Cedar Creek Reservoir
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Southwest of Twin Falls, Idaho, lies Cedar Creek Reservoir. It also goes by the name of Roseworth Reservoir and isn’t too far from Rogerson, Idaho. Cedar Creek Reservoir is a popular area for local outdoor-loving people to explore. It was created over 110 years ago thanks to the construction of the nearby dam. There are many reasons to visit Cedar Creek, but the main attraction has to be fishing. Record-breaking rainbow trout have been caught in the reservoir more than once!
If you’re not an avid angler, there are still plenty of reasons to visit Cedar Creek Reservoir. During peak season, many people enjoy boating as well. If you prefer to stay on land, there is lots of space to get in a long hike. When the off-season comes around, the activities are a bit more laid back. You can take part in wildlife viewing, photography, or a bit of snowshoeing. Whenever you plan your visit, you can stay at one of the nearby campgrounds to get some rest. Cedar Creek Reservoir has stunning sunrises and sunsets that are a must-see!

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Just north of the Nevada border, Cedar Creek Reservoir sits outside of Rogerson, Idaho. Highway 93 is the closest major road to the reservoir. Jarbidge and 3 Creek Road will lead you straight to Cedar Creek Reservoir. Even though this area of Idaho is fairly rocky, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting there. The roads in the area are paved and well-maintained.

The one thing you’ll need to consider when it comes to transportation is the time of year that you plan on visiting Cedar Creek Reservoir. During the winter, blizzards can shut down local roads and major highways. To prevent this from ruining your trip, be sure to check the weather for several days before your trip. It’s also a good idea to have an old school map in the RV in the event that you lose cell services.

After you arrive at Cedar Creek Reservoir, there are a handful of ways that you can get around. Many people enjoy hiking and mountain biking, but you’ll need to bring your own equipment. You can also get around on water using a watercraft of your choice, such as a kayak, motorboat, or canoe.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Cedar Creek Reservoir

Campsites in Cedar Creek Reservoir

First-come first-served

Schipper Campground

Whether you’re looking for a place to crash for a nice weekend or for a couple of weeks, Schipper Campground is a beautiful place to stay while visiting Cedar Creek Reservoir. There you will find just five small campsites that are right next to Birch Creek. You can choose to camp in a tent, RV, and trailer. Schipper Campground opens at the beginning of May and tends to close for the winter months. Each of the five campsites has a fire ring and a picnic table for your convenience.

The campground itself does offer handicap-accessible toilets as well. There are no hookups for RVs or other modern amenities such as water. There are several large boulders at each campsite that can double as seating or storage areas. Because there are bears in the area, it’s best not to leave your food out in the open while camping here. In general, this is a beautiful and secluded place to sleep!

Bear Gulch Campground

If you want to keep the outdoors festivities going after your visit to Cedar Creek Reservoir, consider staying at Bear Gulch Campground. There are a plethora of fun outdoor activities including hiking, hunting, swimming, and wildlife viewing. At Bear Gulch Campground you will find eight individual campsites. There is also one larger group campsite that is located near Shoshone Wildlife Pond. Camping there is allowed for both tent and RV campers.

These campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Bear Gulch Campground is open from the beginning of May until October, but this does vary a bit from year to year. Each campsite has a fire pit and picnic table. There are a few handicap-accessible toilets as well. That’s about it when it comes to modern amenities at Bear Gulch Campground. You will plenty of access to hunting, fishing, and there’s an event corral for equestrian campers to enjoy.

Diamondfield Jack Campground

Diamondfield Jack Campground is another great place to stay when visiting Cedar Creek Reservoir. Like the others on this list, Diamondfield Jack Campground is open seasonally, during the spring, summer, and autumn. There are five campsites in total, each of which available on a first-come, first-served basis. This campground is better suited for solo or couple travelers. Because of the extra rules that are enforced there, it may not be the best choice for families with small children. Camping is approved for tent, trailer, and RV camping.

There are no amenities or hookups for RVs. Speaking of, Diamondfield Jack Campground offers amenities for the campground to share. This includes drinking water, wheelchair-accessible toilets, and a warming shelter. During the offseason, this campground is used as a play area, hence the warming shelter. Each campsite has a picnic table and a fire ring for your convenience. The best thing about this campground is the plethora of trailheads in the area.

Seasonal activities in Cedar Creek Reservoir



Boating on the reservoir and in the nearby creeks is one of the most popular activities in the area. If you’re visiting during the hot summer months, this activity is a must. You can bring out the fishing boat and relax under the sun. You could also paddle around Cedar Creek in a canoe, kayak, or on a paddle board. Be sure to wear a life jacket if you don’t know how to swim, as there isn’t a lifeguard on duty.


If you prefer staying dry on land, hiking is a fun thing to do during your stay at Cedar Creek Reservoir. Hiking is not only a fun activity, it’s a great way to explore the area. You can take a long, yet casual, walk around the reservoir itself.

If you’re looking for something more intense that will make up for a missed day at the gym, there are plenty of trails with challenging terrain in the area.


Cedar Creek Reservoir is best known for angling. People come from all over in hopes of catching a monstrous rainbow trout. There are plenty of other species of fish in the reservoir as well. You’ll find catfish, bass, and crappies in the water. While it took quite a while, a few Idaho natives once caught a rainbow trout that was over 14 pounds. It was 31 ½ inches long and over a foot and a half wide!



Whether you packed a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or you decided to try your hand at ice fishing, picnicking is an amazing and relaxing activity that every visitor of Cedar Creek Reservoir should enjoy. There aren’t any picnic tables in the area, but you can pull up the RV or lay down a flannel blanket for full immersion. Make sure to clean up your trash and scraps to keep the area and wildlife in good shape.


If you plan on visiting Cedar Creek Reservoir, you’ve got to catch a sunset or sunrise. These are perfect photo opportunities for photographers. The sky in the area is a beautiful pink, yellow, and blue combination in the morning. During sunset you’ll find blues, purples, reds, and oranges paint the sky. There are plenty of other things to take photos of such as wildlife and landscapes, but the sunrises and sunsets are a must!

Wildlife Viewing

White-tailed deer, elk, moose, and coyotes are just some of the animals that call Cedar Creek Reservoir home. If you’re an animal lover, an afternoon of wildlife viewing is a must. It’s a laid back and relaxing activity that visitors of all ages can enjoy. You might see a black bear, timberwolves, beavers, bobcats, cougars, and mule deer as well. If you enjoy birds, considering using a pair of binoculars to catch a glimpse at what is soaring around the sky!