Chester State Park
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Chester State Park is the ultimate park for both the outdoors enthusiast, as well as those seeking the peace and quiet of the wilderness. Located in the Piedmont Region of South Carolina, this state park draws in both travelers and locals to enjoy all of the amenities that the park has to offer.

For the outdoors enthusiast, camping, boat rentals, hiking, and fishing are among the most popular activities within the park. In addition to the broad choices of activities, there are many ways to relax in the park as well.

In the park, there are many opportunities for wildlife viewing, including the two-mile nature trail and the 160-acre lake. On the lake, you'll find two boardwalks that get you out into the water without having to have a boat. These boardwalks allow those that don't want to rent a boat to enjoy all that the lake has to offer.

Whether you're looking for the next fishing spot or a place to have an afternoon picnic, Chester State Park has something for everyone!

RV Rentals in Chester State Park



Navigating through Chester State Park is a breeze whether you're in your car or in a full-sized RV. As many of the State Parks in South Carolina have many gravel roads, the roads in Chester State Park are paved and wide enough to maneuver very easily.

There is only one main road that runs through Chester State Park and accessing the campground isn't a challenge. While there is a parking area close to the lake and the boat launching area, parking is a bit limited in the park. If you're planning to camp in the park, you don't have to be as concerned about parking since you'll be able to park at your campsite.

Chester State Park is located in between Charlotte, North Carolina and and Columbia South Carolina. Although both cities are around an hour away, you will be close to a major city for supplies, restaurants, and attractions.


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Campgrounds and parking in Chester State Park

Campsites in Chester State Park

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Chester State Park Midlands Campground

If you're looking to camp in Chester State Park, you're in luck! Within the state park, there are both RV and primitive campsites! Always be sure to make your reservation with Chester State Park before arriving, as there are only 25 campsites throughout the park. While there is no sewer hookup, there are 50-amp electric and water hookups at every site.

Although there are no sewer hookups, there is a dump station within the state park for your convenience. Each campsite is packed gravel with a picnic table and fire ring. Some campsites can accommodate up to a 33-foot RV or trailer, and some of the campsites are pull-through!

Located within the campground, you'll find the fishing pier, making it easy to rest and play all in the same area! You can also bring your own boat, or rent a non-motorized boat within the park! There is also a second fishing pier located near to the boathouse, which was built in the 1930s and still available for use today!

Seasonal activities in Chester State Park



As many skilled anglers will tell you, there is no "in-season" for fishing. As most people can figure out, fish have to eat all year long. Thus, fish will bite all year long. Knowing what bait to fish with is definitely important! Bass, bream, catfish, and crappie are among the most common species that are caught in the 160-acre lake within the park.

Hiking and Nature Trails

If you love to get out and enjoy nature in a way that many people don't, the two-mile nature trail is a great place to enjoy in Chester State Park! It is accessible for both new and experienced hikers and is also excellent for trail running. As birding is a great activity to enjoy in the day-use area, the nature trail is also an excellent place to enjoy the wildlife of Chester State Park!

Wildlife Watching

In addition to bird watching, there are many other plants and animals to see within Chester State Park. The nature trail and the footbridge that goes out over the lake are a fantastic place to see and experience nature! In addition to the many different species of birds that you will see, you may also see deer, rabbit, opossums, and occasionally armadillos. Always remember to let the wildlife be wild and keep your distance. It is duly noted on the park website that you will be asked to leave for disturbing the wildlife.


Bird Watching

The day-use area that overlooks the lake is an excellent place for bird watching. While you can bird watch in many places across the US, Chester State Park is home to many raptors (predatory birds). During the springtime, it is very common to see a bald eagle in Chester State Park. You can also bird watch along the two-mile nature walk!


As fishing is an extremely common activity in Chester State Park, so is boating. If you're planning on things like jet-skiing, you may want to find a different park. Electric trolling motors and non-motorized boats are allowed on the lake, but gas motors, however, are not. If you don't have your own boat but want to jump in on the fun, non-motorized boats are available to rent for half-day rates!

Disc Golf

No matter what age you are, disc golf is always fun. Whether you're into it on a tournament league level or just want to mess around for the day, you can't go wrong with the disc golf course in Chester State Park. There is a 9-hole and an 18-hole tournament grade disc golf course in Chester State Park, and it's calling you and your friends.