Cherokee Area at Grand Lake State Park
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If you are looking for 43 acres of pure beauty, pristine nature, and opportunities for fun, look no further than Cherokee Area at Grand Lake State Park in the beautiful state of Oklahoma. This gorgeous state park is located in Mayes County, close to the city of Disney, in northeastern Oklahoma. Cherokee Area at Grand Lake State Park can be found on the west shore of one of Oklahoma’s largest lakes, the Grand Lake o’ the Cherokees, that offers numerous opportunities for relaxation, fishing, and fun times in the sunshine.

Setting up your rig and venturing into the great outdoors couldn’t be easier here, as the park has many RV and tent sites, as well as a boat ramp that will help you access the river. Hiking, swimming, fishing, and water sports are just some of the options you can take in the Cherokee Area at Grand Lake State Park, and if you want to relax, the park offers comfort stations, a nine-hole golf course, and many picnic sites where you can spread your blanket and have an alfresco dinner!

The Cherokee Area at Grand Lake State Park consists of several smaller parks that you can check out, and it is split into four main areas: The Riverside Area, the Lakeside area and The Grand View, which are below the Pensacola Dam, and the Grand Cherokee Area.

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Reaching the Cherokee Area at Grand Lake State Park should not be a problem since it is easily accessible from the intersection of the highways 82 and 28. Following the river road off highway 82A will take you to the river crossing, and from there you can reach the Grand Cherokee Golf Course. The park is conveniently placed between the towns of Disney and Langley, which are also great places to get groceries and necessities you may not be able to get on the campgrounds. The park offers access to individuals with disabilities and bicycles are allowed on the trails, so if you have some extra room in your RV, make sure to bring a bike and enjoy a relaxing ride in the park.


You will also find plenty of parking options in the Cherokee Area at Grand Lake State Park. Of course, you can park your RV in the campgrounds. If you are looking for some history and visiting the Cherokee Heritage Center, you will find a big parking lot only 15 miles away from the campgrounds. Make sure to bring windshield sun shades in the summertime, as this area tends to get pretty hot and your campervan can turn into an oven.

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Campgrounds and parking in Cherokee Area at Grand Lake State Park

Campsites in Cherokee Area at Grand Lake State Park

Reservations camping

The Lakeside Campground

The Lakeside Campground is a semi-modern campground right by the lake. It offers 12 RV sites and 15 tent sites. The maximum allowed length for RV and tow vehicles is 30 feet, and it offers 30 Amp hookups. At Lakeside, you can enjoy the beach, as well as grills, fire pits, and picnic tables. Children can have fun in the playgrounds, and comfort stations and group shelters are available to all visitors. Cherokee Lakeside is close to the city of Disney where you can get anything you may need to make your camping experience more enjoyable. The boat ramp is accessible to visitors with boats, and you can enjoy swimming in the lake and various water sports.

The Grand View Campground

The Grand View Campground offers four RV sites with electrical hookups and 45 tent sites. The campground offers 50 amp hookups. Sites have picnic tables, a grill, a lantern holder, and a fire pit. The sites are very close together, so if you are looking for more privacy, this campground may not be for you.

The Riverside Campground

The Riverside Campground is located just below the Pensacola Dam, and it has 18 RV sites and 50 tent sites. All the RV sites are back-in, and the maximum allowed length is from 31 to 50 feet, depending on the site. You will find picnic tables, grills, and fire pits, and the fishermen can enjoy access to the river, as well as the boat ramp.

Grand Cherokee Campground

The Grand Cherokee Campground is also located below the Pensacola Dam and has 13 RV sites with hookups, as well as modern restrooms and showers. This campground is very close to the golf court, so golfers can enjoy the proximity if they are looking to relax on a nice day. Maximum RV length is 50 feet, and most of the sites are pull-thru. Picnic tables, grills, fire pits, and lantern holders are available to the campers.

Seasonal activities in Cherokee Area at Grand Lake State Park


Exploring Pensacola Dam

For all the engineers and beaver lovers, a visit to the famous Pensacola Dam, also known as the Grand River Dam, will be quite an adventure. The multiple-arch hollow dam is located between the towns of Langley and Disney and creates the Grand Lake o’ the Cherokees where you can swim and participate in water sports in the summer. The dam has a rich history, and you can learn about it by taking a free tour and visiting the Ecosystems and Education Center to find out more about it.


Riverside, Lakeside, and Grand Cherokee campgrounds offer numerous spots for a perfect picnic; however, you are not limited just to campgrounds for this family-friendly activity. Pack your picnic basket, bring a blanket, and empty trash bags and pick a spot in one of many picnic areas of the park. Make sure to pick up all litter behind you to avoid contaminating the natural surroundings, and do not start a campfire unless you see a designated area. Otherwise, have some delicious food and a relaxing day in this gorgeous park.


Hiking remains one of the most popular activities in Cherokee Area at Grand Lake State Park. Put on your sturdy hiking shoes and enjoy hours of picturesque scenery around you and interesting rock formations you can explore while you are in the area. Numerous beautiful creeks can offer the calming sounds of water trickling down the pebbles, and wildflowers and trees will take you back to your roots while you explore the land of the Cherokees.



For all lovers of fish tales the Grand Lake o’ the Cherokees offers plenty of opportunities for a catch! Early spring will provide the white bass and sand bass, and late spring is the crappie season. During the summertime, you can go night fishing to escape the heat and catch catfish. Walleye, paddlefish, sunfish, and bluegill also live in the lake, and if you are feeling adventurous, you can go below the dam and on the river for more action-packed fishing!


Golf aficionados will find many hours of fun on the nine-hole Grand Cherokee Golf Course, with a breathtaking view of the Pensacola Dam. Both beginners and pros will find something to do here, as the golf course offers beginner courses, and pros can visit the pro shop and rent a cart and clubs. You can book a tee time online, and if you are planning to enjoy a cold beer or two, bring your own as long as it’s not in a glass container.


During the hot summer days, put on your swimming suit and go to the lake for a swim, or to enjoy a variety of water sports. The rocky swimming beach is available for everyone who wants to take a dip and cool off, or simply watch the sunset with their loved ones and admire the beauty of nature. All water sports are allowed in the lake, but make sure to check with the park authorities before going all in.