Clarksburg State Park
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Located in northwestern Massachusetts, Clarksburg State Park is a nature lover’s retreat with miles of beautiful hiking and acre after acre of scenic wildlife viewing. There are 10 miles of hiking trails in the park that lead you through the hardwood forests packed with birds and dozens of species of mammals. You’ll also find excellent fishing and boating, making the park a great choice for RV campers looking to spend time on the water.

Planning on visiting during the winter? You’ll still find the forests packed with wildlife, including the occasional moose. The hiking trails are converted into a great cross-country skiing course whenever it snows, so you’ll be able to explore the icy forests of the park.

The park’s RV campground has 30 sites for you to choose from for your campervan or rig. Many of the sites are right on the water, so you’ll have relaxing and scenic views throughout your stay. No matter how long you plan on staying, Clarksburg State Park has plenty of natural splendor to keep you busy.

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Located in northwestern Massachusetts, Clarksburg State Park is within driving distance of multiple major cities in the region. The roads in the park are RV friendly, so you shouldn’t have trouble getting your rig to the campground.

If you are driving from Boston, take MA-2 west and you will get to the park in a little under three hours. From Albany, take NY-2 east from the city and you will reach the park in around an hour.

Once you reach the park, you shouldn’t have any issues reaching the campground. You don’t have to drive far past the main entrance to reach the campsites, and there are few winding roads in the park, so even large RVs should be able to navigate through the park.


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RV Camping at Clarksburg State Park

There are 30 sites for RVs within the park’s campground. None of the sites have hookups of any kind. However, you’ll have access to restrooms within the campground. All of the sites also have a picnic table and a grill, and are pet friendly, provided you keep your dog on a leash. The campground is located in a forested setting, so all of the sites have excellent shade.

The campground connects to the park’s many miles of hiking trails, and many of the sites are right next to the water, giving you excellent lakeside views. You’ll also have easy access to Mausert’s Pond if you want to canoe, kayak, fish, or swim.

The campground is open from April through October. The sites can be booked up to six months in advance, and must be reserved at least a day before you arrive. The park is busy during summer and fall, so you should try to book as early as possible if you plan on coming during peak periods.

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Clarksburg State Park has a network of 10 miles of hiking trails that lead you through the gorgeous hardwood forests. You also have great views of the Maupert Pond and the Berkshires Hills. And if you want a dose of the local wildlife, take a walk on the mile long nature trails that features some of the best of the area’s plant and animal life.

The trails are of varying difficulty, so you should be able to find one that suits you, no matter your age or hiking experience. Hiking is great year round, but at its best in the fall.


Beaver Creek is also a great destination for those looking for excellent boating. The shaded shoreline of the creek make for relaxing and scenic kayaking and canoeing. And there are dozens of species of birds that fly along the shore, so you should see plenty of wildlife anytime you’re out on the water.

No motorized boats are allowed, and the park does not offer rentals, so you’ll have to bring your own boat along with your rig.


The waters of Beaver Creek are also packed with a variety of fish species, making the park a great destination for anglers of all skill levels. You’ll find largemouth bass, crappie, northern pike, and a wide variety of other fish species.

You can take a boat out onto the water or fish from the shore. The park doesn’t offer rentals of any kind of gear, so you should bring everything you need with your campervan.

The fishing in the park tends to be best in spring and early fall, but you’ll still get plenty of bites in summer.



Nature lovers will also find plenty to keep them busy whenever they visit Clarksburg State Park. And the park really stands out for its birdwatching. You’ll find over a hundred species of bird that visit the park. Come during spring or fall, when the birds are migrating, to see everything from hawks to wrens and goldfinches.

Massachusetts has some of the best birdwatching societies in the country, and many of them have excellent online resources, including field guides and bird checklists. Consult these resources before visiting to make the most of your birdwatching in the park.


Clarksburg State Park is also a great choice for RV campers who want to hunt. The hills, forests, and multiple bodies of water in the lake make for great hunting, and you’ll find a wide variety of game in the area. You’ll see everything from deer to pheasant, as well as other small game.

Do take extra caution, as the park is a popular hiking destination. And always check with park officials to make sure that the area where you plan to hunt is not off limits. Always make sure you are hunting in season as well, as all hunting laws are strictly enforced.

Cross-country Skiing

The park’s network of trails can also be used by cross-country skiers during the winter. You’ll find the forests around Beaver Creek full of life even during the coldest months of the year. And if you’re lucky, you may even be able to spot a moose

The park does not offer rentals, so you’ll need to bring all of your equipment with your campervan. And the trails are not groomed, so the going can be tough for less experienced skiers, especially after heavy snow storms.