Charlestown Breachway
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Located in southern Rhode Island, Charlestown Breachway is a secluded beach getaway in the middle of the bustling state. You’ll have miles of scenic beach to explore, as well as beautiful seaside views from all of the campsites.

The park is known for having some of the best saltwater fishing that you’ll find in the region. You’ll find a wide variety of species in the waters, including bass and bluefish. And if you head out onto the sea, you’ll be able to catch an even greater variety of fish species. There is a great boat launch that makes getting out onto the water easy.

The campground found within Charlestown Breachway has 75 sites for you to choose from, so you should be able to find one that’s right for your RV. And all of them are just a short walk from the water, so you’ll get from your campervan to the beach in minutes.

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Charlestown Breachway is located in southern Rhode Island, making it easy to reach from multiple major cities in the region, such as New York, Boston, Providence, and Hartford. And the park has well-maintained roads leading to the campground, making it easy to reach your campsite.

If you are driving from New York, take I-95 north out of the city, and you will get to the park in just a little over three hours. From Boston, take I-95 south from the city, and you will arrive at the park in around two hours. And from Providence, take US-1 south, and you will arrive at the park in about an hour.

There are few hazards around the park most of the year, and few winding roads leading to the campground. You should be able to access your RV site directly from the park’s main areas without any issues. However, if you are visiting in the winter, you may want to be prepared for some ice on the roads.


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RV Camping at Charlestown Breachway

There are 75 sites located in the campground at Charlestown Breachway. All of the campsites are located near the water, and about a quarter of them are directly on the water. None of the sites have hookups of any kind. You won’t have easy access to drinking water directly within the campground, so you should make sure to plan ahead and bring plenty of fresh water.

You’ll be within walking distance of the park’s main beach areas, as well as the boat launch. The campsites are all easy to access from the park’s main road, so you should have no issue getting your rig to your site.

All of the sites can be booked same day, and can be reserved up to 12 months in advance. The park gets quite crowded during the summer months, so you should consider booking a few months in advance if you plan on staying at the campground during this period.

Seasonal activities in Charlestown Breachway


Beach and Swimming

Charlestown Breachway has a long stretch of beautiful, pristine sandy beach for you to relax on and enjoy summer days. Take a swim in the beautiful green waters. Or comb the beaches to find a souvenir to take home.

The beach is long and deep, so there’s plenty of room to lie down, relax, and soak up the sun. The relatively small parking lots mean that the beaches don’t get too crowded, even during peak summer months. The beaches have a lifeguard on duty during the summer, so you can feel a bit safer with small children.

Beach Walking

The stretches of beautiful sandy beach make the perfect place for long walks along the water. You’ll have miles to explore along the coast, as well as scenic views of Block Island Sound. The beaches don’t tend to be very crowded, even during the most popular summer months, so you should have some privacy on your walks.

The beach is also dog-friendly, should you want to bring your canine companion with you on your beach stroll. Do note, however, that leashes are require at all times.


The breachway also makes a great place to go paddleboarding. Enjoy the views of Block Island Sound as you explore the scenic coastline. And keep an eye out for the dozens of species of birds that populate the park. The breachway is protected from the ocean, so you’ll get calm waters that make it easy for paddleboarders of all experience levels. You’ll have to bring your own paddleboard with your rig, as there are no rentals in the park.



Charlestown Breachway is famed for having some of the best saltwater fishing around. You’ll find an abundance of striped bass and large bluefish in the waters of the breachway. There’s also a wide boat launch that makes it easy to quickly get out onto the water.

Fishing at Charlestown Breachway tends to be best in the fall, when the bass populations are largest. But you’ll also have great luck in the spring and summer.


RV campers who want to bring a boat will find some of the most beautiful waters in the area. You’ll have a gorgeous panoramic view of Block Island Sound. Take a kayak out onto the water and explore the shoreline, or bring a larger boat and enjoy various water activities. If you are staying in the breachway, you can’t use a motorized boat. But you can head out onto the sea for water skiing or for jet skiing.

The boat ramp makes it easy to get your vessel onto the water from your rig. Do note, however, that there are no rentals available at the park, so you’ll have to bring your own boat.

Bird Watching

Although mainly known for its water activities, Charlestown Breachway is also an excellent destination for birdwatchers. There are hundreds of species that visit the park throughout the year, so you’ll always find something to see. The bird watching tends to be best in spring and fall, when the birds are migrating.