Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix

As summer approaches, the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix gets underway at its unique location. It’s time to load up your RV for a trip to Belle Isle, Detroit, Michigan.

Event information

The Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix is a unique event that attracts thousands of motor enthusiasts every year. Unlike many other racing events that normally occur at permanent racing facilities, this one is held on the streets of Belle Isle, Detroit, Michigan, near the Canadian Border. You can access this venue via MacArthur Bridge.

The Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix has been an event that people have looked forward to every year since 1982. It started as a Formula One race in Downtown Detroit, then moved to Belle Isle on a 2.3-mile circuit in 1992. Such is the event’s popularity that it’s broadcast live on TV and the radio. Even better, it’s accessible in person merely by purchasing tickets well in advance.

Once you’re there, you can enjoy wheel to wheel racing action, general and reserved grandstand seating, and an entertainment stage with a fan zone and food court. Organizers of the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix go all out to ensure visitors don’t leave disappointed.

Once this three-day racing event, with Trans Am, Corvette, and IndyCar Series racing is over, vacationers can then descend upon Detroit for an RV road trip like no other. You can go exploring at The Henry Ford Museum, walking at William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor, or golfing at Palmer Park. For those who have all their documentation in order, you can even head to Canada for new experiences.

The Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix is an exciting event that opens the doors wide open for new adventures. Book your tickets without delay.


You can purchase your tickets to the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix months in advance. You can reserve your grandstand seating to ensure you get your ideal vantage point or purchase general admission instead. General admission tickets don’t guarantee you will get a seat upon entry. Adults and child tickets provide you access to the racing, entertainment, display areas, and fan zone. Prices usually start around $45.

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The Michigan Department of Transportation provides a significant toll-free network of freeways and four interstate highways that make your travels to this state as stress-free as possible. The city is connected to both Canada and the US with I-75, I-96, and Kings Highway 401 acting as major roadways in the region.

Given the expansive and well-planned highways that lead you to Detroit, you’re not bound to strike all too many problems on your travels. However, those who want to keep to a strict schedule may like to monitor MDOT's information so that you can be aware of delays, adverse weather conditions, or congestion.

The racetrack circles a tiny piece of land that breaks through the surface of the Detroit River called Belle Isle. Driving onto Belle Isle may prove quite tricky; you may want to look at parking to the north of the Isle and riding over to the event. Expect and allow for delays due to the popularity of the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix.

Parking areas

Parking your RV on Belle Isle for the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix is not an option, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be stranded without a set of wheels. In the past, there has been a park and ride service in operation near the Detroit River that allows guests to park an RV, then catch a ride over to Belle Isle. Otherwise, you may be able to park your motorhome at your accommodation and take public transportation.

Public Transportation

Because there is no parking available on Belle Isle, the organizers of the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix make sure that fans have plenty of transportation options. They provide shuttle services to and from Belle Isle from various locations in Downtown Detroit for your convenience. Therefore, you should be able to drive your RV to a parking lot and receive a ride over to the Isle without hassle.

If you would prefer to leave your motorhome at your campsite, then that is an option as well. You can hire a rideshare service or taxi to be your set of wheels. Alternatively, haul out the bicycle and park it in the dedicated bicycle area once you arrive at the track.

Where to stay


Because there is no day parking on Belle Isle, there is certainly not going to be any RV camping opportunities there either. For those who intend to visit Detroit for the full three-day event, and maybe even longer, it’s a good idea to book weeks or months in advance. The further back you book, the better your chances of securing accommodation close to the center of the action.


Finding campgrounds near Belle Isle in Detroit, Michigan, may be on the tricky side. To find somewhere that’s accessible with a large RV, you have to expand your sights within a 60-mile drive. Given that the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix starts early in the morning and runs all day, it may be worth trying to secure something close. Monroe Co. / Toledo North KOA is about an hour's drive south, and Auburn Hills / Holly KOA is about the same to the north; both offer amenities.

Getting around

Once you jump aboard the park and ride service to get to Belle Isle, or you make use of other public transportation, you will find the most convenient method of transportation is your feet. Concession stands are central to all the action, and grandstands are near these as well. There are pedestrian bridges that allow you to access different parts of the track without having to walk too far.

What to pack


It can be hard to know what to pack for any RV holiday when you’re in a new area, but you can rest assured that late spring attire will come in handy. Temperatures are often warm enough to get away with t-shirts and shorts. However, it can rain at a moment’s notice in Detroit, so don’t neglect to bring a jacket or two as well as waterproof footwear. It also wouldn’t hurt to show your support for your favorite driver by bringing or buying gear with their name or number.


When you are thinking about the equipment to bring to the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix, it’s worth thinking about what you will need for your entire trip, including for your Sprinter or campervan. Bring your camping and cooking equipment, but only take the bare essentials to the event itself.
You will need cash and payment cards such as debit and credit if you wish to buy vendor food and merchandise. Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix officials also allow you to bring in small coolers and seat cushions, as well as scanners, binoculars, and cameras.

Health & Safety

Don’t forget to pack those essential health and safety supplies that you might need while away from your campsite. These may include first aid kits, prescription medication, and sun safety supplies such as sunscreen, bug spray, sunhats, and sunglasses. If the sun is beating down on the grandstands, then ensure you drink plenty of water to remain hydrated.

Where to eat


How you cook can depend on where you are taking an RV trip. Will you be staying in a campground, a resort, or somewhere primitive? Talk to your host about RV camping rules and what you are and aren’t allowed. During summer, some fire bans may be in place. If that’s the case, you may only be allowed to use your onboard RV kitchen appliances, rather than firepits and grills.

Consider stocking up on supplies before the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix to avoid the masses of traffic post-event. There is a convenience store and market within a three-mile drive of Belle Isle for peace of mind.


Even though you’re sure to be full to the brim after the concession food at Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix, there’s no harm in picking up a snack on the way back to your RV campground in Detroit. From privately-owned eating establishments to fast food outlets, you are spoiled for choice. Most of what you can conveniently access in a big rig is within a few miles of Belle Isle.


Once you’ve visited the concession stands and food trucks at the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix, every other event’s offerings will pale in comparison. From island noodles and pretzels through to ice cream, cocktails, pizza pie, cinnamon nuts, and chicken, there is plenty to love.

Make sure you bring both cash and payment cards, as you will not want to miss out on any of these fine food choices if you can avoid it. There will also be a merchandise stand for you to buy Detroit Grand Prix gear to help remember your visit.



Given the tens of thousands of visitors to Belle Isle for the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix, it’s worth checking out what you can and can’t bring in advance. By doing so, you can be well-prepared for quick security screening as you enter the grandstands.

Leave your glass, lawn chairs and strollers, scooters and bikes, alcohol, and open containers in your RV. Travel light and enjoy a far more comfortable viewing experience. However, if you have any concerns or questions, you may approach one of the many security officials stationed around the race track. There is also a police station within five miles of Belle Isle.


While Detroit doesn’t experience intensely hot summers, it does have a few weather extremes that are worth keeping an eye out for in Michigan. Rain can hit at any time, as can thunder and lightning storms and severe weather events. The Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix is a rain or shine event, but that doesn’t mean you need to put yourself at risk. Make sure you check a weather app before you attend so that you’re prepared for all eventualities.


Belle Isle’s race track for the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix is not short of first aid sites and medical staff. While they are mostly there for drivers, they are more than happy to help spectators who are injured or unwell. Approach an official to lead the way, or dial 911 if it is an emergency. There is a pharmacy within six miles and a hospital within ten miles of the race track.