Cheyenne Frontier Days

If you love all things western, pack the RV and head to Cheyenne Frontier Days for ten days of rodeo events, music concerts, cookoffs, and more.

Event information

Grab your favorite Stetson and set a course for Cheyenne Frontier Days, an event that every lover of the western legacy likely has on the bucket list. Dance at the saloon, watch a horse and rider race around a barrel course, and experience Native dancing and storytelling.

The kiddos will marvel at the horse-drawn carriages and wagons in the parade, and the whole family will be thrilled by the Wild West Airshow. Authentic chuckwagon food is on the menu, and a taste of the food will have you wanting to learn more about frontier life. Visit the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum to see what life was really like on the trail.

Famous country music stars will have you not wanting to miss a moment of this ten-day event. Top names grace the stage, so come and see your favorite country and western singer. Don’t forget midway tickets for the family; cotton candy, carnival games, and thrilling rides await.

After a day of frontier fun, retreat to your RV and dream about those who blazed the path before us. Plan on a vacation that is oriented to the frontier with campfire hot dog roasts and group sing-alongs.


Because of the vast array of events at Cheyenne Frontier Days, a visit to the site is a must. For example, a general one-day ticket runs about $10, and a four-day armband for the carnival may be about $100. Prices change day by day, depending on what events are being held. The musical entertainment prices will vary; a big name country and western star will draw big crowds and, of course, a higher cost for admission. Choose your experience and then order online to be sure of a ticket.

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I-25 or I-80 may be your choice of route; set the GPS with the event coordinates and drive toward the fun. You will experience a mix of country and rural roads as you approach. No doubt everyone will be heading toward the grounds just like you, so keep a slow and steady foot on the pedal and take in the beauty of the area. Like a wagon on a trail, you may be in a caravan of RVs, cars, and trucks. Volunteers will direct you to park upon arrival at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Parking areas

Park at Frontier Park or choose a spot away from the hustle and bustle by going to the Park-n-Ride lot where a convenient shuttle awaits to ferry passengers all day long. The ride is only five minutes long, making this a viable option for attendees who have a big rig to maneuver. ADA parking and transport can be arranged by calling the Frontier Days ticket office a day before you plan to attend.

Public Transportation

Many Frontier Days enthusiasts will arrive by tour and charter buses, passenger vans, limousine, or town car. Doing so will allow you to be dropped off at a concierge area where volunteers direct people to the entrances. Additionally, taxis and ridesharing vehicles are an option.

Where to stay


There is no opportunity for onsite camping at Cheyenne Frontier Days, but the area around the venue has so much to offer that you will want to be at a nearby campground. Make the research a fun part of your road trip preparation by involving the family in the choice of campgrounds.


Imagine camping where stockmen and ranchers once herded their cattle. Picture a cabin and a garden in the middle of the frontier. Then you will have a perspective on Wyoming camping. RVers have access to full hookup, propane fill-ups on site, and drive-through spots with plenty of room for shade awnings and an extra vehicle. Choose plains-like camping or park beside massive boulders as your backdrop. Be sure to make time to visit the area; check out a bison ranch or take a short train ride in this railroad town.

Getting around

Strollers for transporting the little ones are permitted at Cheyenne Frontier Days, but keep in mind that grandstand access will be difficult as navigation is tight and carrying the stroller may be unsafe in some areas. Wheelchairs can be maneuvered easily, and there are specific areas set aside for viewing most events.

What to pack


Dressing all western is the most fun route to take. A Stetson for blocking the sun’s rays is a must for every family member. Cowboy boots are in style for this type of event, but bring along a change of shoes to relieve tired feet part way through the day unless you are used to wearing this type of footwear. Jeans, shorts, skirts, and t-shirts are ideal for the venue. Add a light sweater to your regulation size bag in case the evening cools off.


Coolers are not permitted, but you will want an empty water bottle in your bag or purse for refilling throughout the day. A camera is a must; imagine the memories to be made that you will want to look back on once home. Other than sunscreen and a smile, the gear list for Frontier Days is small. For the campsite, the packing list will include rain gear for the family in the case of a rainy few days.

Health & Safety

Hefty bug spray is needed both at Cheyenne Frontier Days and back at camp. Make it a rule that when the bug spray is applied, sunscreen is a part of the mix. Hydration is a given all week long; the weather will be warm, and thirsts must be sated. Keep the kiddos with you at all times, and if your teens have permission to head off on their own, set a clear time and place for reconnection.

Where to eat


Cowboy fare is the only way to go when experiencing a wild west week. Add cheesy refried beans, meatballs, pan-fried pork chops, and potatoes to the menu. Don’t forget crackers with a layered dip for snacking, along with plenty of cut up veggies. Stock the RV with utensils and dishes, and include a cast iron pot for cooking over the campfire. Adhere to all campground rules where open fires are concerned.


A trip to Cheyenne wouldn’t be complete without a sampling of authentic western food at a local restaurant. Pick from burgers, salads, loaded nachos, and a plate of ribs. For a change from frontier fare, go Asian or Thai. Leave room for a big chocolate brownie or an ice cream cone.


Purchase a beautifully painted western belt, or replace your worn out Stetson with a flashy new one. Support local artisans whose creative talents shine in every piece. Frontier Days official gear is a must for the kiddos. As for visiting the food vendors, you are bound to have a hearty appetite that can be satisfied with a serving of hot fries, a treat of popcorn, or a full meal of wings and coleslaw.



Local, county, and state law enforcement will assist on site and around the venue to ensure that the environment is safe for all attendees. This involves checking patrons’ bags upon entrance to the park, monitoring alcohol consumption, and managing crowd control. Like with any event that draws a lot of people, it’s best to have a contingency plan in place in case the family gets separated. Have all family members on the lookout for each other when in the crowds to avoid a split.


Temperatures are typically quite hot in July; however, packing the camper with all-weather gear is a must for a good time. A rainy day can be a fun day in Wyoming as long as you are dressed for the occasion. Stock the camper with towels for drying off and add an extra blanket or two to the pile in the event of a cool night.


The First Aid Station is staffed with medics all week long. They are happy to assist no matter how big or small the occurrence. Service dogs are welcomed as long as they have identifiable gear and certification. The RV prep list must be topped with a reminder to bring necessary medications on the trip, along with a fully stocked medicine cabinet. Additional emergency medical services and pharmacy options sit within ten minutes of the event site.