a themed train is in operation during the Halloween event and takes you around the harbor and through the enchanted forest. However, this may not be available for other events. Bring your most comfortable footwear to traverse the grounds in comfort.

What to pack


What you pack and wear in the Castle of Muskogee can depend on which event you are attending, at which time of year. You may like to get dressed up for the Renaissance Festival in your oldest and most beautiful attire, but you could prefer a spooky costume for Halloween. It’s a good idea to check a weather app for Oklahoma before you leave home so that you can be sure your suitcase essentials match the expected weather conditions.


The Castle of Muskogee team tries their hardest to supply everything you need for a comfortable visit. Therefore, there will be no need for bulky backpacks or anything that could slow you down or prove inconvenient. There is also plenty of food and beverages on site, meaning there will be no need to bring any of your own.

You can bring cash and payment cards, and there is an ATM for cash withdrawal in the Bank of London, gift shop, Castleton Branch, and the Pirate’s Plunder shop.

Health & Safety

Packing for a motorhome vacation is hard work, especially if you’re not sure what you might need. It’s a good idea to carry any prescription medication you may require, drinking water, a first aid kit, and extra toiletries. You can leave these in your RV while you visit the castle. Once you enter the grounds, you can locate restrooms around the venue by the sign “privy.”

Where to eat


It doesn’t matter whether you get to use a campfire, fire pit, or onboard kitchen appliances; you will love the opportunity to show off your camp cooking skills on your Oklahoma vacation. Before you haul out your charcoal grill, however, make sure you check your host’s RV camping rules. You can also pick up all the supplies you need within a short five-mile drive of the Castle of Muskogee.


There are cafes and eateries within the castle grounds offering a range of delicious tucker. However, for those who are exploring the broader area of Muskogee, you may be interested to learn what’s available in the city itself.

Mexican, pizza, BBQ and grill, chain fast food outlets, and privately-owned cafes and restaurants are all available along the main streets of the city. You never have to travel too far from both the castle and local accommodation providers to find something tasty to eat.


You will be delighted at the offerings available on the grounds of the Castle of Muskogee. Not only can you purchase souvenirs of your visit at gift stores with cash and payment cards, but food, too. There are cafes selling nachos, fries, hot drinks, and more, all to offer the energy you need to navigate the grounds. Don’t be afraid to wander around and check everything out before you make your final purchasing decisions.



Security, safety requirements, and protocols can differ from one event to the next at the Castle of Muskogee. For significant events, such as Halloween and the Renaissance Festival, screening may be at the main entrance to ensure no one brings in anything that could prove dangerous or inconvenient. If you are dressing up and have a weapon as part of your costume, you must ensure it’s peace-tied and sheathed.


The Castle of Muskogee is open from April to January and is then available for weddings in January and February. Muskogee is known for its warm climate, but the temperatures can depend on the time of year you visit. Download a weather app and keep an eye on it as you travel across the state to reach Muskogee in the northeast corner of Oklahoma.


Stubbed your toe? Scraped your knees? Help is nearby! There is a first aid kit at every pub on the castle grounds. You can also approach anyone who is wearing a name tag with a red medallion. The Castle of Muskogee has qualified first aid providers on site at all times that can offer assistance if required. For anything more urgent, dial 9-11. The nearest hospital and pharmacy are also under three miles away from the castle.