Central Wisconsin State Fair

Head to the Central Wisconsin State Fair for kid-friendly activities, animal encounters, music, and RV camping on site or in the area.

Event information

With summer coming to an end, it makes sense to want to send the season off in style. You can do that by putting 513 E. 17th St., Marshfield, Wisconsin into your GPS and making your way to the Marshfield Fairgrounds. With camping opportunities and thousands of other fair-goers, it’s bound to be an event to remember.

The Central Wisconsin State Fair was voted Best Festival in Marshfield in 2019 and brought thousands of people to the area. Whether you’re interested in traditional fair displays, carnival rides, competitions, or music, this fair covers all the bases.

Over the five days in this park-like setting, there’s never a dull moment. You can set up camp with power and water connections then wander through the expansive site that holds something for everyone. Catch the latest and greatest music entertainment, view the livestock displays, or even become a participant in many of the competitions.

The greater Marshfield and Wisconsin area also has a lot up its sleeve to keep visitors entertained. Enjoy the fair but take a break and check out many of the tourist attractions and town offerings as well. If you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to the vacation season, then drag it out for as long as possible. Load up your RV and start your camping adventure at the fair or nearby.


Out of all things to organize for your RV road trip, tickets for the Central Wisconsin State Fair is one of the most important. You can buy them at the gate, the fair office, or online before the fair begins. You can also choose from a myriad of ticket options to suit your needs.

Buy a day pass for an adult or child, or stretch to a full season pass for daily access. You can also buy show and entertainment tickets to various events on top of your gate admission. Check out ticket option online.

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There’s a reason it’s called the Central Wisconsin State Fair: it’s central. Making your way to the fair in your RV will be a breeze, especially if you key 513 E. 17th St. into your GPS. The Marshfield Fairgrounds Park is also accessible by various highways.

If you’re coming from the north, you can take 29, 97, or 13. South, east, and west RV-goers can navigate their way to the grounds via Highway 10. The fairgrounds are then a short diversion off of E. Veterans Parkway, Highway 13.

Parking areas

Parking will be a commodity during the fair, so you may want to arrive early to ensure you get a desirable spot. Depending on your RV’s size, you may find street parking in the vicinity is your best and most convenient option. Otherwise, if you have reserved a campsite, you can access the main campground and upper campground from S. Cherry Ave, off E. 14th St.

Public Transportation

If you don’t happen to secure an onsite camping spot, or you want to do a bit of shopping in Marshfield, then you’ll need a convenient means of transportation. After all, you may not want to navigate your RV around the township during peak fair season. There may be a public bus service in operation, and you can also make use of private ride services for convenience.

Where to stay


Marshfield Fairgrounds Park is home to over 100 grassy serviced sites and 500 primitive sites. Campsites are offered to the general public as space allows each year. RV camping sites have both power and water, with full access to the dump stations as well. You can also choose from 30-amp or 50-amp power to suit your needs. Campsite access is available via S. Cherry Avenue, and you’ll need your fair passes at the ready every time you enter the grounds. Your RV should also display a permit at all times.

If you can’t leave home without your dogs and cats, Central Wisconsin State Fair officials say you don’t have to when visiting this location. The camping area welcomes dogs and cats as long as they are on a leash or tied up at all times. You can’t, however, bring them with you to the fair (no matter how much they beg for a hot dog).


If RV camping spots are in hot demand and you miss out, you may find yourself booking accommodation away from the fairgrounds. Fortunately, you won’t have to travel too far. The entire Wisconsin area, including Marshfield, is home to a range of different camping facilities. Some have no service hookups, while others offer the full package.

You will need to book weeks or months in advance to get the most proximate site to the fairgrounds. From your spot, you can then organize public transport or a private ride service to the fairgrounds.

Getting around

The best way to get around Marshfield Fairgrounds Park is on foot, given the conservative size of the grounds. Even though there’s a lot to see, do, and experience, you won’t have to cover many miles to be a part of it all. What’s more, there will be plenty of seating areas if you need to rest your weary feet at any time. Otherwise, you can wander back to your nearby RV for rest throughout the day.

What to pack


With temperatures historically hitting the mid-80s, your suitcase is going to be rather light for this vacation. You’ll need plenty of shorts and t-shirts, but you can leave the big, bulky sweaters in your RV for use at night. The most important things to pack are comfortable, breathable layers and footwear that won’t give you blisters.


How much gear you bring with you into the fair may depend on the proximity of your RV. If you secured a spot in the fairgrounds, you could leave the majority of your personal belongings in it, including cookware and camping equipment.

The less you take into the fairgrounds, the better. Bring a sealed and clear water bottle, cash and credit, and things you may need, such as a mobile phone. The less you bring, the less there is for security to search upon entry. The fairgrounds are also a drone-free zone.

Health & Safety

Being away from home for five days, coupled with the intense heat, means you need to take care of your health. Make sure you pack any medical supplies you might require while away from home, including a small first aid kit and prescription medication. With a week of brilliant sunshine, you’ll also need sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and even bug spray. You can then be as comfortable as possible while navigating the Central Wisconsin State Fair.

Where to eat


If you tire of corn dogs and candy floss, then you’ll no doubt be firing up the camp cooker once you get back to your RV. Personal camp stoves are allowed at the fair campground, but outdoor fires aren’t. A short 2.4-mile trip will also see you within the vicinity of a grocery store to stock up on cooking supplies. Remember, never leave your cooking unattended.


Whether you’ve got a craving for pasta, pizza, sweet treats or savory delights, Marshfield delivers. There is an abundance of family-friendly and intimate dining establishments to cater to your needs. Some of these are a short drive away, while others are even accessible on foot. Given the additional traffic with the fair and the nearby Wildwood Zoo, you may need to allow extra time for service.


Dozens of vendors set up at the Central Wisconsin State Fair, lining the fairgrounds with bright and colorful stalls. Don’t miss out on your chance to sample traditional fair food. There are bound to be plenty of delicious cuisines to tantalize your taste buds, but don’t forget the right payment type. Bring cash, as some vendors do not accept credit.



When you enter the fairgrounds, you’re responsible for your property and its care. Don’t be offended if security officials ask to search your bags as you arrive. There will also be police and security staff patrolling the grounds, including the campsites. You are more than welcome to ask them for assistance if you require it.


In past years, Marshfield has turned up the heat for the Central Wisconsin State Fair. Consistent temperatures in the mid-80s are not uncommon, sometimes not even dropping below 60 overnight. Adverse weather conditions are generally not expected at this time of year, but a rain jacket in your RV as a “just in case” measure won’t hurt.


If you have an incident that requires medical attention, don’t panic. There will be a first-aid area with experienced personnel to help you. This will be near the Grandstand and Fair Office. If you require emergency care, dial 9-11 or make your way to the nearest medical center or pharmacy under three miles away toward Highway 13.