Chief Joseph Days Rodeo

Nothing planned for your summer vacation? Your RV called; it wants to go to the Chief Joseph Days Rodeo in Joseph, Oregon! Let six days of fun begin.

Event information

At the end of July every year in Joseph, Oregon, there’s a sense of excitement in the air. The locals are polishing their cowboy boots and pressing their shirts, and accommodation providers are filling their books. It can only mean one thing – Chief Joseph Days Rodeo is about to begin.

This summer event incorporates four days of PRCA rodeos partnered with six days of western entertainment. The result? Thousands of visitors descending upon the Harley Tucker Rodeo Grounds at 405 West Wallowa Avenue, ready to cheer on their favorite competitors and get involved in the fun.

Those who make the journey to this small Oregon city get to experience professional rodeo entertainment like no other. There is no shortage of saddle bronc riding, bareback riding, tie-down roping, steer wrestling, and more.

Those who are only being dragged along for the motorhome adventure will also get to enjoy parades down the city’s main street, dancing, music, competitions, and even golf tournaments if you think your putting skills are above average

Once you’ve had enough of the rodeo, you can then go hiking at Iwetemlaykin State Heritage site, fishing at Wallowa Lake, and even kayaking on Wallowa Lak,e too. Don’t let summer pass you by without at least letting your RV spin its wheels. Start planning for a trip to the Chief Joseph Days Rodeo in Oregon today.


Tickets are often for sale to the Chief Joseph Days Rodeo in the two months before the rodeo action is set to commence, giving you plenty of time to plan. You can purchase tickets for each night separately (online and in-person as supply lasts), and these are both general and reserved tickets. In the past, pricing has varied between $15 and $20.

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Joseph is a small city nestled amid the mountainous terrain of Oregon. Joseph also has two main roads running through it of OR-351 and OR-82, meaning you won’t have any trouble navigating your way to this sparsely populated area.

It sits central to Payette National Forest, which may require motorists to skirt the edges of its beauty along a major highway as some smaller state and local routes are very curvy with many switchbacks. Wallowa-Whitman National Forest and is a bit more accessible with a large RV if you are coming from Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

While driving in summer doesn’t lend itself to too many challenges, it’s helpful to travel with a traffic app such as Oregon Roads on your phone. With it, you can remain up to date with any adverse weather conditions, which could be common in this area, and any congestion you meet along the way. Upon arriving in Joseph, you will find the Harley Tucker Rodeo Grounds on the outer edges of the city on West Wallowa Avenue.

Parking areas

Dirt parking lots surround both the Joseph Rodeo Grounds and the Harley Tucker Memorial Grounds, which span across West Wallowa Avenue. These grounds welcome RV-goers, and there are no painted lines to restrict how big or small your motorhome has to be. If you arrive to find there is nowhere left for you to park, then never fear.

There is plenty of on-street parking space available in the few blocks surrounding the venue. Allow plenty of time to get to the rodeo to ensure you can find somewhere as close to the Harley Tucker Rodeo Grounds as possible.

Public Transportation

Joseph, Oregon, is a small city with an even smaller population. With that in mind, there are limited public transportation options. Your best method for getting around Joseph is in your RV, and much of what you require for your stay can even be found by walking the city streets as well.

Where to stay


While you will have no problem parking your RV in the rodeo parking lot for the day, overnight stays are not allowed for guests. Before you set off on your summer vacation, consider researching the available RV camping sites in Joseph, Oregon, to see what you can find. You will be surprised at the sheer number of options in the area.


Even a short walk from Harley Tucker Rodeo Grounds, you may stumble upon an RV park. Wander a little further up the road, and then there’s another. This city might be small, but it knows how to welcome its guests for the Chief Joseph Days Rodeo.

Given its proximity to natural attractions, RV-goers also get the opportunity to enjoy primitive RV camping in an off-the-grid fashion. Otherwise, start looking for somewhere to stay with an RV today so that you’re prepared once the rodeo rolls around once more.

Getting around

Getting around the Harley Tucker Rodeo Grounds for the Chief Joseph Days Rodeo will be a breeze – as long as you’re wearing your comfiest cowboy boots. The packed dirt grounds are navigable on foot, and there will be no need for bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, or other wheeled transport. You can park your motorhome, wander into the grandstands, and enjoy plenty of rodeo action to entertain and excite.

What to pack


July is the warmest time of the year in Joseph, Oregon, which means you can confidently pack your favorite summery attire in anticipation of achieving that sun-kissed look. Shorts, t-shirts, dresses, singlets, they will all see you through your vacation in comfort and style. For any nighttime entertainment you will be attending, don’t forget to pack your best cowboy shirts, hats, and boots, to fit in with the masses.


Before you hit the road bound for Joseph, Oregon, put thought into the items that will make your trip all the more comfortable. Cooking and camping equipment is a must for those who will be camping off the grid, and it’s a good idea to think about what you will bring to the rodeo as well.

You will need cash and payment cards for vendor purchases, but keep your bulk to a minimum. The less you bring into the venue, the easier it will be to navigate the grounds.

Health & Safety

The sun is bound to be beating down throughout your time in Joseph, Oregon, which means that sun safety will be a significant factor. Stock up on sunscreen, lip balm, and bug spray for daily adventures, and don’t forget a few things to leave in your RV as well. Toiletries, prescription medication, and even a first aid kit may all come in handy.

Where to eat


What you prepare meals on and how you cook can depend on where you are staying. Some of the off-the-grid camping spots surrounding Joseph, Oregon, allow you to make small campfires for cooking. Others, including some RV parks and resorts, ask that you make use of your RV kitchen appliances instead.
For whichever method of cooking, don’t forget to stock up on a few sweet treats and dinner ingredients for once the rodeo is over. Hot dogs, s’mores, and other camping must-haves are available from the local market within walking distance of the rodeo grounds.


If you’ve worked up a hunger from all the excitement and entertainment, then let Joseph spoil you. This city knows how to feed people, and you’re not going to go hungry any time soon. Along North Main Street, visitors are treated to everything from café cuisine through to family restaurant food and even desserts. Try something new every day to add additional spice to your summer vacation.


For those who can’t wait until dinner time, why not let Chief Joseph Days Rodeo deliver on the food front? There is a beer garden and vendors adjacent to the grandstands which more than delivers on satiation and salivation. Spend a little time deciding what you want then offer the vendor’s preferred payment type of either cash or payment cards.



Chief Joseph Days Rodeo officials want everyone to have a safe and fun time at the rodeo, and they do everything they can to make it so. Those who enter through the main gates will show their tickets and may also be asked to show security officers their bags and contents within. Security measures are also in place at the beer garden, with ID required for the purchase of alcohol.

Those who require outside assistance for any urgent matter may like to visit the nearest police station, which is around seven miles from Joseph in Enterprise.


July is the best time of the year to visit Joseph, Oregon if you like the heat with a bit of coolness mixed into the day. Temperatures fluctuate between 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 degrees throughout the month, and even nighttime temperatures in Joseph are not all that low. Make sure you carry enough water in your RV for drinking and cooling, as well as top up all fluids your motorhome requires before you hit the road.


If you’ve come down with an illness or you’ve injured yourself doing something fun in Joseph, then you’re not stranded. As uncomfortable as it can be to be somewhere unfamiliar when you’re not feeling 100 percent, help is close at hand.

There is a first aid area at Chief Joseph Days Rodeo, or you can dial 9-11 in an emergency. The nearest hospital is in Enterprise under eight miles from Joseph, and in the past, there has been a pharmacy within 200 yards of the rodeo.